Phone Saved by OtterBox

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As I headed to my car after having lunch with my son, there were three elderly ladies that had parked next to my car. As I proceeded to help them get in the car, I set my iPhone down on the roof of my car and completely forgot that I had done so. As I proceeded to drive away, the phone was on the roof. I dialed my wife via the in-car bluetooth and and while we were speaking, I looked into my rear-view mirror just in time to see the phone hit the pavement and when it hit, it looked like it went into 100 pieces. I was promplty cut off from the discussion I was having with my wife. In a somewhat panicked state, my son and I put the phone into lost mode and then tracked it by the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature.

As I pulled over on the highway, I thought that my phone would be in a million pieces. As I began my search with my son’s phone in hand using the Find iPhone feature, it got me to the approximate location of where the phone flew off my car. I searched and found the top of my OtterBox, then I found the bottom part of the OtterBox, both near the side of the highway. I continued to look for my iPhone but couldn’t find it. Thinking all was lost, I thought: “one more pass and if I cant’ find it, I’ll get another one.”

As it turned out, I located the phone in the second lane from right where the white line divided the lanes of the highway. As I waited for a break in the traffic, I was praying that the phone wouldn’t be run over. I waited for what seemed like forever and as soon as I could, I sprinted to the phone, picked it up and saw it still worked like a charm. There was minimal damage to the phone, only a small crack in the lower side of the glass.

The only piece of the OtterBox I couldn’t find was the rubber cover….I’d much rather lose that than the phone.

Thanks, OtterBox, for saving my phone.