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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I am really happy on how OtterBox’s customer service handles inquiry and provides support professionally. No wonder a lot of people are liking, not only the product, but the customer service as well. Thank you so much Sharon O. for displaying good customer service. So those of you guys who don’t have OtterBox out there, I highly recommend this product and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

from Mark   04.16.14

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OtterBox Saved My Phone Funny Story

My husband hurt his knee on the road. When he came home and got to his car, via a wheelchair, he was getting in and put his phone on the top of the car! He then drove off and was using his car’s Bluetooth, so he thought his phone was in the car. While he was talking he heard a noise, so he looked out the rear view mirror and to his horror saw his phone flying off the car in to the busy on ramp to the freeway. He made a loop, came back and pulled over. When he […]

from Jalene Griffin   04.16.14

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Amazing Product!

My fiance bought me a big fancy Kindle two years ago for Christmas. I decided I better put an OtterBox case on it. We had one of our worst winters this past year here in Indiana. One day, I was rushing out the door to get to work, so I grabbed all my stuff (my Kindle too of course!) and threw everything in the front seat of my truck. As I was leaving I realized I needed gas in my truck so I stopped, opened my passenger door to get my purse, paid for gas, put purse back in,  and […]

from Tiffani Sparks   04.16.14

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Your Cases

Your cases are amazing. That’s all I can say. And if something happens to break, you always give me or send me a new one. I will stick with OtterBox for the rest of my life. Your Armor Series cases and Defender Series cases are the best. I dropped my phone from my chest level and there was not a scratch on the phone or the case. Your cases are durable and stylish. Thank you for always protecting my phone!!!

from Logan Gunder   04.16.14

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Standing Behind Your Product!

I purchased the OtterBox for my son’s mini iPad because I wanted to protect it (I have many OtterBox products). After a little more than a year the rubber started coming apart.. After talking to OtterBox about the problem, they replaced the skin that broke. Standing behind your word and product is one of the most important things I try to teach my son. Thank you for standing behind your product, you now have a customer for life! Thanks, Steve P.

from STEVE   04.16.14

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OtterBox Defender Series

I recently bought an OtterBox Defender Series for my Samsung Galaxy S4. A few days ago I was at work with my phone on my hip and went to cross the road. A lady that was talking on her cell phone and not paying attention flew off the highway onto the side road that I was on and hit me going between 45 and 55 miles an hour  on the side that my phone was on…my phone was hit dead on and never left my hip.. The only damage is a decent size dent and tear in the rubber on […]

from nathan   04.15.14

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A Tough Case for A Tough Family

My family, mother, father, and myself all have iPhones and OtterBox is the only case we have! Between school, hiking, and outdoor work, OtterBox has saved my phone many times! I can’t find the words to thank OtterBox enough for their customer service and their fast feedback when I need new parts for my case! Thank y’all so much!!

from Hanna Beth   04.15.14

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OtterBox Saved My Phone

I am co-founder of Heartsherd Animal Sanctuary. While getting off my tractor, the belt clip got pulled off my belt. The belt clip became disconnected from the holster and was ran over by my tractor. My phone was dislodged and fell onto a rock, glass down. The OtterBox case did an incredible job at protecting my brand new Samsung Galaxy S4. The plastic covering was punctured but the phone glass was saved. OtterBox is truly rugged protection. Thank you

from Rene Toney   04.15.14

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Saving Of My iPhone

On Feb. 13, 2014 I rolled my truck on icy roads here in Iowa. My window broke and my iPhone went out the window. It laid in the ditch covered in snow until May 31, 2014. My phone service provider had told me there was really no hope for my phone making it. It was bitter cold at the time the ditch claimed my phone. But when my daughter found it on May 31,2014, I put it in rice for 3 days just to make sure no moisture was in my phone. I plugged it in to charge and the […]

from Valerie Nielsen   04.14.14

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OtterBox Inner Case and Outer Silicon Skin

I have had this OtterBox system since I got the phone about a year ago and the skin over time began to stretch and break down. The clear covering on the inner case began to come apart from the black framing. I notified the company and they sent me a replacement set promptly!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

from Michael Daniel   04.14.14

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Love OtterBox

I purchased an OtterBox case when I purchased my iPhone 4 roughly 18 months ago. Being a male from Texas, I am outside a lot working in the yard and exercising. I have dropped the phone dozens of times on carpet, concrete, wood flooring, and the ground while doing yard work. The case has always protected the phone. Excellent protection.

from L. Hester   04.14.14

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Would You Consider Building Trucks?

Dear Sirs, Would you consider building trucks? I want to tell you how well your OtterBox performed in a very severe situation. On February 5th, I was traveling at 50 MPH on a 55 MPH semi-snowy, two lane road when the person coming at me lost control, crossed the center line and hit me nearly head-on, on the shoulder of my side of the road as I had pulled my wheel hard right to try to get away from him. I was pinned in and had to be extracated, but only sustained a broken hip, wrist, and cracked ribs. When […]

from Doug Truer   04.14.14

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OtterBox Defender Series

I am police officer and was working the night on April 4, 2014, when I pulled up on three suspicious subjects. I apparently had my iPhone 5c in my lap and didn’t notice this when I exited my police unit. I went to several other complaints after this, then noticed that my phone was missing. Upon returning to the area where I had exited my unit earlier in the night, I located my phone in the middle of the street. The phone had obviously been run over by a vehilce at least once . The case only had a couple […]

from Jarrod Matherne   04.14.14

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Customer Service

OtterBox customer service goes above and beyond. I had an iPhone5 OtterBox that I managed to break after 16 months so it was clearly out of warranty. I called customer service one Saturday afternoon just to see if by chance I could get a replacement. They were happy to replace my OtterBox and it arrived by Friday. However, it was the wrong case. I called and explained the issue, they realized the mistake and sent me the correct case. With two extra screen protectors for my inconvenience. This customer service goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend buying an […]

from Eric Perry   04.14.14

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Rottweiler Proof!!!

My husband and I have always used OtterBox cases and now we will never choose anything but an OtterBox case. Our lovely 2 year-old Rottweiler got a hold of my husbands’ phone in the middle of the night and chewed on it for probably a couple of hours. My husband thankfully had purchased the Defender Series for his phone and the case was almost completely destroyed (Rotties have on record the strongest bite out of any other dog breed) but his phone did not have a scratch on it!! I love my dog, but it was a really cool experience […]

from Lauren   04.14.14

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