OtterBox To The Rescue

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My wife and I were on a trip the Saturday before Easter and pulled off the interstate for a rest. We switched drivers (she was driving) and as we drove up to the ramp back onto the interstate, we heard something rattle and she saw something fly off the top of our Kia Soul onto the road. It bounced a few times before coming to a rest in the middle of our lane. I then remembered that I had set my phone on top of the car while I was getting some things from the rear hatch. So we backed up along the berm to get it. But before we got to it, the Galaxy IIIs had been run over by at least 6 cars!!!! Fearing the worst, we retrieved it from the road. Thank goodness it was face down on the road and the OtterBox case was facing up. I checked the phone out and it worked! Better yet, when I took the case off, the Samsung was scratch free and fully functional! The case on the front of the phone was scratched and dinged up but the phone was showcase new! Thank you OtterBox!!!! I highly recommend it to anyone!