Phone Survives Fire in OtterBox

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My wife brought in the mail one day and laid her iPhone 5 with an OtterBox Defender Series case down on the kitchen counter with the mail. I was looking through the stack and separating out the “junk” mail as I was about to burn the papers in the trash. Little did I know her phone was covered up in this stack. Later on that evening, she was unable to find her phone. She told me she brought it in with the mail…I had a bad feeling! After the burn barrel cooled off, I went looking for it. I found it in the barrel fairly badly burned. The case was pretty deformed and had some melted spots and lots of ash on it. After removing the phone from the OtterBox, we wiped it off with a damp cloth and inspected the phone. It was in remarkably good shape! Never thinking it would ever work again, she pushed the power button and it came alive! A quick test of a few of its’ functions demonstrated that it was working well, and a few days later now, it’s still working perfectly.