Pursuit Series is a Must Have

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Over the this last weekend ( 8/3/13) I went on a fishing trip up to our cabin on the ….. well lets say that’s a secret. But what should be no secret is this: anyone who fishes or is around the water as much as I am NEEDS to own the Pursuit Series Dry Box. I had one for my iPhone 4 and when I switched to the 13 megapixel Galaxy S4 the first two things I ordered was a Defender Series case and the Pursuit 40 Dry Box. This weekend, OtterBox did me a solid and saved my phone!! When we first arrived, the first place we stalk trout is off this 12 foot deck right on the river. This hole holds monsters!! *Not a place for small children or pets; they may get eaten. Seeing some massive rising trout and having ants in my pants I match the hatch and start throwing flies. As soon I do, my fly drifts about a foot and BOOM!!!! A monster hit, I set the hook and the ride starts. With all the excitement at one point I elbowed my phone (in the 40 series) off the patio, where it bounced off a half sunken log into the water with the wrestling trout. But being in a dry box phone stays afloat and my netter is able to land the fish with the case. I run down to claim my prize and claim what I thought would be a soggy phone. Heck no techno!!! I pop open the case and toss my phone to my sister on shore so she can snap a pic of the chunky 22 inch Colorado Cuttbow I just brought in. Seriously, Pursuit Series Dry Box is a fisherman/women must have!! Thanks OtterBox!!