Warranty You Ask? You Better Believe It!

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I started off getting a Defender Series case for my iPhone 4. After using it for some time it had some give in the rubber layer and I sent in my request to OtterBox for a replacement. They shipped out a new one free of charge and I was on my way. After some time, I upgraded to the Armor Series. My son dropped the phone on the hardwood floor and the screen cracked! (This is the only area that isn’t protected as well as the rest of the case.) With that said, I submitted my issue to OtterBox letting them know I would be upgrading my phone to the iPhone 5. They agreed to send out a new Armor Series case, free of charge, for my iPhone 5. It’s great to see a company stand behind their products as well as OtterBox does. Just remember though…the warranty is only for the case and not your phone!