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One Tough Case

Earlier this year I bought a new phone and I wanted to keep it protected, so I bought an OtterBox Defender Series case. I work in the manufacturing world where we have fork trucks for moving heavy material. I was working late one day and one of my co-workers asked me if I had lost my phone. I looked down at my belt clip, and saw that the phone was not there. He showed me my phone and i saw that it had been ran over by a 6,000 pound fork truck. Frustrated since it appeared that the phone was […]

from Dave brock   09.11.14

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Life Saver. Literally

Last fall I had gone for a run early in the morning. I had my iPhone in my OtterBox, tucked into the palm side of my left sleeve. I was attacked by a Pit Bull, which clamped down on my left wrist before the owner could regain control. My left forearm now has scars from the deep puncture wounds caused by his upper teeth, there is nothing on the bottom of my wrist. If my OtterBox had not been there, I have no doubt that the dog would have done a great deal more damage to my arm, and perhaps […]

from Lisa Grugin   09.11.14

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The other night I fell, and landed on the shaft of the wheel of a brush hog with my thigh. The other landing was with my right hand which I fortunately had my S4 with its’ OtterBox in. The OtterBox saved my hand from serious damage from the gravel. The screensaver part of the case took my full weight and was scratched nearly all the way through. There was NO damage to the phone. Thanks for a great product.

from eric john nagel   09.11.14

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Thanks OtterBox!

A week ago I was involved in a motorcycle accident. Although my bike was wrecked and I sustained multiple cracked ribs, my phone survived thanks to the protection provided by my OtterBox case! In fact, the reporting police officer used my phone to call my son from the E.R.! Thanks, OtterBox! Dan

from Dan   09.11.14

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I looked everywhere for the proper venue to send an email but couldn’t find it. I just wanted to let someone know that Stephanie is the greatest. I had a warranty issue the other week and she resolved it expediently! That in and of itself is great, but it was her demeanor that was so impressive. She was kind, positive and truly an excellent representative of your company! Kudos to you Stephanie, and kudos to OtterBox for recruiting and retaining employees as professional, knowledgeable, and personable as Stephanie.

from Bob Riley   09.11.14

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OtterBox Product Review

I recently purchased an OtterBox for my iPhone 4 and I love it! There are several different kinds of OtterBoxes to choose from, with that being said I chose the Defender Series case for my iPhone. This case is only around $45.00 usd and it comes with two plastic pieces that surround the phone, a silicone covering that goes around the outside of the hard case and a clip that attaches to the phone so you can place it on your hip. I’ve been using OtterBoxes ever since I got my iPhone in 2011. I was out with a friend […]

from Amanda Hixson   09.11.14

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9 Stories Down

I was up at 6 AM to catch a picture of a St. Pete sunrise on my last vacation day in Florida. I had decided to forgo my coffee before heading out to the deck of the Penthouse – nine stories up – to catch my picture. Huge mistake… Half way through my attempt to take a panoramic shot the phone slipped, hits the tiles and slides 4 feet across the deck, under the railing, hitting the gravel nine stories down; A horrible start to my day. Imagine my surprise when I went down to retrieve the pieces of my […]

from Marisa Moore   09.11.14

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House Fire

  Dear OtterBox, I have never written a testimonial before, but I felt your product deserved my best effort in giving the credit it deserves, and thanking the people who produce it. On July 21, 2014, we had a partial house fire.  Escaping with only minor injuries, my son, Alex, was unable to retrieve his phone (he had to jump from a second story window onto the driveway to save himself). A few days later, as his father and I were picking through the rubble of his bedroom, we found his phone on the remnants of his futon mattress,  encased in the […]

from Lena Vines   09.09.14

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Hot Hot Hot!!!!!!

I took my iPhone 5s out of my Commuter Series for cleaning. I accidentally left the whole case on the dashboard in my car! It gets 120+ degrees in there. I bought a Defender Series that day to try it out, so you can see why I forgot about it. The little tank of a case survived three weeks in that hot box without me noticing. To my surprise all the damage was that the outer plastic shell of the case slightly bent towards the bottom and the power button was falling apart. Simply an amazing case!!!!! I will definitely […]

from Arza   09.03.14

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I don’t have a specific crazy story about any hardships my phone has gone through, but I wanted to express my gratitude for this company. Whenever something on my case breaks, I am able to get a new one without hassle or frustration. I commend OtterBox for that. Being someone who studies communication and public relations, I feel I have credibility to truly express how excellent OtterBox customer service is. Thank you for that. Ps…I have never broken a phone while using OtterBox and am a fanatic for their products. Hats off to you.

from Jocelyn Schlegel   09.03.14

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Amazing Fall From the Top Fuel Dragster Thrill Ride at Cedar Point

On August 29th, 2014, at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. My daughter, Adrianna and I, got on the top fuel dragster thrill ride… gives you the feeling of what it would be like to go 1/4 mile in 3 seconds……It’s extremely fast and then it climbs 401 feet to the top of the rails before it descends. Well. I told my daughter not to ride with her new phone, which is an HTC Droid Maxx with an OtterBox. Being 12 years old she didn’t think she would lose it. Anyway, with the phone tucked in her inside jean […]

from jerry Parr   09.02.14

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Rugged Protection

I have used OtterBox cases since I got my first iPhone, five years ago. I upgraded to the iPhone 5c and when I did, I bought the OtterBox Defender Series case. The first day I got it I complained a bit about how the plastic screen cover was cut out, but overall, I was very pleased. I few months after I bought it, I left my phone on the back of a car, which then proceeded to drive five miles down the road before my phone fell off. The case had minimal damage, and the phone was absolutely fine. A […]

from Carter McLendon   09.02.14

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Amazing Protection

Yesterday my 18 year old son returned from the beach with some friends. One had an imbedded thorn in his foot while walking the beach. We were distracted taking care of the injured foot as my son placed his phone down on the car trunk and forgot about it. A little later my wife and I had to leave for another gather. The phone left with us unbeknownst to us on the trunk. Later that evening we searched for the phone and discovered it had fallen off the car around 3-4 hundred feet from the house. I was easily traveling […]

from Dennis Thomas   09.02.14

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Defender Series Skin and Case

The skin itself started breaking at spots after a year, and then more started tearing around the edges. I just recently contacted OtterBox about the issue. They were fast to reply, and sent me a template to submit a picture to them. Within five minutes after submitting picture, I already received a reply that OtterBox was sending me a new skin. I received the new skin quickly, it fits snug. It almost seems like it might be made better than my first one, not that I remember over a year ago, but I’m very happy with the product and with […]

from Terry Spittler   09.02.14

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I Ran Over my iPad with my Car

I have to share my story here because I am so thrilled with this OtterBox Defender case for my Ipad. Let me preface this by saying that I am not proud that this happened but am very impressed that my iPad survived. To make a long story short, I ran over my iPad with my SUV. I know…..don’t ask but I picked up the iPad and although it was slightly bent, it was working just as it had before the incident. I used it for six months with no problems at all (I never attempted to remove it from the […]

from Tina Abbett   09.02.14

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