Unbelievable “Rush Hour” Protection!

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A story about how your product surpassed my expectations:

I set my iPhone 5 in its OtterBox case on my car roof, forgot it was there and headed down the road. It stayed on during the ride through my neighborhood, but once we hit the main road, I heard a thump on the roof. Later once I checked my pocket and the car, I realized what it was that had fallen off and had to make a u turn, as we were quite a ways past the site where it had dropped off (during 5:00 PM city traffic). Once we made it back, I got out of the car and started looking for the phone. I saw a car hit something black and rectangular that bounced up (it was the rubberized outer case). I picked it up and then saw the two pieces of the hard plastic case, both cracked. I then saw my phone a few feet away. Expecting the worst, I picked it up and it was STILL IN WORKING ORDER! The outer glass wasn’t even cracked. Your product is unbelievable and definitely save my phone from being destroyed in rush hour traffic.