OtterBox Was Run Over, And It SAVED My Phone

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Good Afternoon.

I use an OtterBox to protect my iPhone 4s. It is, I believe, from your Defender Series. I had always heard that OtterBoxes were a step above other cases in terms of the protection they offered, but I had not ever quite wanted to test the ‘you can run it over with a truck!’ claims I heard some people make.

I have had this phone for years and the OtterBox since I bought it. My working field is dynamic and I couldn’t tell you the number of times my phone has been jarred, bumped or dropped while in my pocket as I work. Today, my OtterBox saw its sternest test yet.

Today as I went to work I dropped my vehicle off for an oil change. I got a cab from the shop to my office and was on my phone in the vehicle. Upon arrival my phone, I can only surmise, must have fallen from my pocket as I paid, and landed on the cold and unforgiving pavement of the parking lot as the taxi driver let me out at the main entrance. Blithely, thinking nothing at all amiss, I went to my office. Once I got there, I noticed my lack of phone. I did what anyone would do, thinking they had mislaid their phone in their briefcase in a myriad of pockets, does, I called myself. I called myself and heard nothing. As I reached my own voicemail, I raced, quite alarmed, out of my office and back to the entrance. As the doors slid open I witnessed a one ton pickup truck loaded with welding gear drive by, sending snowy slush splattering everywhere. My eyes were drawn to a black lump in the brown and grey November slush of North Eastern Alberta.

If I may pause for a moment to explain: I’m essentially a professional pessimist, paid to think about worst case scenarios. Imagine the thoughts in my head at that moment. I feared the worst, that my phone would be irrevocably smashed to bits; that my data would be beyond the most skilled of recovery specialists’ most advanced techniques. Best case scenario- a technician would be able to rescue my photos and notes and messages from the shattered remains. All in all, there went my day.

So, I got outside and found my phone, face down in the slush with a tire mark on the back of the OtterBox. Already, I was composing the eulogy. Alas poor iPhone! I knew it well! Imagine my surprise, my sheer utter delight, when upon picking up my phone I discovered that my device was still blinking away. I was in utter disbelief as a text message appeared on the screen.

I got to my office, disassembled the OtterBox and verified that my phone performs all of its standard function as efficiently as it did this morning. I cannot express with simple words formed in a monkey derived brain what you’ve saved for me. The photos, the text messages, the silly pictures, the personal notes. I will be buying OtterBoxes to protect all of my future portable electronic purchases until they cease to be made (likely when Apple or Samsung corner the market on sub dermal thumb implant phones) or at least until the end of time.

All Glory to the OtterBox!