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Bus Treads!

I was in a minor car accident. I got out of the car with my phone on my lap and the phone fell on the street. There was no damage to the car, so I left. Ten minutes later, I realize my phone was missing. So I drove back to the intersection, and there it was in the middle of the street with a bus driving over it! Believe it or not, I ran over and picked it up and all there was was a small crack on the OtterBox and the screen protector crimped up, with a tire mark […]

from ROBERT COOMBS   10.21.14

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New OtterBox

Hi there, I tried to respond to your e-mail and take the survey but Boeing seems to have firewalls which won’t allow my e-mail to get through so I’m just writing in. OtterBox is the most awesome product and company. Everyone should have an OtterBox. It’s the best protection for your phone you’ll ever find. The service and warranty is TOP DRAWER. Save yourself on expensive insurance plans and protect your phone with an OTTERBOX. Thank You, OTTERBOX Dave Osborne

from David W. A. Osborne   10.21.14

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OtterBox Galaxy Case

I left my phone on top of my car and pulled out of my drive way on Highway 84 East, which is a very busy road in front of my house. At about a half of a mile up the road, going about 55 MPH, I heard a racket and looked in my rearview mirror to see my phone going in every direction. My stomach sunk as I made a U-turn in the middle of this four lane highway to try to get back to what was left of my phone before the oncoming semi-truck and car heading my way […]

from Lenora Strickland   10.21.14

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Amazing Protection

I purchased a new LG G3 and dismissed needing a case. Within 2 weeks it experienced a small drop which broke the screen and made the device useless. After replacing the screen, I purchased my first OtterBox Defender Series, and yesterday I left it on the roof of the car and watched as it flew off at about 40 MPH and slammed into the ground. Amazingly when I backed up and retrieved it there was not even a scratch on it and it is working absolutely fine! What a great product and protection for the money!

from Erwin Vahlsing   10.21.14

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11 Stories onto CONCRETE!

I read testimonials about phones and tablets flying off car roof tops but NOTHING is as unbelievable as a brand new iPhone 5c FALLING OFF THE 11TH FLOOR BALCONY of our hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. We were up at 2:00 AM taking photos of a beautiful moon reflecting in the ocean and WOOPS, the phone slipped and fell onto the concrete pool deck below. My ” butter finger” boyfriend went down to pick up the pieces and was AMAZED to find the OtterBox case had popped off, but was intact…and SO WAS THE PHONE! He called me from the […]

from Laura Beth   10.21.14

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Thanks OtterBox

I was rock climbing with my family over the weekend and dropped my phone off of a cliff. It bounced several times before hitting the rocks at the base of the cliff. When I recovered my phone, it was fine! Amazing product! Thanks, OtterBox!

from Kelly Johnson   10.21.14

Phone Ran Over by Two Cars

I was out cruising on my motorcycle listening to some tunes on my Samsung S3 which has a OtterBox Defender Series case. All of a sudden the music stopped and I look down and the phone is gone. I looked in my rear mirrors and saw it bouncing down the road. I stopped and got off my bike and watched as two cars ran directly over it. The case was destroyed and the phone was ejected out of the case. I walked up and picked up the phone– there isn’t even a single scratch on it. I can sum up […]

from David Sims   10.21.14

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Slammed Phone in Car Door–Phone is FINE!

I used to have my iPhone 5 in a Speck case – which I heard was fantastic. Not so. I dropped it face down on concrete stairs and shattered the screen. The next day, I put it back in my OtterBox, which I kept the phone in only when I was working in the scene shop/painting studio at my summer job. Fast forward six months, and I’m packing my car to leave my summer job at the end of another season – I put my phone on top of the car (Subaru) with the tailgate open. When I finished packing, […]

from Nicole Weinberg   10.21.14

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My family and I have had several smartphones over the last few years and every single one of them has had an OtterBox. Never has a device had damage from a fall or a drop or whatever has happened to them. If there has ever been a problem with a case, a simple call to your great customer service representatives (kudos to Kristi on the last call) and every issue is solved. And they even give great advice. I will continue to tell everyone I know how great your product is and suggest it when I can. Thanks again for […]

from Wesley Barber   10.21.14

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OtterBox vs. Garbage Compactor

We had dropped our iPhone in a garbage compactor by accident. We didn’t realize that of course until later that evening. We went to work the following morning with a theory that it might have fallen out of my pocket while I was jumping up and down in that compactor. We called our phone and listened through the walls, no lie, you could hear it vibrating inside. I had to climb over several hundreds of yards of carpet tear up and wood subfloor. After calling it numerous times and following the sound of the phone, I found it. It was […]

from Jamie Bailey   10.21.14

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OtterBox Saved My iPhone!

I left my phone on top of my car and drove off. When I went back to look for it, I found it in the middle of the road. A lot of cars had driven over or past it because school had just ended. The case was smashed with tire marks on it and it had even opened up, but the iPhone was still lodged in the inside of half of the case. When I pulled out the phone it was still in perfect condition. Not one scratch! The OtterBox saved my iPhone’s life!

from Joyce Kerns   10.21.14

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OtterBox Saves the Phone!!

On Friday Oct 10, 2014 I was at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio. It was about 10:30 pm and I had just gotten to the top thrill dragster ride with my wife. This coaster screams off at 120 MPH and climbs vertical 427 feet before topping over and returning to the start, all in under 30 seconds. Well, my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone was in its Defender Series OtterBox case in my sweat shirt front pocket. At the top of the ride, my phone lifted from my pocket as we were cresting the top of the ride. Needless […]

from Scott Goodwin   10.21.14

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I was in Wuzhen, China this past summer, which is a beautiful water town not far from Hangzhou. The city is essentially a small island made up of an intricate system of rivers and canals (instead of streets). I was taking a picture when another tourist bumped into me and sent my iPhone 5 hurling into the bottom of one of the rivers. Still in shock, I began to take off my shoes and rip off my jewelry–I was going in after it. My entire social life and world of contacts was in the bottom of that river. But instead […]

from Jerisa Upton   10.21.14

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Warranty Service

I just wanted to say how pleased I am to find a company that stands behind their product and makes the claims/replacement process so painless. The entire process took less than five minutes and my replacement was out to FedEx for delivery the next day. This was the best customer service I have received in a long time and I will be an Otterbox user for as long as this company is in business. THANKS!

from Ron   10.21.14

Crushed By A Falling Tree

My Samsung S3 was in use on a tripod so we could make a time lapse video of us falling a large pine tree. It went in the opposite direction it was supposed to and crushed my phone, tripod, and broke off the charger at the socket. I dug my phone out of the ground, and with my OtterBox protecting my phone there was no damage! The tripod was left in pieces all over, the phone was stuck in the ground, and the end result was that OtterBox saved the day. Not a scratch on my phone, not a crack. […]

from Adam Madigan   10.21.14

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