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I just wanted to say that OtterBox is by far the best case you can buy. I have seen other smartphones with their glass screen all smashed up and I have asked them what happen and they have told me they just dropped it on the floor. I tell them they should of had it in an OtterBox. Today I was riding home on my Harley Fatboy doing about 75 MPH down an old country road, when my phone fell out of my pocket and bounced off the asphalt into a ditch. I pull over and walked back to retrieve my phone and to my surprise, my phone looked and worked like brand new still. Everything was fine except the OtterBox case was pretty mangled but it saved my phone!!! From now on I’m telling all my riding buddies to invest in an OtterBox case because if I didn’t have one I would be replacing a $600 dollar phone!