The name “Defender” lives up to its name

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Exiting my car, the seat belt, as it retracted, caught my holstered Defender protected Apple 5 smartphone and flipped it out on to a heavily traveled roadway. In less than a second, a car drove over my recently purchased Apple 5; with both the right front and rear tires. After the rear tire ran over the phone, the phone jumped up and bounced a few times. Instantly I thought the purchased insurance was a good investment. There was a break in the traffic and I retrieved the phone. The case was pretty scratched up and upon removing the outer rubberized cover, the plastic shell had a crack; my heart sank. I removed the phone and much to my surprise, the phone was unscathed. The Defender did it’s job! The phone was not damaged whatsoever! I learned with my previous Apple 4s how important the Defender is as I dropped the phone a few times and the Defender protected it, so before I even purchased the Apple 5, I had a new Defender in hand when I walked into the store; it proved to be an intelligent decision.