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iPhone Still Works after Submerged Under Water for 4 Months!

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from a dock operator on December 2nd, 2014 telling me he had found my phone when the water levels went down at Barren River Lake. I told him to just go ahead and throw it away, because it had been down there since August 2nd- 4 months- and there was no way it would still work. Well, he told me he charged it up and it still worked! It had been under 10 feet of water all this time, stuck in the mud. Not a scratch on the phone itself or […]

from Steve Haswell   12.08.14

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Sunset Rock

So I have always kept my phone in an OtterBox. I have seen enough peoples cracked screens to know that I should always keep a strong case on it. A few months ago, I went on a hike with some friends to Sunset Rock. We ended up climbing this rock that had about a 15 foot drop to the trail. Sure enough, my phone fell out of my hand, bounced 3 or 4 times before landing screen up. Of course everyone gasped, worried that my phone was done-for. But my phone did not have a scratch, dent, or mark on […]

from Bethany Beck   12.08.14

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My OtterBox: A True Defender

I went to visit a friend while in Jamaica in May. Upon leaving, I must have placed my phone on top of the car and forgot it there. Later, I said my goodbyes and jumped in the car, being the speed driver I am, I didn’t hesitate to speed off. Long story short, as I turned a sharp corner, I heard this weird sound coming from the top of the car. Checked my rear view mirror only to see my phone flying off the car. I didn’t hesitate to turn around, all this time hoping my phone was still in […]

from Sheryl   12.08.14

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Rubba Dub Dub…Oh Crap!

My iPad has lived in an OtterBox case for its entire life since day 1 …3 years have passed…..and I never thought much about the name until a fews weeks ago as I bought it solely for drop protection……. well it got dropped alright….right into a bathtub full of water. I looked in horror as I saw my iPad with all my stuff in it resting at the bottom of the tub. My home screen smiling up at me, I grabbed it and tried sucking any water out of any of the orifices I could find, like the speakers, headphone, […]

from Glenn McLaughlin   12.03.14

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Customer Service

I called OtterBox to speak to a representative regarding a new case for my iPhone 6. I spoke with Anthony Bishop- he was helpful, informative and patient. His knowledge of the products was informative and allowed me to make the best choice for my phone and lifestyle. All customer service representative should be a friendly as Anthony. He went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my final selection. It was a great experience. Congratulations, OtterBox, for not only producing a great product but employing an even better person, Anthony Bishop!!

from Karen renna   12.03.14

OtterBox Survival Story

Wow, I can’t believe it. My iPad survived in perfect condition! I inadvertently left my iPad Air on the roof of my car yesterday while shopping. After driving a few miles, and traveling at nearly 40 MPH I heard a thud and saw something bouncing in the street behind my car. I thought I had run over something in the road and continued on my way. Later I noticed my iPad was missing and I promptly began to panic. My business contacts, my schedule, notes, pictures of my kids, all lost, I thought. Since I need an iPad for work […]

from scott dougherty   12.03.14

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Very Pleased with Customer Service

Just would like to say how pleased I was with the customer services of OtterBox and their product. I would recommend it to a friend or family member! OtterBox is number 1 in my opinion!!

from Marcus   12.03.14

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Defends my Phone in a Big Fall.

I work in telecom, daily climbing cell towers. While I was working at the top, I felt my Galaxy s5 come free only to watch it fall off the 130 foot tower. Mid-way through the fall, it hit a cross member and deflected about another 50 feet off to the side of the tower. Thinking my phones fate was sealed, I finished the job and went down to find it. To my surprise with the OtterBox Defender Series, there wasn’t even a scratch! It turned on and worked, no problem. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to protect […]

from Kevin Noble   12.03.14

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Great Case!!!

Last night I dropped my new iPhone 6 in a parking lot. I didn’t know this until I got home and did a “Find my iPhone” search. I went back and found the phone, but it had been run over by a car. Thanks to the OtterBox case, my new phone was not damaged at all! The case was slightly damaged, but the phone does not have a scratch on it. Thank you, OtterBox!!!

from Gary Van Straten   12.03.14

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60 MPH + Deer + ATGATT = Not a scratch anywhere

I am an avid adventure sport motorcyclist. I had my Galaxy S3 on the handlebars of mpountain BMW 1200GS for mapping in an OtterBox Commuter Series case, and I was wearing a case of my own with my ATGATT armored clothing. (ATGATT = All The Gear All The Time). One day while traveling at 60 MPH a deer jumped out and struck me. The bike tumbled… Hard. I went over the handlebars and played superman for a few seconds before paying my respects to the pavement. After I bounced and skidded to a stop 250 feet down the Texas county […]

from P.H.   12.03.14

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Absolutely Amazing

OtterBox, You have gone above and beyond any other company I have had to do a warranty claim with. OtterBox has proven over and over how amazing their cases are and the customer support is by far the best that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. You have taken a loyal customer and made me a lifetime customer. I will never buy another case from anyone else. When I called to have my belt clip and cover replaced, I received a surprise when I opened the package containing my replacement parts to find an entirely new case. […]

from Nathaniel Denison   12.03.14

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Thank You!

Just a little word to say thank you!! Not even a week and my replacement part was delivered!! Thanks again!!

from Dominic Madore   12.03.14


Excellent customer service from OtterBox. Great products as well!

from Lee Schlesinger   12.03.14

OtterBox is Amazing!!!

Last week I finally received my iPhone 6 from AT&T after waiting a month. This morning I was walking from Union Train Station in Chicago to my office as I do every weekday. While crossing the street, I accidentally dropped my brand new iPhone. As I was going to retrieve it, a bold Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus made a quick left-hand turn causing me to quickly get out of the way. THE BUS RAN RIGHT OVER THE TOP OF MY NEW IPHONE! I grabbed it imagining the worst. To my amazement, other than a few scratches on my OtterBox […]

from Mike McCool   12.03.14

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I just wanted to thank OtterBox for such a high quality phone case. I accidently threw my phone in the washer when I put my laundry in. It wasnt until twenty minutes later I realized that my phone was washing in the washer with the clothes! The phone was fully submerged in water for 20 minutes. After panicking, I dried everything off and my phone is working like nothing even happened! Thank you so much, OtterBox!

from Alicia Grover   12.03.14