Stuck on OtterBox

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Upon arriving home after a late-evening airport run to pick up my sister, I realized I didn’t have my phone. I frantically tried to recall when I used it last. Then it dawned on me–I had it in my hand at the airport curb and laid it on the back window of the car to help load luggage into the trunk. At that moment I knew my phone was gone, lying somewhere along the 35 miles between the airport and my house. No use in searching for it.

I had let my sister use my car to drive to her hotel so I couldn’t check to see if it was somehow miraculously inside the car. I didn’t sleep well that night. When I arrived at work the next morning I had a voice message on my work phone. Seems my Sister had received a call that morning from the hotel front desk letting her know a phone had been found on her car and was wondering if it belong to her. Yes, that’s right! The OtterBox case stuck to the car the entire time–both during the trip from the airport and then the drive on to the hotel. Amazing!

Not only did it stick to the window but it was wet and rainy and the phone sat out in the elements overnight. The case, while not advertized as water-proof, protected my iPhone enough that it still worked inspite of the moisture collected on it.

So yes, I’m stuck on Otter Box!! Thank you for such a fantastic product!