OtterBox Saves the Day!

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It’s Friday the 13th and, under tonight’s full moon, my Yellow Lab, Jesse, and I were walking on the beach. At one point during our walk, I looked down into the waves at my feet and saw a light of some kind. Then screen lit up and I saw it was my Moto X, announcing the time from under water. I grabbed the phone from the water and pulled off the rubber skin of the OtterBox and found the phone was still working. I headed home to clean it up. There was sand everywhere and I could see water under the screen cover. I had to go onto YouTube to figure out how to take the OtterBox off of the phone. Once I did, I cleaned out the sand from inside the case and in the crevices of the phone, and all parts were drying off. The phone didn’t die, even though it dropped into the Atlantic Ocean. Yay for OtterBox!!!