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OtterBox Testimonial Commercial

Hope all is well. Just a quick story… I sometimes take my phone with me on my walks with my dogs behind my house so I can video my agile and athletic dog, Stanley, jump over a stream. The video I am sending you is not of that dog, it’s of my other, less athletic and a tad more clumsy dog, Howie. If you watch the video you can understand why I was worried my new phone was dead, but thanks to OtterBox and not my quick reflexes or Howie’s gracefulness, my phone was perfectly fine. Thank you, OtterBox, […]

from Matthew Feingold   06.16.15

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I work as an elevator mechanic. I’m always working 30 feet high or so. Sometimes there’s not always as much light as I need, so I use the light on my phone — No big deal! Until today. I reached into my pocket, grabbed my phone and when my hand came out, my phone fell down the elevator shaft. My buddy and I just looked up at each other like, “Holy crap!” I didn’t even want to go look. I finally got enough guts to go down and get it. To my surprise — nevermind a crack screen — the […]

from Kent Knox   06.09.15

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iPhone Took A Swim in Commuter Wallet Series Case and Still Works!

I was at the lake with my 9 month old baby. We were sitting on the steps that go into the water. I was squatting up and down, dipping her toes in and out of the water. I had my phone in my pocket and as I bent to dip her toes in, my phone fell into the lake. It hit the stairs, submerged and then settled on the bottom of the lake! Luckily I could reach it. But first I had to make sure I had ahold of my baby. It was down there shimmering. My stomach was in […]

from Sarah   06.09.15

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Ran Right Over it!

I was at a gas station and had just left the gym. My pockets weren’t very deep… well not for an iPhone 6, and when I got in my car my phone apparently fell out! I turned out from behind the gas station and the cashier came running out with my phone and said I had ran right over it. I was thinking it was destroyed, but when I looked at it it didn’t have a scratch! Soo thankful for such a good investment!!!!

from Travis   06.09.15

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Great Story on Quality of OtterBox

Two years ago when the iPhone 5’s came out I was fortunate to have gotten one. Very excited, I made sure I got an OtterBox case because the sales person in the store recommended it. Now, I live in a small town in Wyoming (population 44). It is a ranching and farming community. Two years ago I got home from work (my day job) and road our 4 wheeler out into the field where I was going to continue cutting hay (my second job) on a Swather (giant lawn mower). I took my iPhone 5 with me…not because I could […]

from Kristen Benson   06.09.15

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I will forever be a loyal customer!!! I recently had to replace my iPhone that was stolen. I have to confess that I didn’t want to spend the extra cost for an Otterbox but my husband said better safe than sorry. So I grudgingly spent the $$ instead of going “cheap”. Last Friday I placed my phone on the roof of my car. Yes, I thought to myself I shouldn’t do it but figured I would remember. In a rush to get home I forgot to retrieve my phone. A couple of blocks down the road I heard a thud. […]

from Normalinda Vrooman   06.09.15

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Thank you, OtterBox!

This afternoon, I put my iPhone on top of my car as I was loading some things into the back seat. Then I got in and drove away. I called my husband using the Bluetooth and hung up just before I got on to the freeway. As I was about to merge, I heard a noise on top of my car. It didn’t take me more than a second to realize what it was. I got off at the next exit, turned around and headed back south. When I came around and re-entered the freeway again, I pulled over to […]

from Sharon Zwerin   06.09.15

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My phone fell from the top of Bunratty Castle in Ireland

I had climbed to the top of Bunratty Castle in Bunratty Ireland and took out my phone out to take a picture and tripped. When I tripped my phone flew out of my hand and over the edge of the top of the castle tower. I ran down the castle stairs and out of the castle grounds to get my phone — much to my surprise the phone was fine. I thanked God, the luck of the Irish and of course OtterBox!!! I cannot beleive it survived this fall!!!

from Mindy Davison   06.09.15

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Defender Series Saved my Phone…..Again!

I was just climbing up into the attic when I heard something hit the concrete floor, it was my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. When I picked it up, it had survived a 9 foot drop to the concrete floor below and works perfectly. Thanks, OtterBox.

from Bruce Wollenhaut   06.09.15

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Fire Truck

While working my part time job, my phone fell from my hip while I was mounting the driver seat of my fire truck. I ran over my phone TWICE without knowing it!!!! When I realized my phone was gone I found it on the ground face up with tire marks on it. MY PHONE STILL WORKED 100%!!! No cracks, breaks or damage of any kind!!!!

from Danny Owens   06.09.15

65 MPH!

Just wanted to say thanks to OtterBox! I was traveling on my motorcycle when I hit a HUGE pothole. Suddenly all I see is my phone flying out of it’s holder at 65 mph and then bouncing down the road like a super ball!! Well, needless to say I was not happy when that happened. However, I went back for the phone and my suddenly bad day went back to being a great day! The phone was 100% okay. The OtterBox wasn’t even any worse for the wear after it’s bouncing journey down the asphalt. You guys rock!!

from Nick Perrefort   06.09.15

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There’s A Phone in the Fire!!

We were sitting by our fire enjoying the weather Saturday night, when our neighbor came over with his dog on her leash. The dogs all went crazy and we stood up to let them in. My girlfriend put her phone down on the one plastic chair and as they walked inside, the leash knocked the chair over. We got his dog off the leash and the dogs all ran after each other. I turned to stand the chair back up and noticed the black rectangle in the fire. I reached in and quickly tossed it to the ground next to […]

from Joseph Ferguson   06.08.15

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OtterBox Saved my Phone

I have recently bought my first OtterBox case for my Galaxy Note 4. At the time I thought it was to expensive, but I bought it anyway. I figured I drop my phone a lot getting in and out of my rig. Well, the other day I was in a accident in my truck. I turned it over and was unable to find my phone. While I was in the hospital one of the guys that cleaned up the truck accident found my phone smashed in the mud underneath the truck. The best part is my phone is fine. The […]

from Daniel   06.08.15

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Love my OtterBox

Nothing very exciting to report other than I love my OtterBox. I have used other cases for my iPad but nothing else compares. My device is safe and secure. Whether taking it to work, at home or on vacation I know I have no worries with my iPad because my case keeps it clean, protected, and scratch free. It’s the best money spent to keep my device pristine and like new. Thank you, OtterBox!

from Carol   06.08.15

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Otterbox Commuter Cell Phone Case

My daughter went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and rode on the Tempesto Roller Coaster. Before getting on the ride, they were not permitted to leave their personal belongings behind and they issued her a fannie pack to wear. She put it on and proceeded to put her phone — which had an OtterBox Commuter Series case–  in it and her friends’ phone, which only had one of those pretty cases. While they were 154 feet in the air, the fanny pack broke and fell to the ground in a restricted area. One week later, the father of the other girl […]

from Denise   05.22.15

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