Otterbox save phone through interstate wreck!

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On Spring Break 2012, my family and I were traveling to Gulf Shores for week when the phone accident occurred. We stopped to pick up one of my daughter’s friends, and I laid my phone on the front of the car to help load her luggage. After we were all settled, we said our goodbyes and started out onto the interstate. Just as we had merged onto the interstate, I noticed my phone sitting on the hood of the car. I screamed, “My phone!” just as it flew off into the interstate. We watched in shock as the phone rolled down the highway and was run over by two trucks going seventy miles per hour. I quickly pulled over onto the side of the road and ran to pick up the pieces of my demolished cell phone. To my surprise, the otterbox was in pieces, yet my phone did not have a scratch! The otterbox saved me and my wallet that day! It was a great investment!