Work Injury

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The reason I am contacting you isn’t to ask you for anything. I sincerely want to thank you! I am a heavy equipment mechanic for a railroad company in Nicholasville, KY. One day I was up on one of our apprentice trucks making a repair which required the use of a 20 ton hydraulic port-a-power. Ultimately, one of the welds broke which held the metal I was working on in place. I took a serious blow to the chest, and was knocked off of the truck. I suffered a cracked sternum and a class 2 concussion. The OtterBox took the blow to the chest, fell out of my shirt pocket and fell 12 feet to the concrete below. My phone still works and only has a couple cracks in the screen. Not only did the OtterBox protect my phone, I feel it helped prevent further injury and it still protects my phone to this day, undamaged. It’s one hell of a product. I just ordered a new phone and already plan to protect it with a new OtterBox. Thanks again for a great product!


Arlie Mullins