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iPhone 6 Plus Case

I wanted to tell everyone at OtterBox how awesome the iPhone 6 Plus Defender Series is. I couldn’t find the OtterBox case in stores right after I received my phone so I picked up what was supposed to be a similarly protective case from a competitor. The engineering and quality of design and manufacture wasn’t even in the same league as OtterBox. I returned the case that same day and ordered the Defender Series from Very happy customer.

from Chris Collins   11.21.14

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Great Service

I just wanted to take a minute to say a few words with regards to the quality of service that I received most recently. Thank you OtterBox customer service team for the most awesome and professional level of service I received not too long ago. I was amazed and grateful for your website being so user friendly to navigate through and the response time it took to process/deliver your product to my door step. You have great products and it’s good to know that your level of service is equal to none. Keep up the good work…………… Best regards, David […]

from David Deer   11.21.14

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So Thankful for this Product!

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your product!! I am a deputy sheriff in North Carolina and I was out on a call tonight where one of my fellow officers mothers’ house caught on fire and my phone fell out of the car in the driveway on arrival. Upon clearing the scene I started looking for my phone and couldn’t find it. Finally after kicking some leaves over, it was found in the middle of the driveway where it had been ran over by 2 patrol cars, a pickup truck and a fire truck! The only thing […]

from Jake Bryson   11.20.14

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Replacement of OtterBox Clear Plastic Cover

I cannot say enough great things about the customer service from I contacted them from the website to say my clear plastic cover had become scratched and I wasn’t able to read it very well anymore even after cleaning it.  The guy was FANTASTIC, and SO nice, and even though I didn’t have a receipt, and had purchased it a while ago, he had me take a picture of the case with my phone, and submit it by email. Within days, I received a brand new OtterBox cover, which I am now using. One of the VERY BEST experiences […]

from Denny Stevens   11.18.14

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Phone Case

Here is my quick story. I started a new job three weeks ago. The new company issued a phone that when delivered already had an OtterBox case on it. I was not familiar with OtterBox but thought it looked a like good product. I now know it is a good product. I was at a friends’ house yesterday working outside, and left my phone on the hood of his daughters’ car. Long story short, his daughter left for the day with my phone still on the hood of the car. A couple hours later, I realize the car, with my […]

from Terry Hartford   11.18.14

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Best Case Ever

After reading lots of reviews and YouTube videos I decided to buy a OtterBox Defender Series for my brand new Galaxy S3. The first day I put the phone in and I dropped it on to concrete floor but there was not a scratch or dent (phew). I use a power chair to get about and our combined weight is over 240 KG. When I dropped it and ran over it, I had sheer look of terror as my wheels went over it only to find nothing had happened to it. I was so relieved! You get what you pay for and […]

from Andrew palmer   11.18.14

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OtterBox Still #1

I already use the OtterBox Defender Series case for my iPad Mini and am very satisfied with its protection. I recently replaced the case that I had with the same Defender Series case but this time for my iPhone. I made the mistake of using a another case which the plastic construction eventually started to wear and peel. Should’ve stuck with OtterBox in the first place!

from Gerard   11.14.14

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My OtterBox Story

I thought you might be interested in my story.  I bought a new iPhone 5 at the end of October, 2012.  I was sold an OtterBox case by my Sprint representative and I’ll never forget when he told me you could throw the phone across the room into a wall and it would survive.  Well, I tend to mistreat my phones, so I thought, “Good idea to get one!” The next weekend, I took my then boyfriend’s family on a bicycle trip on a closed trail.  He was visiting Oregon and we were short on helmets, so I gave my […]

from Betty Lou Campbell   11.14.14

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Thank you for replacing my gray rubber piece, OtterBox! I had problems at first with the procedure of sending a photo of the damaged one, but the 3rd try is a charm. Thanks again.

from Sherrie Boutwell   11.14.14

Excellent Customer Service

OtterBox is the best case ever! I highly recommend an OtterBox to any customer. I’ve never had any problems with warranty claims. Not to mention I too, have dropped and smashed my phone on various accounts. And with that I will honestly say that this company stands by their product 100 percent!

from Jay Flores   11.13.14

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Extra First Class, Super Customer Service

I work in an aerospace job with worldwide 24 x 7 support requirements. I bought a Defender Series to protect my cell phone, and it got a workout. Marvelous product. But last week the retainer tab broke off the belt clip, and my phone no longer was securable. I cannot be without the phone. So I checked on a warranty replacement, but the delay was quoted as 2 weeeks or so. I offered to buy one and have it shipped ASAP. That delay was quoted as 2 business days to make it out the door plus 2-3 days in transit. […]

from Jim   11.13.14

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OtterBox’s Are the Best Case on the Market

Today I accidentally left my phone on the back bumper of my pickup. I drove around the block a couple times and when I got back, my phone was missing. About 7 hours later, after being burried in ice and snow, and being run over by who know how many cars and snow plows, we used a phone tracking device and were able to locate the phone and dig it out of the ice. I never expected to find it again, let alone have it still work. After getting back to my house, I took my phone out of this […]

from Matt Brown   11.13.14

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Defender Series for iPhone 6 Plus

The Defender Series case for the iPhone 6 Plus, while a long time coming, is worth the wait! Great protection, perfect fit, no trouble with clicks, and cosmetically excellent! Love the Defender Series! Thank you!

from Jerry Shulak   11.13.14

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Seriously Awesome Customer Service

I bought my Defender Series case in June, and by November it was baggy and ripping. I filled out a warranty claim and had a new case within three days! I never fill out reviews, but i’m stoked about the service. A-plus. OtterBox has my vote.

from mk   11.13.14

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Security and Service in Equal Measure

I have had an OtterBox Defender Series case for the last four years, and have nothing but praise for the product and staff. The case has saved my Samsung Galaxy Note and Note 3 numerous times with no damage to the phone. Even when there is damage to the case, the phone remained intact. The cases are extremely rugged and, other than the belt clip being the weak point and breaking when landing, the rest of the case reamains serviceable. I have had three broken belt clips, and have been impressed with the OtterBox warranty and service. This is what […]

from Dennis Parent   11.13.14

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