Saved My iPhone

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I put my phone on the roof when I got out of my car and forgot to grab it. Later on upon leaving, I still didn’t realize that my phone was on top of the car and drove off. When I returned back to school I realized my phone was missing, so I tore my car apart thinking I forgotten it in there. I also called the restaurant where I went for lunch and nothing. When I got home I looked up the iCloud phone finder and was able to get a round about location. The road that I was traveling on was a very busy highway, 365 in New York. I must have been going at least 60-65 miles per hour, when the phone fell off my car. When I found my phone on the side of the road the phone and saw that the two pieces of the case where all separated, I was horrified. The case was a bit beat up but the phone had not a scratch on it!!!!!!! Thank goodness I had purchased the Defender Series case as it saved me from having to purchase a new phone. You have a lifetime customer!!!