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Incredible OtterBox

I had just finished coaching my son’s baseball game and was driving back home, when I saw a young driver pointing at me, laughing about something to do with my car. I am a middle-aged man who drives a minivan and happens to like it, so maybe that’s funny enough. Then, another guy closer to my age driving a truck, motions for me to roll down my window as I am going about 70 miles an hour on the highway. He yells, “hey something is dragging.” I quickly realized that it might be my phone that I had plugged into […]

from Mike Burke   07.18.14

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OtterBox Defender Series

I have been retired for over one year and have been building a 3,000 SQ foot addition to our home. The Defender Series saved my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone on many occasions. It has been to war and back. It has been in my pocket with Lord only knows what sharp objects- screws, knives, drivers, and other tools. I always tried to dedicate a pocket to this phone but things managed to find their way in anyway. The clip-on for my belt is something that I will try nor that I’m not in-between framing anymore. Well, I wore the case […]

from Ray Ortiz   07.18.14

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OtterBox iPhone Cover

I have a GMC Sirrera truck. I travel 10 miles to work every day, going about 55 MPH, all the while weaving in and out of traffic. Before I left home, I took a picture on my iPhone of my garden, and then decided to take a picture with a camera. As I went to take a picture with the camera,  I put my phone on the hood of the truck. Later when I got to work, I couldn’t find my phone. Then in a panic, I remembered I had put the phone on the hood of the truck. To […]

from William K. Alexander   07.18.14

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Awesome Protection

My wife accidentally dropped her phone in the driveway when we left to go somewhere, but didn’t realize it. After a few hours, she said she didn’t know where her phone was. We frantically searched the car and couldn’t find it, so we drove home to check the house. When we got in front of the house she said, “there it is in the driveway!” We both suddenly were mortified that I had driven over it with the car. Sure enough, as the picture shows, I drove over the back of the iPhone and you can see the tire marks […]

from Jamin Baxter   07.18.14

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OtterBox = Awesome!

After my Monday night golf league, I was in a hurry to get home to grill up dinner. I unloaded my golf bag and placed my iPhone (protected with an OtterBox) on the roof of my car while I stowed my golf clubs and cart into the trunk. Totally forgetting the phone was on the roof as I drove away. Two miles later as I was merging with Interstate traffic and heard a strange noise on the roof. Looking into my rear view mirror, while traveling at about 65 miles per hour, I saw my phone bouncing down the concrete […]

from Rick Gecan   07.18.14

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Thank you, OtterBox, for Helping Save My Birthday!

At 5 months pregnant, I can willingly admit that I suffer from what many call, “baby brain” at times. (Thats what I like to blame my absent-mindedness on anyway!) After a lovely birthday dinner at my parents’ house, I loaded my little boy into his car seat, and shortly after drove away. My husband and I soon thereafter arrived at our next destination, and I quickly realized that my phone was no where to be found. We began calling it, but it was definitely not in the vehicle. A panic ensued as my heart sunk, upon realizing while putting Ryan […]

from Emily Hinton   07.18.14

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Phone Survived Commercial Mowing Deck

While mowing with my commercial ‘O-Turn’ my iPhone, in a Defender Series case, fell under the seat onto the mowing deck. The decks’ belts destroyed my OtterBox case but left my phone in perfect shape. Needless to say I was amazed after taking the phone out.

from Clint Walters   07.18.14

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Experience with OtterBox

I wanted to share my personal success story with having an OtterBox on a device and I have letters I need to send you from my kids.  I will explain why in a moment. My 12 year-old son has an iPhone 4s and I put an OtterBox Defender Series on it.  He’s 12 and needs the best protection for his phone.  He and his siblings were with their dad for the weekend about 6 weeks ago and he and his brother got into a fight –they started playing tug of war with the phone in the car (His brother thought he […]

from    07.17.14

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OtterBox Saved My Cellphone

Last night my wife and I were having a campfire at our trailer with our two youngest granddaughters. The six year-old asked me to roast her a hot dog, so I said yes and proceeded to put a hotdog on the holder we have for doing such a thing. I’d had my cellphone in my hand and when I went to stand up and put it in my pocket, it slipped out of my hand and landed in the fire pit. The pit consists of a truck tire rim and a dryer drum to keep the fire safe. This fire […]

from Rob Burditt   07.14.14

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OtterBox Customer Service

The employees at OtterBox are the best. Recently I had problems with the screen protector for my OtterBox case for my HTC Droid DNA and called to purchase a few additional screen protectors. I was told the item was being discontinued so my only option was warranty replacement. Surely enough, I agreed. I was expecting a screen protector or two would to show up in my mailbox in a few days but no. That expectation would not be good enough for OtterBox customer service. To my surprise and delight, a brand new complete OtterBox arrived fast. Very fast. Personally I […]

from Ron   07.14.14

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OtterBox Preserver Series

Many are familiar with the automatic flushers on the commodes these days. Well, while at work I had my phone in the back pocket of my pants and had to go. Quickly taking a number one restroom break I pulled my pants up and my phone dropped into the toilet with an auto flusher! I quickly turned around to see back light under a gush of pressured water. My phone was stuck in the circle under the flushing water. I reached in…yes, reached in for my gold iPhone protected by the Preserver Series, and grabbed it out of the water. […]

from L.J.   07.14.14

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Otter Box Saved My S4 From Damage After it was Run Over By Golf Cart

I was driving on the grounds of the work on a golf cart in my raincoat while it was raining heavily. Unbeknownst to me, during the day while having to get on and off of the golf cart during my daily routine, my holster clip had broken off and the phone fell to the ground. I got back to the office and when I tried to grab my phone, it was gone! There was no clip or anything. I was panicking looking all over the site for my phone. After a bit of driving, I finally located the case facing […]

from Terry Briggs   07.09.14

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Saved My Phone

I’ve carried a phone since 1998. I have only damaged one in all that time due to water damage. I have never bought a case until my recent purchase of an LG G2 from Verizon. I don’t know why this time was different, because all of my phone’s have been expensive……Good salesman, I guess. Anyway, I drive an 18 wheeler for a living and my phone was clipped to my belt, as I was climbing it fell to the ground. After a while I noticed it was gone and looked everywhere. I found it in my tire tracks. It had […]

from Jeanne Berg   07.09.14

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Excellent Investment!

Ever crack or broken our cell phone? I have on two separate occasions. Now that my mobile phones has been outfitted and protected with OtterBox cases, all four of my devices give me a great sense of security. The form and fit are precise and the product purchases are a no-brainer for me! Typically, I read the reviews but this is the one of the rare times that I’ve been so pleased with OtterBox cases that I had to write!!

from Gus   07.09.14

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Lost and Dropped Galaxy S4 Phone

I recently went for a motorcycle ride and when I returned home, my phone was missing from the OtterBox clip-on saddle. I knew immediately what had happened: I like to keep my shirt tails un-tucked to hide my phone clipped to my waistline. Sometimes the shirt tail gets stuck while snapping in the phone to the saddle, and the phone will disengage and fall to the floor. Now, since I destroyed my first Samsung S4 a week after owning it, I bought an OtterBox and have dropped my phone probably at least 50 times but  never had it break, unless […]

from Rusty   07.09.14

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