Saved my iPhone 5S

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I have been a tractor trailer driver for 30 years. Monday morning, July 7th, I was hooking up to my trailer like any other day. I got back in the truck, pulled my trailer away from the dock and reached for my iPhone 5s to call dispatch. It was then I realized I didn’t have it. I looked around inside the truck but there was no phone. I got back out of the truck and couldn’t believe what I saw. There was my phone, still in the belt clip face down on the ground. I had run over it with the tractor and trailer. I thought for sure the phone was crushed. To my amazement the case cracked around the screen protector and the screen protector got kind of twisted up but the phone was like brand new. I have to tell you the Defender Series is a very impressive case. Thank you, OtterBox, for saving my iPhone 5s. I will recommend your product to everyone!
I still have to go out and buy a new case. Thank you, again!
Craig J. Schofield