Saved by the OtterBox

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I was heading to the gym this morning on my motorcycle. It hadn’t rained here in Baltimore for almost a month and the build up of grease and oil on the roads was pretty bad. Then last night and again today it had been raining. This makes the roads like riding on ice… Anyway, to cut a long story short, I hit a patch of standing oil and the bike slid out from underneath me. I slid along the road for about 30 yards on my left hip. It just so happened my iPhone was in my left back pocket in its OtterBox. Not only is my phone still working, but I seriously think the OtterBox helped prevent some serious damage to my hip. My rain gear and jeans are all torn up, but beside some bruising, I have no cuts or road rash. I’ve always said OtterBox’s are the best thing for your phone, and now I’ll go as far as saying they are pretty good for being body armor also.

Cheers, Ian.