OtterBox is Awsome

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I just have to brag up OtterBox. After leaving my son at football practice the other day, my wife and I decided to run out and look at a house that we had been told about. She transferred some of her items into the passenger seat of her car. What I didn’t know was that she had left her Galaxy S3 on the roof of the car. We were driving towards the house at around 65 MPH when I heard a “thunk” on the trunk of the car. I looked at her and didn’t think too much more about it as she didn’t hear it.
Later, after looking at the house, I asked her to order dinner for us and I would pick it up while she picked up school supplies for our son. She couldn’t find the phone and realized that she had left it on the roof. After driving back out and looking for it, I called it to see if I could hear it. Shortly, I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize, it was the fellow who had picked it up and he said he had saw that I was calling and figured it was the owner looking for it. He relayed that the phone was fine, and working.
I picked it up and to my amazement, the phone was still looking brand new. We had just purchased them when the S4 came out, so it is only a couple month old. The OtterBox was a little worse for wear, but it saved the S3 and is still in use today after tumbling who knows how far and landing face down on the pavement.
It doesn’t matter if you buy an iPhone or an Android, put it in an OtterBox if you want to save it from being broken in some instances. They can’t protect from everything, but they can survive 65 MPH…