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Sleeping with the Fishes

Three days ago i was heading out for a day on Lake Norman in Charlotte, North Carolina and brought along my phone. In the process of getting into the boat, my phone took a plunge into the crushing oblivion of Davey Jones’ locker. I jumped in right after it but was unable to find it due to the murky water. After finding goggles and spending 20 minutes searching, I located the phone, which I figured was only worth the cost of the case and the scrap metal. To my surprise, the phone what still on and searching for a signal. […]

from Benjamin Garlock   08.26.14

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Brilliant Product!

Whilst at a recent carnival/fair, I had left my phone in my inside jacket pocket when going on a ride that subsequently catapulted out when I was spinning upside-down and around in all directions. Upon retrieving my phone, not only was I relieved the unintentional missile didn’t hit anyone, I also saw the phone itself was undamaged! The only marks were a few minor scratches and scuffs on the case itself… I will definitely be buying an OtterBox for my next iPhone, the 6, when it’s released next month (hopefully a suitable case won’t be too far behind!!)

from Marty Molloy   08.26.14

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OtterBox Saved My Phone!

Hi there! So, I had quite the experience yesterday during the Chicago Air and Water Show with my phone and believe my OtterBox saved the day. I was at a viewing party at my friend’s 27th floor condo. While attempting to take an iPhone photo, the phone slipped out of my hands, bounced twice and ultimately, off the balcony. Us party-goers thought the phone was gone until another viewing party on a balcony 15 floors down signaled that the phone had landed on the 12th floor balcony next to them. After signaling the condo unit up to us and having […]

from Jennifer Gass   08.19.14

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Fantastic Service

Let me start by saying that OtterBox has an amazing product and has protected my mobile many times. After several months my “Defender Series” became loose fitting and it just didn’t have the tightness it had when I first purchased it. I called their warranty department and they gave me a no hassle experience. In fact, they went out of their way to make sure I received the new part I required in a matter of days! Love the product, love the service….Made me have an “Otteriffic” Day!

from Stephen   08.18.14

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The Drop of Doom.

So I take the kids to the theme park with the famous waving flags located in New Jersey on a beautiful August day. My son, 9, who has only ever been on kiddie rides, was anxious about getting on rides that had speed and drops. Since we were about to embark on a week long journey to the Florida parks with the mouse, I figured I would break him in locally first. We got to the park when it opened and it was rather empty so the lines were short. My strategy was to get him on the fastest, tallest […]

from John   08.18.14

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OtterBox is Amazing!

You guys are awesome! By the way, I’m an active cyclist and carry my phone in the OtterBox all the time. My phone bounced out of my biking clip a few months back while I was going over a bridge at about 18 MPH. When the phone hit the asphalt, it bounced like a bouncing ball, but thanks to OttterBox, both the phone and my OtterBox survived with no damage. Another biker behind me saw the whole thing happen and stopped to ask what kind of case I was using. When I told him OtterBox, he said that he was […]

from Micheal Dickenson   08.18.14

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OtterBox Clips

My belt clip broke. I bought a second one. Within days, the spring on that clip broke. I called OtterBox customer service. It was a very pleasant experience. They replaced both carriers and threw in the phone protector. WOW!!! I have never been treated this great on a complaint call. OTTERBOX–I am very pleased with your products!!!!! And I had new carrier clips in four days and they paid the shipping!! Unbelievably great company. I will always purchase from you. Thanks for great, friendly, and super fast service! Rock on!

from Dave Edde   08.18.14

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3 Feet of Water for 5 Hours!!!!!

I was in a meeting on Monday and came out of the meeting to a torrential downpour that completely flooded the parking lot. I ran as fast as I could through the rain to my car and when I got there my phone was gone! It had to have fallen out of my purse on the way to the car, and with the cracked screen, (dog bite, nothing any case could have prevented), I thought for sure it was ruined. I returned to the parking lot 2 hours later and it was still under water, so I had to come […]

from Shannon Sass   08.18.14

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Chew Toy

My father couldn’t find his phone. We later discovered his young labrador had taken it outside and was using it as a chew toy. Fortunately, I had purchased a Defender Series case (like mine) when he got the iPhone 5. The case was a little mangled and the built-in screen protector had scratches, but the phone was pristine. There was not even a slight blemish or scratch anywhere!

from Paul Miller   08.18.14

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Broken Belt Clip on Holster

On August 5, 2014, I contacted OtterBox indicating that the belt clip on my OtterBox holster for my Samsung Galaxy SIII was broken on one side. Within minutes I received an email confirmation that my case had been assigned an incident number and the customer service otters were working on my incident. On August 7th I received confirmation that my replacement holster was shipped. I received the replacement holster on August 9th. From start to finish, OtterBox attended to my request in a very professional and expedient manner. This has been one of my best customer service experiences in my […]

from Ric Pulkinen   08.12.14

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My Cell vs. Cujo

I was sitting in my chair by the fire pit and a dog fight broke out right next to me. To get to the fight quickly, I flipped over the table that had my phone on it, not to mention my morning coffee. After the fight got broken up, I began the hunt for everything that was on my table. I found my phone behind my chair. I looked at it, as we always do, to see if it was okay and noticed not one but two punctures: one on the front and one on the back. Somehow my phone […]

from Annette Harrison   08.12.14

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Absolutely Brilliant

Once upon a time, in a place far, far away (from USA), we bought our children iPad’s, IPod’s and Phones for their birthdays or Christmas. We also bought them available cases. Alas in no time, they inevitably cracked their screens and Santa had to keep paying “huge” money to replace their screens. One day, whilst “surfing” in Australia, their Dad stumbled upon a case with a very interesting name “OtterBox,” a bit like an Aussie “Platypus” (kind of… well not really). He got excited and started buying cases and also got free gifts as well. Now we are “Otter’ed” in […]

from Steve Hawthorn   08.12.14

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OtterBox iPhone case

It is no secret that little kids like to play with their parents’ phones. Our two year old, Tony, is no exception. While visiting the swimming pool in town, he decided to take my phone out of the swimming bag and make a run for it. As I chased him around, I could see the naughty gleam in his eye. No sooner did I say “don’t you dare”, did Tony wind up and throw my iPhone right into the pool. The phone sank to the bottom of the pool. Luckily, a lifeguard offered to get in and retrieve the phone. […]

from Josephine   08.12.14

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OtteBox iPhone Case

It is no secret that little kids like to play with their parents’ phones. Our two year old, Tony, is no exception. While visiting the swimming pool in town, he decided to take my phone out of the swimming bag and make a run for it. As I chased him around, I could see the naughty gleam in his eye. No sooner did I say, “don’t you dare,” did Tony wind up and throw my iPhone right into the pool, where it sank to the bottom. Luckily, a lifeguard offered to get in and retrieve the phone. It was in […]

from Josephine   08.12.14

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I left my iPhone 5s on my brothers bumper. He drove off and I went crazy looking for it, so I went to, logged in and FOUND MY iPHONE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!!!! I went to go get it and saw my iPhone laying face down. I got it and found there was not a single scratch on my iPhone. I was so happy!!! Of course my phone still works. The only damage was the OtterBox was a little bit scratched up. THE BEST PART IS THAT THE STREET IS A BUSY BUSY STREET!!!

from Lizzy Liera   08.12.14

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