Thank you, OtterBox!

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This afternoon, I put my iPhone on top of my car as I was loading some things into the back seat. Then I got in and drove away. I called my husband using the Bluetooth and hung up just before I got on to the freeway. As I was about to merge, I heard a noise on top of my car. It didn’t take me more than a second to realize what it was. I got off at the next exit, turned around and headed back south. When I came around and re-entered the freeway again, I pulled over to the right shoulder and started looking for my iPhone. I spotted it in the little area between the entrance lane and the right lane of traffic. I didn’t know how I was going to retrieve my phone since the cars entering the freeway were probably going 40+ mph. I finally held out my hand and started shouting STOP, STOP, STOP. And they did! They let me cross, get my phone, and cross back to my car. Now here’s the most amazing part: Outside, there’s of a bit of scuffing to the case, but the phone was unharmed. Not a scratch. If anybody wants to know what kind of case will best protect your iPhone, I’ve got the definitive answer: an OtterBox Defender Series. Worth every penny.