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OtterBox Saved My Phone!

I accidentally left my phone on the hood of my car while I was cleaning the inside. I got in and drove off forgetting it was there until about four blocks away. I drove around the neighborhood and found it sitting in the middle of a busy intersection. It had been driven over several times by the looks of it, but when I took the case off my phone, didn’t have a single scratch or any damage at all. Thank you OtterBox for protecting my iPhone!

from Jackie Barnette   04.14.14

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Great Service

I bought the OtterBox for my Droid at the same time I bought the phone about a year ago. I’m relatively rough on these types of items and they obviously wear out after awhile. I emailed the company when the silicone outer case began to stretch and become loose around the inner case, just to see if I could purchase a new silicone outer case. The looseness caused the case to snag and not fit the holster properly giving me concern that that would lead to more dropping incidents. Long story short, OtterBox sent me an entirely new case. I […]

from Dan   04.14.14

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The Needle in the Haystack Survived!

I wanted to share a wonderful OtterBox experience we had on Friday, April 4, 2014. While my son and I were vacationing during spring break in Whistler BC, we went Ziplining. (Can you see where this is going?) We joined eight others for the Ziptrek Ecotour at 3:10 pm. One of the guys was taking photos while zipping high in the air over treetops with the snow-covered ground below, and dropped his phone. When we all got to the other side, one of the guides said she’d hike down and walk below the cable line to see if she could […]

from Amy Roszak   04.14.14

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Lives Up To Its Reputation!

A few weeks ago, I was placing my son in his car seat and put my phone on the roof of the car in order to free up my hands. I completely forgot it was up there and drove away. A few minutes later, while driving 45 MPH, my fiancé and I heard a loud bang on the back of the car. We both turned around to see my phone bouncing in the middle of the road 40 feet behind us. We turned around to retrieve it, and as we did we could see two cars were about to come […]

from Nancy   04.14.14

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I Ran Over My Phone!

Saturday I got in my car and couldn’t locate my phone. My Bluetooth connected so, I assumed that it had fallen under my seat. I started to pull out of my driveway, which is when I realized that I must have dropped my phone outside of my car. I pulled back up to my house and saw my phone. I also noticed the tire marks where I had backed over the phone. I definitely didn’t expect it but, my phone was completely undamaged. There’s not so much as a scratch on it!! I will never buy anything other than OtterBox! […]

from Jamie   04.14.14

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Defender Series Saved Our Phone

My husband is a truck driver. He has a Samsung Galaxy S3. He uses the OtterBox Defender Series case and one day was on top of the tanker trailer, 15 feet high, when he dropped his phone. He was sure it was broken. He climbed down and was amazed to find his phone unharmed and working the same as always. There wasn’t a scratch on it. All I can say is thank you, OtterBox. You are the best!

from Christy Bailey   04.14.14

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Seventy days ago, I dropped my cell phone in the deep snow somewhere on the property of our vacation home in Door County, WI. Since most of the snow has now melted, I was able to find the phone today. After removing it from the OtterBox case, I plugged it into the charger. To my surprise, it was in perfect working order! (I’ve included a photo of the phone as it’s charging)

from John Kelly   04.14.14

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Kicked by A Horse

I went to try out a horse a few days ago that was advertised as sane and calm. Needless to say I didn’t make it into the saddle. As I put my weight in the stirrup to climb up, she went to buck, folding me in half. While my knee was in my throat and I was in the air, she spun and kicked me in the thigh and lower rib cage. Her hoof separated my leg and torso and caught my phone with the full force, kicking it from my belt and launching it about 20 to 25 feet […]

from Chris Davis   04.11.14

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Lawn Mower Accident

About a week after I got my shiny new iPhone 4s, I was cutting my lawn. I always keep my phone with me in case I have an accident. I have about seven acres to cut and some spots are a little hilly. Anyhow, while cutting my grass I must have dropped my phone. Thank goodness for the OtterBox. I was in a panic looking for my phone and I had gotten a bright pink case (just for occasions like this)…So I circled around and discovered I had run it over with the lawn mower. It did take a nice […]

from Vickie Miles   04.11.14

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Defender Series Lives Up to Its Name

I’m a union drywall finishing foreman in Boston and the other day while working on a scissor lift 28 feet in the air, my phone got knocked out of its clip and fell to the concrete floor. After careful inspection of my OtterBox Defender Series I was surprised to find that there was only a small dent in the back of the case; My phone survived with NO damage . Thank you, OtterBox Sincerely, Alan Gagnon

from Alan Gagnon   04.11.14

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OtterBox Replacement

Your company is awesome! First of all, I cannot begin to tell you how many times your OtterBox cover for my iPhone has saved me! I tell absolutely everyone they are CRAZY for not having an OtterBox cover. My four adult kids, my husband and a few of my many nieces and nephews all have one and I encourage them all to spread the word. Now on top of all that great stuff…alas…the cover finally wore out and stretched. I called your customer service with hopes that I could get a replacement at a reduced cost or perhaps a coupon, […]

from Laura Lou Bessler   04.11.14

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OtterBox Customer Service

I’m old with stroke problems. My OtterBox has saved my phone countless times. The other day my arm wasn’t working properly and I somehow broke my belt clip. I’m not very tech savvy, so I called OtterBox. Lo and behold, the folks walked me through every single step for my new case! This may not seem like much to some folks, but my phone is my life line with my health problems, so I cannot thank them enough. Thanks OtterBox! Well done!!

from daniel scribe   04.11.14

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Testimonial For My OtterBox

My OtterBox literally saved my life! I fell off a roof and needed to call for help. My phone was safe because of my OtterBox and I was able to call for an ambulance. After four days in the hospital, and three weeks in a chair, I contacted OtterBox to replace my broken case. The people at OuterBox were so helpful, they got me a new case at no charge. Thank you, OtterBox! It’s refreshing to know that a company stands behind their product and that their product is as good as it is claimed to be. Thank you again. […]

from Martin Humphrey   04.11.14

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Customer Service

I bought a case from Amazon and as soon as I received the case I found out it was defected. Right away, I called OtterBox customer service line- amazing customer service! No question asked, the next day, the replacement has been shipped already. I really want to send you guys a “WOW.” Excellent customer service!!!

from Demi   04.11.14

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WOW! What A Company!

Folks, I am an old sort of guy who takes pretty good care of my phone but somehow the charging case wouldn’t charge anymore. It’s a year or two old, so I called OtterBox to see how much a replacement case would cost. I had gotten some good use out of the case and wanted to buy another just like it. OtterBox wouldn’t let me buy one, instead they are replacing mine free of charge (no pun intended)! What a company! I’ll be doing business with OtterBox for a long, long time! Thanks folks!

from Stu Hubbard   04.11.14

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