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I love the OtterBox Defender Series. I have a six year old that is VERY destructive and has broken a lot of electronics and other items, but since I’ve found OtterBox, we have not had to replace a phone or iPod.. We replaced three before we found these! It has even withheld him throwing the phone against the wall (which damaged the wall) but the phone is safe!!! I know I should not be happy about this but I am and I wanted you to know how much I love your products and tell everyone about them. I have six […]

from alicia   09.02.14

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Great Product

Hi I live in San Francisco and produce tech events. My daughter Elana, age 19, is a computer science college student at Johns Hopkins. I wanted to share with you a personal story about why I love OtterBox. Elana is very active, enjoys sports, is a trained as a paramedic, has a job in the digital media center, and participates in many other activities. Because she is in constant motion and always on her phone, she is constantly dropping her iPhone and cracking the screen. I was always having to repair or replace her phone which costs around $200 several […]

from Zahava Stroud   08.28.14

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Bouncing an iPad in Siberia

Montana State University insisted we take OtterBox Defender Series cases when checking out our iPad Mini’s. Three weeks later, half-way around the world, I was glad they had. My device held over a thousand photos and two weeks of notes. I had been out of touch with Wi-Fi, so I had no backups when I dropped it at the top of the stairs outside a farm house in Siberia. It somersaulted down the steps and landed on the concrete pad at the bottom. No damage. Nothing lost. Much appreciated.

from Bill Freese   08.28.14

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OtterBox Saved my Phone

While loading boxes in the back of my Yukon, I laid my iPhone, with the its’ OtterBox cover, on the bumper of my car. Forty minutes later, after driving up the interstate at 75 miles per hour and making many turns and stops, I arrived at my house. It was then that I realized I had left my phone on the bumper of the car!! I held my breath and walked to the back of the car. The phone was still there!!! I love that OtterBox!

from Beth Hefner   08.28.14

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One Otters Amazing Survival Story! My Compliments!

  Dear Otter Box, I have used your products for years.  This summer while riding on a roller coaster I was able to give your product a test of its endurance.  The phone fell from the roller coaster pictured below while on the loop.  The phone fell between the track and the rail.  You can see the yellow tire marks on the case.  The phone then dropped about 60 feet and hit the ground.  Despite all this, the phone works perfectly and is not damaged in any way.  The case took a beating. Thanks for making such a good product! […]

from James Ebrey   08.26.14

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I just ended a conversation and placed my phone, which is encased in an OtterBox case, on the window sill. It so happened to fall through the window. I am living on the third floor; When I retrieved the phone the case was slightly bruised and the phone was intact. This is the best case ever. It’s my second case and I will be buying more. I have been telling all my friends that it is worth every cent. Thanks

from Debrecca   08.26.14

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High Speed Impact!

I purchased an OtterBox for my new iPhone earlier this year. I was a little skeptical about paying over 40 dollars for it, but after today I am SUPER thankful! I placed my phone on top of my car and forgot I had put it there in the early morning hours (before coffee). After a few miles down the road, I heard a thump and remembered that I didn’t grab the phone off the top of the car. After hours of searching and using Apples’ “Find My iPhone,” I located it and found that it DIDN’T have a scratch on […]

from Sara Hotchkiss   08.26.14

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Never Would I have Believed it

Like so many, I was skeptical regarding the claims that OtterBox cases were indestructible. I am now a true believer. A few weeks ago, I was riding my motorcycle and while stopped at a light, decided to look at my messages. As the light was getting ready to change, I put my phone back on my belt clip and took off. About a half mile up the road, my bluetooth kept saying that it was out of range. I immediately checked and my phone was gone. I immediately turned around and went back looking for my phone, thinking all the […]

from John Hogue   08.26.14

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Miracles Exist

I went on The Bizarro roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. While on the ride, my phone flew out of my pocket and had to be launched from about 100 feet off the ground. Needless to say I thought my phone had exploded upon impact. Upon finding my phone days later, everything was surprisingly intact! Only a tiny scratch was present. Had I lost my phone, decades of building my music library would have been wasted. Thank you, OtterBox, for making miracles a reality.

from Ron Gullo   08.26.14


OtterBox Saves the Day

I am now a firm believer in OtterBox cases!!! After my afternoon run, I set my phone on top of the spare tire on my Jeep. I totally forgot about it until I got home and went to call my mom (two hours later). My wife and I looked and looked for it, thinking it would have fallen in the general area I left from. Nope!!! It made it 2.5 miles down the rode into someone’s front yard. Thanks to Android Device Manager (built into every Android device), I was able to GPS locate it within 15 meters. ADM also […]

from Ethan   08.26.14

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OtterBox Saved My iPhone!

When I walk my dog each day we cross a very busy street here in Toledo, Ohio, right in front of the Toledo Museum of Art. Yesterday on our usual walk, I crossed the street with my dog, Leroy, and without noticing, I dropped my phone. Now, our walks vary each day but on this day, we walked a total of about three miles. When I returned home and reached into my pocket for my iphone, I was horrified to discover it was missing! Leroy and I back tracked the entire way finally locating it in the middle of the […]

from Jane Petitjean   08.26.14

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My iPhone took a Swim…and Survived!

I was out enjoying an afternoon with friends on a lake near our house when it was time to dock and unload. My wife went to hand me my phone and, just like when I used to play baseball and football as a child, I fumbled the exchange and to the bottom of the lake the phone went. Instead of panicking…I took a deep breath and dove for the phone. Reaching around in the muck I found the phone fairly quickly and handed it to the folks on dry land, who immediately dismantled the OtterBox case and made sure the […]

from Michael SYNOR   08.26.14

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Sleeping with the Fishes

Three days ago i was heading out for a day on Lake Norman in Charlotte, North Carolina and brought along my phone. In the process of getting into the boat, my phone took a plunge into the crushing oblivion of Davey Jones’ locker. I jumped in right after it but was unable to find it due to the murky water. After finding goggles and spending 20 minutes searching, I located the phone, which I figured was only worth the cost of the case and the scrap metal. To my surprise, the phone what still on and searching for a signal. […]

from Benjamin Garlock   08.26.14

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Brilliant Product!

Whilst at a recent carnival/fair, I had left my phone in my inside jacket pocket when going on a ride that subsequently catapulted out when I was spinning upside-down and around in all directions. Upon retrieving my phone, not only was I relieved the unintentional missile didn’t hit anyone, I also saw the phone itself was undamaged! The only marks were a few minor scratches and scuffs on the case itself… I will definitely be buying an OtterBox for my next iPhone, the 6, when it’s released next month (hopefully a suitable case won’t be too far behind!!)

from Marty Molloy   08.26.14

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OtterBox Saved My Phone!

Hi there! So, I had quite the experience yesterday during the Chicago Air and Water Show with my phone and believe my OtterBox saved the day. I was at a viewing party at my friend’s 27th floor condo. While attempting to take an iPhone photo, the phone slipped out of my hands, bounced twice and ultimately, off the balcony. Us party-goers thought the phone was gone until another viewing party on a balcony 15 floors down signaled that the phone had landed on the 12th floor balcony next to them. After signaling the condo unit up to us and having […]

from Jennifer Gass   08.19.14

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