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Hello, my name is Chelsea Bergstrom. I never take time out of my day to give feedback on a product, but I am so THRILLED by your product that it deserves a testimonial!
Two days ago, I was at my college campus and my friend and I decided to go grab a bite to eat. We took my car. I unlocked the passenger door to let my friend into my car, and set my phone in top of my car. Before I get into detail, let me just add in that I have a BRAND new i phone 5 that I got for my birthday 4 months ago. Protecting my brand new phone, was the pink Otter Box Defender. If this case was designed for anyone, it would be me. I am notorious for dropping my phones and cracking my screens. My friend and I were so engaged in our conversation that I had driven away with my phone on top of my car unknowingly. It wasn’t until after we arrived to where we were going to eat when I realized I did not have it. To make a long story short, I traced back everywhere to find it and was pretty sure it was picked up and stolen or ran over by a car. I received a message later that evening on FB that someone had my phone! I was ecstatic! Not only because it wasn’t being stolen but because it was in perfect condition he told me:). When I went to go pick my phone up from the young gentleman, I asked him where he found it, and this is where the story gets interesting. So I guess the rubber case had gripped onto my car and stayed there going 45 for a good 2 miles. It wasn’t until I had to make a left turn and whipped my car (I admit I am a crazy driver) to make a left and my phone flew off my truck into the middle of a crazy intersection. He said, and I quote, “Your phone took a beating! I saw it fly off of your truck and bounce literally 4 times dodging moving vehicles and smacking the asphalt….I don’t know how your phone is still in perfect condition, but I am sold on these Otter Boxes and am getting one asap for myself and my mom!”
Not only am I grateful that honest people still exist, but I am so grateful to have had my Defender protecting it! Otter Box, your case saved me $600!!! Thank you so much! I LOVE your product and will never purchase any other case!

Chelsea Bergstrom