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I was out golfing last summer and when I was done I was at my truck changing my shoes to go home. I put my phone on the running board of my truck and forgot it there. As I backed out to leave, the phone fell off the running board and under the front tire on my truck. I didn’t realize my phone was missing until I was several miles away. I turned around and went back to my parking space and there my phone was, face down with a tire track across the back of it. I turned it […]

from Mike Miller   01.23.15

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Naughty Puppy

A few moments ago I woke up to hear my dog chewing on something. Normally, I would just go back to sleep but something was really bothering me about this noise. I open my eyes to discover that my dog is chewing on my iPhone! My stomach sank. I thought my phone was done for good. I pick up the phone and realize that there was minimal damage to the case and NO DAMAGE to the iPhone. OtterBox has gained a life long customer.

from J'nay Hill   01.23.15

Defender Series for iPad and iPhone

We’ve had multiple Defender Series cases for our iPhones and iPad and wouldn’t go with any other brand. My case had a tear in the outer rubber part and OtterBox shipped out a brand new rubber padding, no questions asked — they back their product and their customer service is prompt and helpful. We have young children and I work in childcare, where I allow the children there to use my phone from time to time, and trust me when I say the Defender Series case is very protective. We’ve never once damaged one of our phones, and they take […]

from Sierra   01.23.15

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Rooftop Ornament

My 8 year-old son has horseback riding lessons each Wednesday after school. On January 7 2015, I was running a late and feeling a bit hurried as I was trying to get his helmet, boots, snacks, and all of my essentials into the car so we could go. In the process of trying to juggle everything and not wanting to drop my phone, I placed my iPhone enclosed in a Defender Series OtterBox with a silicone outer sleeve on the roof of the car on the passenger’s side. I then forgot to retrieve my phone before I went inside to […]

from Kim Van de Wetering   01.23.15

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OtterBox for iPhone 6-Don’t Believe the Bad Reviews

I don’t usually write reviews but I felt compelled to submit a review of the OtterBox for iPhone 6. I read several reviews that indicated design flaws with this design. I have been a satisfied user of the OtterBox for iPhone 4s and was a little hesitant making the purchase after we upgraded our phones. I couldn’t be happier! The biggest complaint seemed to center on the inability to use the buttons. No problem. The phone fits in the case tightly, the buttons did not require a break-in time, and I can use the Touch ID sensor without trouble. I […]

from BillD   01.23.15

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OtterBox Saved my iPhone!

I’m notorious for walking away from my phone. Especially after I had my baby girl and had to carry so many things and remember a million things. I had the OtterBox case and I set my phone on the trunk of my car after dinner one night while I was putting the car seat in place. I got into my car without even thinking to pick up my phone. I drove miles home from the restaurant, stopping at red lights, and making multiple lefts and rights through residential streets. After parking in the driveway I got out of my car […]

from Katie Knapp   01.23.15

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Worth the Price

Today I went to have my car washed, forgetting my iPhone 6 on the roof and drove away. About four blocks later, I had a driver come up on my side to tell me that my phone fell off my vehicle and he may have rolled over it. Yes he did, completely crushed my Defender Series case but the phone wasn’t damaged! This product is worth every last cent that it cost. I bought another one and will recommend this product to everyone I can. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

from William Vanderbrook   01.23.15

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Survival of the Fittest (Phone Case, that is)

So like an idiot, I placed my phone on top of my van while I was loading it up. Yes, I forgot it. Ten minutes later, after hitting 75 MPH, I saw out of the corner of my eye in my side mirror, the image of my phone flying through the air and landing on the road, in the middle of a bridge, sitting over a river. I continued on over the bridge, did a “U-turn,” went back over the bridge, did another ‘U-turn” and started back over the bridge just in time to see a log truck run over […]

from Moe Myers   01.23.15

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Thank Goodness for OtterBox!!!

In a nut shell my brand new iPhone 6, that thankfully was in an OtterBox Defender Series case, somehow fell out of my pocket when I had to open the door at a Starbucks drive through to grab our drinks after I paid for them with the app. I didn’t realize it was missing nearly an hour later. At that point, it had been on the ground run over by several vehicles in the drive through. When I called, all the manager could tell me was that yes my phone was there but that it was pretty mangled and likely […]

from Maxine gal   01.23.15

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OtterBox Saved my Phone!!!

Today I set my purse on the front bumper of my jeep while I was warming up the jeep. I forgot about my purse and left with it still sitting there, phone and all! About a quarter of a mile down the road it all fell off and unfortunately I didn’t notice for over 20 minutes! When I realized what a stupid mistake I had made, I went back and luckily found everything, but my phone was the furthest thing from the road. It hit the ground hard and tumbled over 50 feet. If it weren’t for my Otterbox case, […]

from Jamie Hamill   01.23.15

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A Month in the Elements

Earlier this week, we found a brand new, lost iPhone 5S on our property. I immediately plugged it in to charge it. And although there was a little condensation on the inside of the OtterBox, I was surprised to see it appeared to be working fine. Unfortunately it was locked, and there was no way to identify the owner. Through the power of social media, and with the help of the service provider, I was finally able to track down the phone’s owner. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the phone had been lost outside over a MONTH ago! Over […]

from Carla Crotty   01.23.15

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Defender Series; Worth Every Penny

I am a doctor (obstetrician) and on January 5 was dashing to Fairfax Hospital to deliver a baby, who was coming very fast. I parked in the doctors’ lot and bolted across the street. A nurse, who was standing nearby shouted, “you dropped your phone!” I turned around and witnessed my Galaxy S4 being run over by the front and back tires of a car. The phone was facing up and was flipped over by the front tire. The back tire then ran it over while it was face down. I picked it up, turned it on and, to my […]

from James Kacedan, M.D.   01.09.15

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Confectionary Mishap

This past holiday I began to prepare my homemade confections as I have traditionally done for the past 20 years. My speciality, and the most difficult to make, is Peanut Brittle. This candy is especially dangerous because the sugary syrup has to reach a temperature of 300 degrees in order to achieve successful completion. As I was about to add the peanuts, I decided to take a photo to send to family. However, at the 260+ degree stage I dropped my iPhone encased in an OtterBox Defender Series into the molten syrup and watched it sink to the bottom of […]

from Lisa Best   01.09.15

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Thrill Seeker Phone

I have sworn by OtterBox Defender cases since my wife got her iPhone 3 many, many years ago. We’ve since had many more iPhones and a couple iPads protected with an OtterBox as soon as the phone came out of the box. The iPads have survived three busy kids and all their activities — and I even slipped with it at my kid’s baseball game once and it bounced off the concrete without any damage. Today, however, I was more impressed with your products than I ever expected. The other day my 13-year old daughter and I were riding roller […]

from Gavin DiMundo   01.09.15

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Besides the quality and the service on my iPhone Defender (which is stellar!), the company I work for has been using OtterBox cases made for the HP PDA’s and they have taken a lot of abuse, yet we haven’t lost a single PDA. As long as the OtterBox cases are available, you have a loyal customer!

from Ron O.   01.09.15

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