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I am a credentialed educator in California and I teach at Fremont Adult School. I instruct in computer related subjects to working and retired adults. Several of which I have come up with the idea for the subject to instruct. My latest is I am preparing for the Fall 2013 quarter a class aimed at Smartphones. I find that many persons don’t buy on for the complexity of their use. My goal is to uncover some of those problems with Androids and iPhones. That is basically what my course is titled. I create the literature for my classes and teach from them so that students can review the topics I covered in class specifically. I have included a lesson concerning cell phone cases. I speak generally about them and end with OTTERBOX products. This was so easy to decide upon. My students will be informed of their instructor’s preference through experience of other types AND of yours. Trust me, it is quite favorable. Thanks for the material to include. I have used the Internet to locate images and include in my class literature.