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Not your usual story: I was staying in my North Carolina mountain home during the Holidays which had many fallen and damaged trees in the area from the winter. I was chainsawing some of the trees, when my saw kicked back into my leg. I looked down and saw the blade had cut an 18 inch gash in my pant leg. I was waiting for blood but there was none. I was amazed until my Blackberry, that had been in my leg pocket, fell out the side of the leg pocket. It was only then that I realized that my OtterBox phone case took the blow instead of my leg. Amazingly the case was not “that” damaged. The rubber outter layer was cut up and there were two nicks in the hard shell case at the top right corner. Also to my amazement, my phone was untouched. Our home is in a very isolated area of the mountains, had the saw hit my leg, I could have bled out before rescue could have gotten there. Just wanted to say thanks for a super product!!!!!! PS. There were NO rips in my fatigue pants before the accident. The site would not let me attach a picture of my leg because the file was too big.

Thanks Again! Jim Akers