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I just wanted to express my experience with my warranty claim.

I have had my Droid phone for a couple years now and its working great. I think one of the reasons for this is the due to the Otter case (Defender Series) that I have it in.
I have dropped the phone a couple times and although the Otter case did suffer some damage, the phone was fine.

Recently I was working in a tight machine room and knew before going into a tight area that I should remove my phone from its’ belt holster as I knew it would get caught.
Well, sure enough, as I was squeezing into the tight area, my phone got caught and I felt a good tug. One of the grasping arms that hold the actual phone in the holster had broken.
Although my phone would still stay in the holster using the three remaining clips, I didn’t feel confident enough to use it this way in fear of losing the phone.

I called OtterBox and explained my situation and at that time also explained that the case had seen some abuse over the years and asked if I could get an all new case as I truly needed one.

The customer service person (wish I had her name to give her some kudos – she deserves it) I spoke to was friendly and made me feel like they were going to back their product and take care of my needs.

I will say the warranty claim process was a little technical to figure out with having to send photos and how to do it, but if I were to have to do it again it would be much easier.
So the little bit of frustration to get this process completed should by far be the lowest issues to deal with in ones life:)

When the case did break I thought about looking into other brand cases but with the experience I had both with the customer service representative and the way the company backed up their product – no need to look elsewhere plus the fact I like the case to begin with….
This must be evident if you are reading this as this experience drove me to writing this in the first place.

So in a couple weeks the new case arrived in the mail and my phone now feels safe and snug – all free of charge by the way.

Thanks again OtterBox and the employees that work there.

You will be my first company to look at when looking for cases for various electronics I have or will have in the future…..