Thanks for Saving my iPhone 5

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Dear OtterBox,
Today I was driving 60 MPH on a busy highway when my Bluetooth disconnected. Just then I realized I had left my iPhone on the bumper of my truck when I was unhooking my trailer. I immediately made a U-turn and looked frantically for my phone but had no luck. After the third attempt I was heading back to use a friends phone to call mine when I saw something that looked like an iPhone. I made another U-turn and there it was. I waited for an opening in traffic and went into the highway to retrieve my battered phone. When I got it, I pressed the home button and it lit up. I removed it from the case and there was not a scratch on it! I was amazed. Recently I had been considering a LifeProof case because I thought that as a surfer it would be good to have a waterproof case but after today I’m committed to OtterBox. I want immediately to the store and purchased a new Defender Series. Thank you for your amazing product.

Sincerely, Brad Jones