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OtterBox is Snow Proof, Ice Proof, Freezing Temps Proof

My son got an iPhone 5 last year and I quickly bought him a OtterBox case as I HAD ONE AND IT HAD SAVED MY PHONE FROM BREAKAGE AND CRACKED SCREENS MORE THAN A FEW TIMES. This winter in New York brought much snow, freezing temperatures and lots of ice! My son took his iPhone, in its’ OtterBox case that was always on his phone at all times (as I instructed he MUST DO TO KEEP HIS PHONE PROTECTED), as he went out one month ago to shovel the snow from in front of our home and our neighbors as […]

from adina moskowitz   03.13.15

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OtterBox Saves 911 Phone Calls of Victim in Drunken Crash

To whom it may concern: I would like to thank you for your incredible product, the OtterBox. On August 2nd, 2014 at 6:00 AM, my Dad was hit by a drunk driver. He was a pedestrian on an interstate after his horse trailer became unattached from his truck. While he was standing near his truck, a drunk driver crashed into the back of the truck. Unfortunately, with the impact so great (at 80 mph), the rearend of drunk’s SUV swung around after impact, and hit my Dad as he was trying to get out of her way. My Dad was […]

from Travis Heintzelman   03.13.15

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OtterBox Survives 23 Hours & 75+ Trains

What can I say? The OtterBox saved my phone. On a Wednesday evening (3/10), I dropped my phone from a raised platform at Secaucus Station (NJ) onto the train tracks. To be safe I obviously didn’t go get it and my phone sat there. And sat there. In the rain. And sat there, as over 75 trains ran atop it in nearly 23 hours. I had given up all hope in recovering my phone, let alone it working again. Well, I finally recovered my phone (thanks to NJ Transit) and not only is it in one piece, it’s working just […]

from Terence Morley   03.13.15

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Really? Come On..

After starting a new job, I went to get lunch at a local fast food restaurant. I quickly returned and went to the rest of the classes required. After the class, I had several hours to work before I went to use my phone when I realized it was missing. I backtracked every step without recovery of the Apple 6 phone. I tried again the next day and was just making a claim for a lost phone when I got a call, on my office phone, from my wife. Amazed, she told me she had just picked the phone up […]

from Kenneth   03.13.15

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I Should just Cancel my Phone Insurance.

I work for a tree service. At the end of today we parked the truck with the chipper in the company yard and as we where locking everything up I saw my HTC One on top of the chipper. We had been up and down steep hills, on ramps, freeway, off ramps, etc. What’s more amazing is that the top of the chipper isn’t like most peoples cars that are somewhat clean; it’s very dirty and the OtterBox bumper still held it in place. Maybe I should cancel my phone insurance… Thanks, OtterBox!!

from Erik Taylor   03.13.15

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Loved Ones

I wanted to send you a note concerning the OtterBox I have on my Samsung phone.  On February 27th I was in my vehicle when another vehicle crossed the middle of the road and struck and destroyed my truck. I sustained a very significant leg injury and spent four days in the hospital. To my point, my head struck and broke the driver’s side window.  At this time, the phone was thrown from the truck and landed in the road. Once the phone was retrieved and given to me it worked perfectly. I actually heard it ring and realized then […]

from Al Pollard   03.12.15

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Still in Shock

I owe my iPhone 4s’ life to the OtterBox Commuter Series case! Back story: I went rock climbing outdoors this weekend and when I was coming back down from a climb my phone fell out of my pocket, falling 40 feet, where it bounced off a rock and fell into a hole. My friend put on his headlamp and went to work excavating first the half of the OtterBox case that blew off, and then fishing out the actual phone– which was completely unscathed and functional. I will dedicate all my phones’ lives to OtterBox. Pictures below for reference.

from Jocelyn Lam   03.12.15

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I stopped for lunch the other day and afterwards placed my phone on the roof of my car to take off my jacket. Of course I got into the car and left the phone on the roof. I was doing about 70 m.p.h down the freeway when I heard something bounce along my roof. I looked in the rearview to see my phone doing cartwheels down the freeway, where it then jumped up and slammed into the grill of a pick up truck behind me. The phone shot up and into the median…..smashing for sure!! The next day I got […]

from Eric Ball   03.02.15

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I was Amazed!!

I left for work at 5 a.m. and it was still dark. The lights in my garage door had gone out, so I turned the flashlight on my phone so I could see. I also had a bag of trash in my hands, so I put my phone on top of my car (flashlight still on but facing down) walked around the side of the garage, dumped my trash and promptly got into my car and started off to work. The road to the freeway has a speed limit of 55 m.p.h, so of course I was going 60. All […]

from Karen R.   02.26.15

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Phone was Ran Over by a Few Cars

I was doing a job that was dealing with traffic. I was on my phone when a few cars had pulled up to the closure I was working at, so I went to put my phone on the clip. Five minutes rolled by and I realized I couldn’t find my phone. I checked every pocket, my clip, everywhere! So I started to back-track where I could’ve dropped it at. When I looked down the street I could see my phone being ran over. I jogged over there, praying my screen wasn’t cracked or broken after the last car drove pasted, […]

from Eric Doucette   02.26.15

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OtterBox Rocks

I purchased my first smartphone (I guess it’s called) about a week ago. Got home & took my Defender Series out of the box to assemble everything. All was going well until I got to the screen protector. Being new to this I had all kinds of problems putting it on. When I did finally get it on, I couldn’t get all the bubbles out of it and then realized it wasn’t just air but I guess I got some dirt on it and it was pretty ugly –I couldn’t get rid of the spots. I contacted OtterBox to see […]

from Rob Strong   02.26.15

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Drop of Death!

A week after I got my new iPhone I dropped it down a crane shaft on the 9th floor at work. Half an hour later I found it on the 6th floor out of the case about 20 feet from the shaft. Everything looked okay, so I put it all back together and 4 years later the same phone and OtterBox are still working great. I can see why OtterBox offers such a great warranty.

from John Daniel   02.26.15


I Can’t Believe my Phone Still Works!

I’m a police officer and was working in the aftermath of a snow storm last week. I was out of my car at an intersection, where we were waiting on a tow truck to pull a truck out of the ditch. My Samsung Galaxy S4 was in an OtterBox Defender Series which was clipped to my duty belt. I didn’t realize that it had fallen off my belt until I was a mile down the road. When I got back to the intersection, there was a snow plow truck clearing snow from the intersection. My heart sank… I figured my […]

from Ed Shouse   02.23.15

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Through a snowblower and still working!

New England has had a huge amount of snow this year. My Fiance works at Cape Cod Dairies and he has had to shovel vast amounts of snow. He had just finished pushing some snow off the roof when he briefly took his phone out of his pocket to check a message. He replaced the phone back into his pocket in his coveralls. My fiance dropped his cell phone (in an OtterBox case) into a snow bank and without knowing it, sucked it up into the snow blower and the phone crashed against the building… The phone is perfectly fine. […]

from Lisa DeMello   02.23.15

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Best warranty service in North America?

My OtterBox Defender Series broke– the movable portion of the belt clip. I followed the instructions on the warranty page, sent the photo as requested, and had a replacement by FedEx in four days! Best customer service ever.

from Ed Macnab   02.23.15

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