Sucked Up

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Hi guys. I own a vacuum excavation business. Short story- One day, I dropped my phone down a wet muddy hole so I backed off the vacuum and  tried to suck onto it, but I bumped the side of the hole and it instead got sucked into the slurry tank . I couldn’t get it out until i finished the job about 2 hrs later. When I finally did open the tank and got it back, I rinsed it of a bit and headed for home. I then got a call from my other half but decided to wait till i got home and washed it off properly. I let it dry, opened it up and low and behold it was dry as a bone (bugger i don’t get a new phone). It still works great.

I’ve tried other waterproof cases but there’s nothing like this one.

I’m impressed and tell everyone about it- even the guys on the job couldn’t believe it when I ran them that night on the same phone.