Tough Enough

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I left my I phone on the hood of my 2012 Charger ( encased in Otterbox ) the phone was on the very front of the hood so I could not see it when I pulled out. After getting on the Interstate as I accelerated past 65 mph something went across my hood and windshield. I thought where did that piece of rubber come from. after a coupe of miles I looked for my phone and could not find it. Then I remembered leaving it on the hood. I new what had passed across my hood and windshield ( my phone )I turned around and retraced my steps slowing from the side of the interstate. Amazingly I found my phone just to the side of the driving lanes. to my supprise it still work with only a small scratch on one corner. The Otterbox is still in tack but the flaps stay loose. Thank you for a great product.