What a Great Save

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I want to tell you about something amazing.. I was in a meeting with a co-worker one day and upon conclusion of our business he left. Soon realizing my phone was on the bumper of his truck, after only a minute or so, I was in pursuit with no way to call and tell him of my situation. As I went down the road I saw my new iPhone laying in the middle of the intersection. About that time, a very large and old Oldsmobile ran over my phone as squarely as anything could. After witnessing this 7,000 pound vehicle rolling over the top of my unit I was not very happy but figured it wasn’t lost so my insurance would cover it.. I retrieved my phone.. Well to my surprise there was no damage at all to the phone.. Perfect just like when I put it inside.. And the case was fine too, there’s just an imprint of pavement all the way around the perimeter of the case. The crush never cracked the plastic or anything. I am a customer for life.. Thanks for a great save!