Saved By OtterBox

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Just got a new iPhone 5 a couple weeks ago and bought a new OtterBox (Defender Series) to go with it. Today, by accident, I left the phone on top of my vehicle, where it fell off into a busy intersection. Luckily it was found and picked up by a good samaritan after it had been run over. Once I got home, I used the house phone to call my number and a man answered and asked me how my day was going- I said “way better now that someone answered my phone!” I made arrangements to pick it up. Surprisingly you can see part of the tire tracks on the back of the OtterBox. You can also see that the edge of the case around the face of the phone has indents from the stones in the pavement, but the phone itself looks and works perfectly.
I had another OtterBox on my old phone also and it worked to protect that phone too, despite me dropping it often.
Great Product!
Thank You OTTERBOX!!