Samsung Galaxy S3 Defender Series: Awesome. Customer Service: Priceless

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Some big dummy left my phone on the roof of my car….
A ways down the road I saw something flipping around in my peripheral vision and, thunk, it hits the car. I actually wondered what came off the car that passed me the other way as I watched the item bounce a few times and land, in one piece, on the road.
About a mile later, I reached for my phone and got that gut wrenching realization…,expletive, that was my phone.
I turned around, went back, pulled over in the grass, and went to the now several pieces of a case just inbound from the center line. I picked up the bezel that was broken in two halves, the rubber back with plastic insert was intact, and the phone was face down on the asphalt. I picked it up and it still looked like the day I removed it from the factory box. I placed it right back in the Defender Series case. Incredible. The phone was clearly run over after I lost sight of it and the only damage done was to the case, and the clear screen cover that, apparently, blew away. Just the bezel was damaged. Silicone shell: intact, inner hard liner: intact. Either this is the best case ever made or I’m just lucky, and since luck has never been strongly in my favor…I call this one for the OtterBox Defender Series case. And Sharon in customer service is pretty awesome too.