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OtterBox for Life

I got my iPhone 5S three years ago. After much research, I decided on the OtterBox Defender Series as I work in a manufacturing facility. On the second day of having my new case I was walking along and realized that my phone was not in my belt clip. I had not quite gotten the hang of clicking it in place and my phone had fallen on the floor about 75 feet behind me. As I started walking towards my phone, already nervous about dropping it on concrete, I saw a fork lift with a pallet of parts heading towards […]

from Brian Storts   02.18.15

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High Drop

I recently dropped my phone from the highest point on a famous roller coaster in Vegas. I wasn’t supposed to have it in my hands anyways, but when it fell I thought there is no way I would ever find it again. And should I be lucky enough to find it, there would definitely be no possibility of it being in one piece from that hight. Ten mins later someone called my wife’s phone from my number claiming they found my phone– I could not believe my luck! I got my phone back with a little dust on the cover […]

from Ewert   02.18.15

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iPhone Survives 45 Foot Drop to Concrete Floor.

So I’m a UPS driver. Everything we use takes abuse. From our bodies to our hats, jackets, boots, shoes and our devices, everything wears out in half the time it would take a normal working person to ruin these items. One day I’m entering an elevator on my route in Brookline, Massachusetts. I fumble my iPhone 5C, in its OtterBox case, and it falls into the gap between the elevator floor and the fourth floor, into the elevator shaft where it falls 45 feet to a concrete bottom. I bought this phone 36 days ago. I retrieved the phone today. […]

from Kurt Schatzl   02.18.15

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Another Functionality Test

So I discovered just how durable the Defender Series OtterBox cases are by involving it, and myself in a motorcycle accident. I was just leaving work, and was heading home on a rarely-traveled road just as the sun was rising. It being Florida, there were lots of bugs flying around along with the morning fog that had started burning off. So, I was traveling along this road and came upon three sets of railroad tracks. I’ve been down this road several times before, so I knew the road conditions. I, however, didn’t expect to get slammed by tons of bugs […]

from Dave Luttrell   02.18.15

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So Rare These Days

Not a fancy story, but a rare one these days. My belt clip broke while I was sitting next to my co-worker, and I said, “Well, looks like I’m going to go out and buy a new one.” My friend said, “Are you kidding? Contact OtterBox. They stand by their products.” I said to myself, “yeah, right.” But followed the simple instructions and in just a few days…I’m good to go. Did I share my wonderful experience on Facebook? Yep, and will I forever be a loyal customer. Absolutely positively…Yes! It sounds corny, but every opportunity I have, I will […]

from Ron & Susan Inatomi   02.16.15

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OtterBox Cases

I originally purchased the Defender Series case for my Galaxy 4. The case was exactly what I expected but a little big for me personally and not convenient to carry without a purse. But I was happy to know I had the protection so I kept it for a little over a year. My pet bird got ahold of my phone on the table one evening and started chewing. The great news is my case protected my phone — the case was chewed up but my phone was not damaged! Several months later I had to purchase a new phone […]

from Nancy Wilson   02.05.15

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Almost Catastrophic

Sixteen inches of snow is coming down and I’m in and out of the plow truck. It’s a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500HD 4WD that weighs about 7300 pounds. As i’m leaving the last stop my Bluetooth tells me the phone was out of range. I turned around and went back to the parking lot and the Bluetooth came back on. I got to where I was parked and saw the phone right in the tire path. It was dirty but worked. I took the OtterBox off, cleaned everything, and found the phone to be still like new and working perfect. […]

from Tom Murden   02.04.15

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18 Hours Burried in The Snow

February 1st 2015, Superbowl Sunday in Michigan, I had just gotten back to my brother-in-laws house after a Superbowl party and was out shoveling my car. We gotten over 12 inches of snow during the Superbowl and 18 inches in total. My phone fell out of my jacket pocket into the snow and I didn’t know. When I got home I realized I didn’t have my phone. I used the ‘Find iPhone’ app and could see it was at his house. It was snowing too hard to go back and get it and he had already gone to bed so […]

from Matt Hoch   02.03.15

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Serious Big Drop and Ran Over

Today my significant other and I were leaving the house to run errands. She forgot something in the house, so I went back to get the stuff she had left. I had my hands full when I returned to the car and placed my iPhone (in its OtterBox Defender Series) on the roof of the car. We got about 7 miles from our house when I heard something slam the side of the car. Startled, I looked in the rear view to see my cell phone hit the highway at about 50 MPH. I calmly said, “SH%$!!” We took a […]

from Clint Paxton   02.03.15

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OtterBox Survived Trains, Snow and Bitter Cold

A few weeks ago when the Washington DC area had a long stretch of exceptionally bitter cold weather, I found myself waiting on a packed outdoor train platform for more than 30 minutes when my Samsung Galaxy phone slipped out of my grasp. In an agonizingly long second or two, it bounced off the cement platform and fell five feet down onto the rail track bed. You could see the phone laying on the snow and ice, screen side up, just to the side of the rails. That night, after rush hour, I returned to the station to try to […]

from Stuart Simonm   02.03.15

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Great case. Great service.

I’ve had OtterBox cases before and loved every one of them. I bought the Defender Series case for my Blackberry Q10 last spring and found the fit to be perfect and the protection beyond compare. I can’t tell you how often my phone has hit the pavement. I wear it on my left, clipped to my belt and the bolster of my BMW sport seat often pops it loose. I never worry, though. A couple of months ago, while I was getting into the car, I snapped the belt clip off completely. The case was fine, but the holster wasn’t […]

from Paul Camelia   02.03.15

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OtterBox Work Phone Experience

A little while back on a call out to locate water lines for an emergency gas line repair, I had an experience that I wanted to share. I had this bad habit of keeping my phone on my lap and forgot about it when I jumped out of the truck at the scene. We got the lines located and we left. I dropped my supervisor off at her house in the country and went home. As per my usual routine, I went to plug my phone back into the charger but then realized there was no phone. When I got […]

from Karl Shane Wedekamm   02.03.15

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Found My Phone After 34 Days in the Snow.

I “misplaced” my Motorola Moto G phone just before Christmas. I checked the likely locations: under vehicle seats, jacket pockets, etc., but could not find it. Since I primarily use my work cell, I wasn’t too worried over it. Heading out to my truck yesterday (January 29, 2015), I happened to look down, and there was my phone, melted into the ice on my driveway. It was literally frozen in one and a half inches of ice. A recent warm spell had melted the snow and ice enough to expose it. I had driven my truck over and ran my […]

from Adam Veley   02.03.15

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Customer Service

I called about a problem I was having with the box.Within 30 minutes time they shipped another one. I have never, in my entire life, received such superior service. I was shocked and said this can not be true. I waited until it arrived and it knocked me off my feet. I was just one month away from my warranty being out. I thought there would be no way or  there would at least be lots of problems. Nope, not with them. I will support this company for the rest of my life. I will never be without MY BOX. […]

from Karen   02.03.15

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My OtterBox Clip Broke and I am still happy

I cannot claim to have dropped my protected phone off the empire state building or that it was run over by the buffaloes at a nearby buffalo farm. I had a broken belt clip. Yep, it broke… well at least a little piece came off. The phone was not damaged at all from the fall on the road outside our Big Box store. I had snagged the clip in the seat belt while exiting my truck– An elevated 4×4. That clip was subjected to some major stress as I jumped down. The OtterBox Defender Series case did its job and […]

from Kent MacDonald   02.03.15

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