The OtterBox Saved My iPad Mini

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So, after shopping on Thursday evening well into Black Friday morning, needless to say, I was a bit tired…Nonetheless, I was needed by my son to watch my grand babies Friday morning while he was at work. I picked them up and put my iPad Mini on the hood of my car while I put my youngest grand daughter in her car seat. I then got in my car and drove off.

As we were driving down the road we kept hearing this thumping sound and I asked my grandson to look out his door when we came to the next red light. He did, and didn’t see anything and the sound stopped. About two hours later, my oldest grand son asked if he could play on the iPad…I said sure, thinking it was still in the car….Nope, it sure was not…. I think my heart skipped a few beats as I remembered putting my iPad on the hood of the car, recalling the thumping sound that morning as we were driving and realizing it must have been the charger cord hitting the side of the car….We retraced our route three times and couldn’t find it anywhere. As I was driving back home I kept looking toward the curb on the main road, and lo and behold, about a mile from my son’s house was my iPad…. The OtterBox was intact, with the exception of the little clips being broken and the plug part of the charger was demolished….but my iPad was fully functional…. I had been dragged by the charger cord for a mile!!!!! Yes, I know, I’m an idiot…A tired one at that. But I’m so blessed to have purchased the OtterBox…. This product is nothing short of AMAZING!!! Thank you for making such a superior product.

I would also like to commend your employees, especially Christine and Dan. They were very helpful when I called regarding obtaining warranty information.