OtterBox Saved my Leg from Serious Injury

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I was walking my Siberian Husky on the sidewalk not far from my home when an un-restrained dog ran across the road attracted by my dog. At the same time a full-size pick-up truck travelling in the same direction as I, came around the bend. The driver saw the free dog running across his path, braked and swerved eventually mounting the sidewalk and hit me and my dog sending us ten feet into the ditch. The truck also ended up in the ditch. The truck struck my left side hitting my chest, hip and thigh. My Samsung Galaxy S4, in its Defender Series case, was in my cargo shorts side pocket. Long story short: I have 6 broken ribs, my dog a dislocated hip, my phone destroyed beyond all recognition, but my thigh suffered only minor bruising (see pic). The moral of the story is that OtterBox should make protective clothing. Thank you, OtterBox for saving my leg from more serious damage.