Saved My Phone!

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Hello, my name is Harold Hall and I have a story to tell about  the OtterBox Defender Series for my iPhone 4.
I purchased my iPhone 4 several years ago and the AT&T customer service representative encouraged me to protect my new iPhone 4 with one of the phone cases they had on display. I needed the toughest one that could stand the most abuse. She showed me the selections and the OtterBox line appeared to look the toughest, so I purchased the Defender Series case not expecting it to go above and beyond my expectations. I am a weights and measures inspector, constantly in the outdoor elements, around construction and fuel sites, dusty grain and seed processing facilities, fertilizer plants- about the worst places and elements a cell phone could be subjected to. Or one could say the best testing ground for any type of cell phone and cell phone protective case. The OtterBox Defender Series has kept my phone from a series of mishaps. For instance, I once opened a fuel dispenser’s lower cabinet at the gas pump to inspect it and my phone fell from my shirt pocket to the contained compartment below into about 3 inches of fuel product. I immediately reached down and grabbed my phone but not until it had splashed into the fuel- I was devastated to say the least. I immediately removed the OtterBox Defender Series case from the phone and to my surprise the phone was dry and still working like nothing had happened. I have had my phone drop on construction sites landing on large rocks, bounce off boulders, fall off the fender of the truck, and down metal stairs. Once, it fell out of my shirt pocket so I reached down to pick up the phone and while I had my head turned talking to the manager, I mistakenly stepped on it.

These are just a few instances that the OtterBox Defender has defended the abuse this iPhone 4 has undergone the past few years, keeping the phone working like the first day I bought it.
If anyone asks me which protective phone case to purchase, I tell them in my opinion OtterBox Defender. It has been field tested and approved by this inspector.

Thank you!
Harold Hall