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Customer Service

I called in a request to have my new case (Commuter Series) replaced and Sandra made the entire experience totally pain-free. Talking to a live person is one thing, but talking to someone with knowledge, and courtesy will always make me a customer of your products in the future.

from Greg Benning   04.11.14


Yesterday, I had my hands full getting things into my car. My phone, in its OtterBox, was one of the things I was carrying. Without my noticing, it fell under the car. Later I arrived home and just before going into the garage, looked to see if my phone was there and there it was right where the tire tracks were. The phone is fine and you can’t even tell that I ran over it with the car. I just love my OtterBox. Another time I also dropped it in the garage, and nothing happened to the case or phone.

from Karin Brooks   04.11.14

Kind of Amazing

We have purchased two OtterBoxes in our household, and I am so glad we did. This past Saturday, April 5th, we took our dogs for a walk. I had my iPhone 5 in my pocket. On our walk, we had to cross a busy road without a light, so my husband and I jogged our dogs across the road. I heard something hit the pavement, but there was a car coming, so I didn’t stop. When I reached the other side, I turned around just in time to see my cell phone get run over by a car. The impact […]

from    04.10.14

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Ran Over 30 Times

I was in the back of my friends pickup truck when it started to pour rain, so I jumped out of the truck and got into the back of his cab. About 15 minutes later I went for my phone and noticed it was missing. I have lookout Mobile Security and was able to locate my phone. It was on East Bay Road and Walsingham Road in Largo, Florida. When I got back to the scene, I found my phone had been ran over multiple times by vehicles in the turning lane and it was still pouring rain. I took […]

from Joseph   04.01.14

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OtterBox Saved Saved my iPhone from Brush Fire

Yesterday I was burning a pile of brush out at our lake home. I called the sheriff department to get a burn permit and started to burn on a calm day. As soon as I lit the brush the wind picked up and the fire quickly got out of control (burning 5-8 acres) so I called 911 for the fire department. In my rush to put my phone back on my belt clip, it didn’t fasten on and 10 min later as I continued to fight the fire and as it got close to nearby homes, I decided to call […]

from Paul Olinger   04.01.14

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Phone Was Left in Snow with Frigid Temperatures for Three Months

This winter in Michigan was one of the worst all time winters on record. My iPhone 5 fell out of my pocket one day and into the snow when we were plowing a parking lot. I didn’t expect to find the phone and if I did find it, I didn’t expect it to work. The OtterBox Defender Series did its job. The case was covered in salt, mud, dirt, snow and water but my phone still works, FLAWLESSLY! I can’t believe it. It was covered in about 6 feet of snow, survived a plow truck along with -30 degree temperatures! […]

from Gordon Hyde   04.01.14

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Otter Saved Me

I flipped over  the cover to my hot tub and apparently set phone on top of it along with a towel. When I was done, I grabbed the towel, shut the cover and went inside… Literally five minutes had gone by and I couldn’t find my phone, then I remembered I took it with me to the hot tub… I flipped open hot tub, and saw phone laying on bottom. I grabbed it out thinking the worst, popped my OtterBox cover off the phone and gave it a quick towel dry. Absolutely nothing wrong with phone at all… I was, […]

from Brad Williams   04.01.14

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Customer Service

I have to say OtterBox has some of the best customer service around. Ivana and Corrina were very helpful. I have two different OtterBox cases for Samsung phones and I had different issues with each- one is a Defender Series model and one is the Armor Series. I was asked to submit a photo of each and received brand new replacements within a few days, no questions asked and no receipts. Thank you so much OtterBox for your prompt and friendly service.

from Roman Wisniewski   04.01.14


One Tough OtterBox

How tough is an OtterBox? At the start of this year (2014) I was riding my motorcycle. I’m a Motor Officer and experienced one of the worst accidents you can have on a motorcycle. I entered the freeway and observed a vehicle pass me at a very high rate of speed. I was wearing cargo pants and my phone was inside of my right pant leg. I accelerated to catch up to the vehicle. I reached a speeds of over 100 MPH to catch the vehicle traveling at 100 MPH. My motorcycle went into a high speed wobble. I was […]

from Stephen H.   03.31.14

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So Happy

Good morning, I received my new belt clip and just wanted to say how thankful I am! I called only to ask if I could purchase just the belt clip because mine broke. Your customer service representative then explained to me that it is under warranty!!! She was so helpful and nice. It is nice to see that there are still companies out there that care! Within five business days my part arrived. I will purchase nothing other than Otter products for my devices! Again, thank you so very much. Sincerely, Rick Miller  

from Rick Miller   03.31.14

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Customer Service

I must say Eric Huber and Nicholas Blobum are the best. They was very helpful and took the time to understand my problem. After working in customer service myself before I retire I must say they are keepers.

from Maxine Knox   03.28.14

iPad Saved by OtterBox

In August of 2013, my iPad 3 was left outside of a Lowe’s store in Warwick, Rhode Island. I was in Providence before I realized that it was missing. Then it started to rain, very hard, torrential. The iPad was left in a shopping cart on an angle, in a Defender Series case and the water just rolled off of it. Total time in the rain was probably 1 1/2 – 2 hours. Thank goodness I had it in an OtterBox.

from Stuart Shapiro   03.28.14

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Survived the Ride!

It was a very busy day last March. I work A LOT during this part of the year and my girls are competitive dancers and it was picture day. I had to go to work and my rent needed to be dropped off. I was shoving costumes and kids in the van. I primped their costumes so they wouldn’t get wrinkled, checked my youngest daughters seat belt and hopped in. I drove to the local McDonald’s to feed the girls breakfast, then off to the dance studio. Once I arrived I hopped out and noticed paper sticking to the roof […]

from Susan Pulley   03.28.14

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Snow and -40 Degrees.

I just wanted to say how much I love your product! I lost my white phone in a white OtterBox case in the snow bank over 2 months ago. It was the dead of the coldest winter in a long time. I figured it was gone and replaced it. I found it and it still had its charge and still worked…. it shocked and blew me away that my phone still lived after being buried in -40 in a snow bank.

from erin   03.28.14

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Customer Service

I called customer service to ask about warranty coverage and I must say I have never talked with a more friendly, well spoken, helpful and refreshing person in my whole life. I could not believe how instantly this person made me feel comforted that they were there to do everything they could to make sure I was taken care of and made as happy as possible. Kendra- thank you for brightening my day. I only know you from your voice and the sparkling energy I received over the phone but you left me smiling for the rest of the day. […]

from Bruce christie   03.28.14

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