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Broken Rubber!

Ok… So I’ve had my iPad in my Defender Series case since the day I bought it. It has withstood lots of drops and abuse. The rubber protector shell started to stretch and eventually broke in 3 spots. So, I contacted OtterBox and contacted the warranty department. It was totally easy!! Take a pic and pay for shipping. Bam, done! Three days later it arrived. I opened the box expecting to see just the rubber piece but instead they sent me a brand new case!!! Wow! That is great customer service!! OtterBox For Life

from Marshall   09.04.15

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Thank You

Thanks OtterBox for making the process of replacement easy. I needed a shell due to the one I have had for 1 1/2 years was not fitting well. I followed the replacement process with ease. The item arrived today. This was hassle free, easy and extremely convenient. Thank you to the web page designer, the order filler, and the shipping personnel. OtterBox ROCKS David

from David Gregory   07.24.15

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Older OtterBox

I have a story about my second generation iPod Nano and an OtterBox case I got for it. I have had this Nano and case for about 8 years now. Both are used every day for runs, the gym, the beach, camping, or whatever I am doing. The Nano still looks brand new thanks to this case.

from Craig   07.17.15

A Commercial Suggestion Based on A True Story

I am writing in regards to an incident that happened last night that would make a great commercial for OtterBox.  After walking my big dog down a dirt farm road, I laid my cellphone on the front hood of my Honda Pilot (I have never done that before) so I could load him up. We had driven about a mile down the paved road and were headed home, when I saw the iPhone fly off and bounce several times out my rear view mirror at 55mph!!!  My heart sunk.  We did a u-turn and as I drove with the headlights […]

from Tina Pattengill   07.17.15

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OtterBox: 1 Six Flags: 0

To celebrate the last few days before graduating college, it was only right to spend a wonderful spring day at Six Flags with all of my friends. This was not your normal, average Six Flags; this was Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. This Six Flags’ most thrilling attraction just happened to be Kingda Ka —  the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the entire world. It’s official height is 456 feet and it reaches a top speed of 128 mph. I had ridden it before and as a native of Orlando, Florida, I was quite familiar with roller […]

from Austin Josiah   07.17.15

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Great Product

I have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4. I was told by some of my coworkers to invest in an OtterBox case, they were hands down the best cases on the marker — either the Defender Series or Commuter Series. I did look into them and was not prepared to pay the price the store wanted at the time. One of my coworkers gave me a hard shell which he said was for my phone to use until I got my own case. Two days after I had purchased the phone, I took the phone out of my pocket, and […]

from Rose Hamilton   07.17.15

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I contacted OtterBox online Thursday about my case breaking. I filled in their required form online with a very nominal payment for shipping and submitted it. They contacted me and informed me its was being shipped that day. It arrived from the USA to my residence in Canada on Monday. OtterBox was the first cell case I ever purchased and they went beyond their warranty and replaced everything very quickly. Dealing with OtterBox was simple and quick. I can tell you if I ever need a new cell case for any new cell I purchase in the future it will […]

from Ron   07.16.15

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Dropped on Concrete from 15 Feet

At our daughter’s high school graduation this morning, we sat near the top of the bleachers. I dropped my phone and it fell about 15 feet and hit the concrete below. I had to wait until the bleachers were empty so we could roll a section back and retrieve my phone. HIGH PRAISE to OtterBox! No damage to the phone, not even a scuff on the case. I turned the phone on and everything works. OtterBox is the next best thing to bacon!

from Steve   07.16.15

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Road Trip Miracle

My husband and I took a road trip across the country that we’ve talked about for years. I’ve taken MANY pictures with my phone, along with my regular camera to remember this trip. While driving through the back roads in Oregon, my husband was using my phone to take pictures of the beautiful scenery, when a huge gust of wind ripped it from his hands and it flew out the car window!!! I thought for sure my phone was destroyed, along with all my pictures, since this happened when we were traveling at 65 mph!! I was very upset to […]

from Holly Garvey   07.16.15

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Long Fall

Just before the 7th floor parking garage elevator doors closed, I took my iPhone 5C out of my back pocket and promptly dropped it on floor. Three bounces and down into the open door slot she went. I heard it bounce four or five times and settle in the well. Two days later it was returned to me, unscathed, but for a crack in the plastic case and a scratch in the plastic face. Phone turned on, and works perfectly. As we are a video production company, we should probably do a PSA for you. Thanks for saving my phone. […]

from Mike Lomma   07.16.15

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OtterBox Testimonial Commercial

Hope all is well. Just a quick story… I sometimes take my phone with me on my walks with my dogs behind my house so I can video my agile and athletic dog, Stanley, jump over a stream. The video I am sending you is not of that dog, it’s of my other, less athletic and a tad more clumsy dog, Howie. If you watch the video you can understand why I was worried my new phone was dead, but thanks to OtterBox and not my quick reflexes or Howie’s gracefulness, my phone was perfectly fine. Thank you, OtterBox, […]

from Matthew Feingold   06.16.15

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I work as an elevator mechanic. I’m always working 30 feet high or so. Sometimes there’s not always as much light as I need, so I use the light on my phone — No big deal! Until today. I reached into my pocket, grabbed my phone and when my hand came out, my phone fell down the elevator shaft. My buddy and I just looked up at each other like, “Holy crap!” I didn’t even want to go look. I finally got enough guts to go down and get it. To my surprise — nevermind a crack screen — the […]

from Kent Knox   06.09.15

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iPhone Took A Swim in Commuter Wallet Series Case and Still Works!

I was at the lake with my 9 month old baby. We were sitting on the steps that go into the water. I was squatting up and down, dipping her toes in and out of the water. I had my phone in my pocket and as I bent to dip her toes in, my phone fell into the lake. It hit the stairs, submerged and then settled on the bottom of the lake! Luckily I could reach it. But first I had to make sure I had ahold of my baby. It was down there shimmering. My stomach was in […]

from Sarah   06.09.15

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Ran Right Over it!

I was at a gas station and had just left the gym. My pockets weren’t very deep… well not for an iPhone 6, and when I got in my car my phone apparently fell out! I turned out from behind the gas station and the cashier came running out with my phone and said I had ran right over it. I was thinking it was destroyed, but when I looked at it it didn’t have a scratch! Soo thankful for such a good investment!!!!

from Travis   06.09.15

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Great Story on Quality of OtterBox

Two years ago when the iPhone 5’s came out I was fortunate to have gotten one. Very excited, I made sure I got an OtterBox case because the sales person in the store recommended it. Now, I live in a small town in Wyoming (population 44). It is a ranching and farming community. Two years ago I got home from work (my day job) and road our 4 wheeler out into the field where I was going to continue cutting hay (my second job) on a Swather (giant lawn mower). I took my iPhone 5 with me…not because I could […]

from Kristen Benson   06.09.15

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