Saved My Life (iPod Touch 5th Gen)

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My iPod is my life! It holds my entire music collection, pictures, all my financial info and even some passwords, most of my calendar, and is my only communication because I can’t afford a phone as a college student. I have owned 2 OtterBoxes. The first one I bought the day I bought my iPod, it didn’t quite hold up. I turned it in for warranty and didn’t expect much out of the new one, or even to get a new one (as my past experience with other case companies hasn’t been pleasant). I was WRONG. Not only was the warranty process easy, it was handled quickly. The reason I am contacting you is this: I had my iPod Touch in my hoodie pocket as I was fixing my car. I stooped down and the device fell out of my pocket under the car’s front wheel. I didn’t notice this until later when I was back from my test drive. I couldn’t find the device and happened to glance down. The built in screen protector was popped out of place, there was mud on the device and the rubberized cover was messed up. I was about to lose it thinking to myself, “this wont be pretty, my iPod will be toast.” Not only did the case stand up, there was practically no damage to the iPod. The screen was face up and the iPod had been run over twice VERY SLOWLY! (I was adjusting my mirrors and radio) No scuffs or damage whatsoever to the screen, and no problem starting right up! There was one small, very minor ding to the back corner of the iPod but I’m more than impressed! I’m over the moon about this case :). Best product ever!