There’s A Phone in the Fire!!

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We were sitting by our fire enjoying the weather Saturday night, when our neighbor came over with his dog on her leash. The dogs all went crazy and we stood up to let them in. My girlfriend put her phone down on the one plastic chair and as they walked inside, the leash knocked the chair over. We got his dog off the leash and the dogs all ran after each other. I turned to stand the chair back up and noticed the black rectangle in the fire. I reached in and quickly tossed it to the ground next to the fire. After giving it a few seconds to cool down, I took off the melted OtterBox to find the phone (although very hot) was perfectly fine. Not even a mark. It must have been in there for at least 15 seconds. Very proud of the OtterBox and we will both continue to have our phones live in an OtterBox.


Thank you!