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Good morning Mr. Curt Richardson, and Mr. Brian Thomas,

My name is Wendy Harrison. Just to give you some of my background. I live in a small town just north of Charlotte, NC. I still live on the same road I grew up on 41 years ago. My daughters, (9 y.o. and 5 y.o.) attend elementary school at the same elementary school I attended about 35 years ago. I am also a nurse at the local hospital I was born in. So, needless to say I’m a “home-town” girl. Since the new school year began in August, I found out that as a title one school they were going to be able to purchase iPads for kindergarten/first grade. When I heard about this, I thought great, so what kind of cases are being purchased. To my disbelief, “none.” Because there was apparently only money for the iPad itself. So then my mission began. I made it my job to make sure those iPads were protected from the hands of “accident prone” young children. After speaking with our local rotary club, they are going to help with the bulk of the expense and I will take up the rest. In my endeavor to get the “best price possible,” I have spoken to several “big box” stores and several local electronics stores. However, I was not satisfied with the customer service nor the price. I went on the OtterBox website and saw the “about OtterBox/our story” link and clicked on it. There I was able to read about the background of Founder, Curt Richardson, and CEO Brian Thomas. After reading, I thought “WOW” what leaders and an awesome business. So, I thought I should call to see what can be done for a lower price on $50+ iPad cases.

And that’s where my day was MADE….

First of all, a very kind lady by the name of Marilyn Hartig answered and I told her what I was calling for. I felt an immediate connection with her as I talked about my daughter’s and the school they attend. She was very helpful and understanding of my needs and nothing seemed rushed to get me off the phone. She was able to give me a discount on $50+ iPad cases and even sent me an email of the proposal. Ms. Hartig also told me she had only been with your company about 6 weeks… I was shocked, because she already seems like she had been with the company for years! She gave me her email so I can follow up with her for the order, which made it very personal. I will be talking with the school today (principal and IT manager) and hopefully to get these cases ordered SOON. The children are anxious to get their hands on them!

In closing, I also want to let you know that my family and friends are keeping the families of the Colorado floods victims in our thoughts and prayers!!! Ms. Hartig is a ray of sunshine in your company!!! It was my pleasure being her customer today!!!


Wendy Harrison