The Ultimate OtterBox test!

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My work takes me into some extremely dirty, hot, and tight spaces where most equipment of any type doesn’t last. I work for a small inspection/consulting company where we inspect industrial power boilers and equipment and had been debating on whether we should begin using tablets due to the amount of note taking required and the ability to have all of our documents and drawings with us in the field. Our major concern was “will it last?” I got a Samsung Galaxy tablet with an OtterBox Defender Series as the guinea pig and after months of abuse the tablet still looks like new when taken out of the case. I’ve since added the Latch, which makes it much more user friendly in the field. I wish there was a way to add more than one photo because just one doesn’t begin to explain the conditions this thing goes through. Keep up the good work OtterBox! Oh, I’ve also used OtterBoxes for all of my phones and even though I have worn out some of the cases, I have yet to break a phone.