Otterbox Saved my iPhone

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I was visiting my family in Riverside and standing by my car getting ready to leave. I gave my brother a hug and my cell phone fell out of my hand and into the gutter, and oops, into the storm sewer. We couldn’t get the man hole cover to open, and there was a bar blocking the entrance to the gutter. My husband was determined to get it and my brother, brother-in-law and a neighbor were helping. I was feeling hopeless knowing that dropping a phone in water even briefly can be tragic. After 45 minutes, my husband was able to fish it out with a rake. It was covered in stinky, slimy black goop, but the Otterbox cover protected it. I dried it off and immediately put it in rice. Amazingly when we called it, it rang, and appears to be working. I left it in the rice for about 30 hours just to make sure, but it is as good as new! thank you Otterbox!