OtterBox Saved Son’s Lost Phone

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My son lost his phone about 12 days ago – we called/texted/etc. with no answer and finally had given up and were going to get him a new one. Then we received a call from the phone yesterday from a man who had found it by the side of the road. We live in Breckenridge, Colorado and since my son’s phone went missing, we’ve have had a few feet of snow – it’s melted, snowed again, melted, snowed again. Temperatures have been well below freezing as well. His phone was in an OtterBox and in PERFECT CONDITION! It’s like a mini-miracle!! Thank heavens he kept that OtterBox on that phone!! You make one amazing product but if it can keep an iPhone in such good shape through those conditions, THAT is amazing! Thank you, OtterBox!! (This photo is the phone right after it was returned to us and before we cleaned it! Incredible!)