OtterBox Has Already Paid for Itself Many Times Over!

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I was at a barbecue that stretched on into the evening. The bugs showed up so we lit some citronella candles and placed them on the table. About an hour later I took my phone out to send a message and thoughtlessly set it on the table near one of the candles rather than returning it to the belt holster. Shortly thereafter while reaching for something on the table, a friend of mine knocked the candle over and spilled about a quarter of a cup of hot liquid citronella wax all over my phone, especially the screen! I quickly wiped off as much as I could and then let the rest harden and removed it with a small knife. The phone was completely unharmed, and even the OtterBox itself was undamaged except for a small scratch on the screen protector from the knife. I can only imagine what that hot wax would have done to my month-old smartphone if not for the OtterBox!