Wow Customer Service

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I just called this morning to OtterBox customer service. I wasn’t sure when they had last replaced my two OtterBoxes but the young lady that answered the phone was so polite, got right to the point of identifying my problem with each case, and sent me the easiest link to upload the pictures they needed to replace my two cases. I received an email not even 4 hours later confirming that my request was completed and that they will be shipping me two replacement OtterBoxes in just a few days! I was already a huge fan of the OtterBox and having 3 iPhones- I would not put anything but an OtterBox Defender Series on any of them! They have protected our iPhone’s through just about everything you could imaging like drops, children and even hunting. I am just so amazed with the customer service that I have received both times from OtterBox and am grateful that they make a case that does such a great job protecting our phones!