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OtterBox Faithful for LIFE!

On June 20, 2013, I was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident with a man I had met just four hours earlier. I spent the next 33 days in the hospital – 15 of those in a coma, on life support (via ventilator). He suffered almost no injuries, but was kept overnight in the hospital to monitor his blood pressure. We each were carrying our phones – his in the glove box of the bike and mine in my back pocket. Both iPhone 4s’ survived this horrific accident completely unscathed and I have no doubt it was due solely […]

from Angie Rowell   10.31.14

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By far some of the best after-sale service. I recieved my replacement part in less than seven days. It was delivered to my house via FedEx, which I am a 25 year veteran of this company. Both OtterBox and FedEx are very similar towards their business plan- a HAPPY customer is a repeat customer. In today’s market, regardless of what it is, customer service gives you the biggest bang for the buck and you guys nailed it. Regards, Rob

from Rob   10.31.14

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OtterBox in the Snow

My husband went snowmobiling out in the middle of no where in Colorado in February, 2014. He lost his phone while digging the snowmobile out of a few feet of snow. In October, 2014 a man posted on his Facebook page that he had found his phone deep in the snow while elk hunting. He charged it up and it still worked! The OtterBox is a bit moldy, but the phone is still in good condition.

from Liz   10.31.14

An OtterBox Thank You

I’m so impressed with the customer service from OtterBox that I wanted to take time to personally acknowledge how great it is. When the retaining clip on my OtterBox Defender Series broke I checked out their website and discovered that they would replace it for free. Using their painless interactive website, I provided the necessary information. About a week later a replacement arrived in the mail. Not only do I love this product (I used it to carry an iPhone even when I’m riding on my motorcycle!), but I’m blown away by their product stewardship. Thank you!

from Jim Kulas   10.31.14

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A Drive to Forget

I’ve often wondered about how effective the OtterBox is on a tablet. Today, I was given the answer. I love my iPad. I do a lot of things on it, and I take it virtually everywhere. And because I want it to last, I make sure it is protected, so I of course went with OtterBox. It’s done a great job protecting my phone, and I felt it would hopefully be just as effective here. Well, I was about to take a drive, and I set my iPad on top of my car as I went to put something in […]

from Travis Linton   10.31.14

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Product Review

In February of 2014 while completing my shift as a police officer I must have dropped my iPhone 5 into approximately 8 inches of fresh snow without realizing it. Shortly after, I realized it was missing and checked the area but was unable to locate it. I was positive that I had dropped it in the parking lot where I parked my police car. Over the next few hours several vehicles would drive over the area in which I believe my phone was, including a front end loader that was clearing the snow from the parking lot. I returned to […]

from Daniel Caruso   10.31.14

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I Survived

On 10-17-14 I placed my iPhone on the side of my truck bed and proceeded to drive away. Five minutes went by when I realized what I just did. To my regret the phone had fallen off. I had no choice but to start back tracking with no luck. The next day, 12 hours later, before buying a new phone I wanted to check the route one more time. To my amazement I spotted the phone in the middle of a busy intersection. After retrieving it from the road it was obvious that the phone had been ran over multiple […]

from Chris Jackson   10.31.14

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Great Product

In July 2014 I purchased a new iPhone 5, I also purchased an OtterBox to protect it. I only had the phone for 4 days when I lost it in a hay field while I was raking the hay. I searched for it for days but was unable to find it. Well, on October 20 the phone was found. It had been run over by a tractor and it had laid out in the field all this time. The OtterBox was dirty and a little banged up but the phone was in perfect shape- the case had protected it. I […]

from Maureen Yeo   10.31.14

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Bus Treads!

I was in a minor car accident. I got out of the car with my phone on my lap and the phone fell on the street. There was no damage to the car, so I left. Ten minutes later, I realize my phone was missing. So I drove back to the intersection, and there it was in the middle of the street with a bus driving over it! Believe it or not, I ran over and picked it up and all there was was a small crack on the OtterBox and the screen protector crimped up, with a tire mark […]

from ROBERT COOMBS   10.21.14

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New OtterBox

Hi there, I tried to respond to your e-mail and take the survey but Boeing seems to have firewalls which won’t allow my e-mail to get through so I’m just writing in. OtterBox is the most awesome product and company. Everyone should have an OtterBox. It’s the best protection for your phone you’ll ever find. The service and warranty is TOP DRAWER. Save yourself on expensive insurance plans and protect your phone with an OTTERBOX. Thank You, OTTERBOX Dave Osborne

from David W. A. Osborne   10.21.14

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OtterBox Galaxy Case

I left my phone on top of my car and pulled out of my drive way on Highway 84 East, which is a very busy road in front of my house. At about a half of a mile up the road, going about 55 MPH, I heard a racket and looked in my rearview mirror to see my phone going in every direction. My stomach sunk as I made a U-turn in the middle of this four lane highway to try to get back to what was left of my phone before the oncoming semi-truck and car heading my way […]

from Lenora Strickland   10.21.14

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Amazing Protection

I purchased a new LG G3 and dismissed needing a case. Within 2 weeks it experienced a small drop which broke the screen and made the device useless. After replacing the screen, I purchased my first OtterBox Defender Series, and yesterday I left it on the roof of the car and watched as it flew off at about 40 MPH and slammed into the ground. Amazingly when I backed up and retrieved it there was not even a scratch on it and it is working absolutely fine! What a great product and protection for the money!

from Erwin Vahlsing   10.21.14

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11 Stories onto CONCRETE!

I read testimonials about phones and tablets flying off car roof tops but NOTHING is as unbelievable as a brand new iPhone 5c FALLING OFF THE 11TH FLOOR BALCONY of our hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. We were up at 2:00 AM taking photos of a beautiful moon reflecting in the ocean and WOOPS, the phone slipped and fell onto the concrete pool deck below. My ” butter finger” boyfriend went down to pick up the pieces and was AMAZED to find the OtterBox case had popped off, but was intact…and SO WAS THE PHONE! He called me from the […]

from Laura Beth   10.21.14

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Thanks OtterBox

I was rock climbing with my family over the weekend and dropped my phone off of a cliff. It bounced several times before hitting the rocks at the base of the cliff. When I recovered my phone, it was fine! Amazing product! Thanks, OtterBox!

from Kelly Johnson   10.21.14

Phone Ran Over by Two Cars

I was out cruising on my motorcycle listening to some tunes on my Samsung S3 which has a OtterBox Defender Series case. All of a sudden the music stopped and I look down and the phone is gone. I looked in my rear mirrors and saw it bouncing down the road. I stopped and got off my bike and watched as two cars ran directly over it. The case was destroyed and the phone was ejected out of the case. I walked up and picked up the phone– there isn’t even a single scratch on it. I can sum up […]

from David Sims   10.21.14

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