Saved phone in accident

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I’m a longtime Otterbox user and would like to say thank you for your products and fine craftsmanship in there design and engineering. As an EMT I have written you beforer for saving not only my phones but my partner’s as well but this last time went beyond the norm. To make a very long story short, I collapsed on the ambulance and was rushed to the ER by my fellow colleges with what was proven to be a herniated disk in my neck which was pressing on my spinal column and taken to surgery. When waking up much,much later my wife by my side along with the recovery staff all assuring me that all would be fine the one nurse told my wife something about my clothes, possessions taken in the ER were in my new room . Only the next day was I told that some of my things had to be tossed from damage and that I could breath easier that my new Blackberry Z10 that my wife had recently given me before my collapse was fine thanks to your Defender case taking all the brunt. As I sit here putting myself back together (and having been told to look for a new profession ) I am looking at my wife’s gift- my Z10- in perfect shape thanks to Otterbox and a fantastic crew behind them. Thank you everyone at Otterbox, thank you. Sincerely , Donald Guntner