Phone run over by tractor

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I purchased a Defender Otter box for my Samsung GalaxyS3, I think In November 2012. A few days ago I was planting a grape vineyard on some acreage out here in Wilton, CA. I had to keep in close touch with one of my daughters so while I was planting my grapes I put the phone on the front tire of my John Deere Tractor. It weighs 8800 pounds. While working I forgot the phone was on the front tire (so I could hear the text message ringer). I finished planting some vines and had move my tractor. I forgot about the phone and hopped up in the cab and drove the tractor forward about 15 feet. When I got out of the tractor and started to plant another vine I realized that I had possibly missed a text from my daughter. I started to walk toward the front wheel and to my horror I realized I had just driven the tractor over my phone with both the front wheel and the rear wheel. I looked behind the tractor and there was the phone sitting in the rear wheel imprint of the rear tire. My heart dropped as I knew the tractor must have crushed the phone. I picked it up and ran my finger over the screen cover and to my amazement the phone turned on and still worked!. All I had to do was to take the cover off and clean the touch screen. I really believe the Otter Box Defender cover saved my phone! I was going to send a picture of what happened but you didn’t have any method of attaching a photo. But believe me I am glad I bought that cover because it saved my phone and wallet!


Basil Knox