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Replacement Case

I called OtterBox today about my case that broke and I talked to a girl named Aubree Moore. I must say she was most helpful, patient and very polite. Would like to let her supervisors know that she was very nice, very polite most helpful. You could use her to train other people! Once again, thank you OtterBox!

from James A Fuhrmesiter   01.09.15

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AWESOME Product!

I left work with a bunch of crap in my arms and set my phone down on the hood of the car while loading everything up. Unfortunately, I walked around the rear of the car and forgot the phone. I left work, got on the highway, and got up to 70 MPH. I then noticed something out of the corner of my eye fly from the hood of my car. I looked in my mirror, and saw my phone bouncing along the highway. I went up to the next exit, and came back in search of my phone, expecting the […]

from Chuck Handy   01.09.15

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Ran Over by a Car and Survived

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a Defender Series case. I accidentally dropped my phone in the snow without realizing it. I found it in a tire track left by my friend who left after I had dropped it. I picked it up and wiped off the snow. There was no snow inside the case, but there were no cracks or scratches on the phone. I was very happy to see that. If I had to rate the case, I would give it a 100 out of 10.

from Ethan Seale   01.09.15

LOVE your Case

So I got your case last year when I bought my Note 3, it’s the rubber one with the hard plastic overlay. I have dropped it a couple of times off and on, mostly from my hand to the floor or from my desk to the cement floor. I have even dropped it and it slid across the parking lot. Well today I was so impressed with it I had to do a review. I live on the second floor of an apartment. I pulled out my phone at the top of the stairs and it slipped out of my […]

from Adam   01.09.15

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Impressive Warranty

As a heavy equipment operator in the construction industry, I have encountered every weather condition there is and when we started carrying cell phones with us years ago, they too have encountered less than favorable conditions. When I would drop my phone or run it over with an excavator, it would be my baby to replace. Believe me, it happened more than once and was very expensive. then, along came the OtterBox, which was recommended to me by a friend when I purchased my first smart phone. I have dropped it, dunked it and even thrown it and it has […]

from Ian Oncea   01.09.15

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OtterBox Protection

Last week while leaving church I put my iPhone on the roof of my car and drove off. Using my phone finder, I received a call from someone who had just found my cell. He had just observed another vehicle drive over it. He stopped and thought it was destroyed but when he picked up the phone it was intact. Except for multiple tire tracks on the case, no damage was done to the phone. THANK YOU, for making such a fantastic product that protects expensive equipment. I had recommended you before but now shout about your protection. I even […]

from David W. Poissant   01.09.15

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OtterBox Quality and Warranty Service

I have been using OtterBox protectors for my cell phones since I moved beyond the flip phones. I recently and only temporarily needed to use another phone with another brand of protector, and I laughed at it when I picked it up. It was obviously a flimsy piece of junk and a markedly inferior product for its intended purpose. I have now needed to return two Otterbox Defenders — one for each of my Droid Maxx phones. Design and toughness are absolutely outstanding, and the failures definitely were not the fault of OtterBox. I actually hooked the clip into a […]

from Ellis C. Counts, Ed.D.   01.09.15

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iPad Air Defender: Worthy of it’s Name

Now… I’ve been using OtterBox cases for years. I won’t trust any other brand to protect my devices. That being said, I never really needed it beyond some drops; until yesterday. I was taking off Christmas lights from my apartment, on the 8th floor, and stupidly put my iPad on the ledge briefly while it was playing music. My three year old came out and tried to grab it from above, and it went the other way unfortunately. I saw it fall in slow-motion, thinking my iPad was a goner. Well, I went down to the ground floor (90ft below). […]

from Colin   01.09.15

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Otterbox Defender Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

There is absolutely no question that the Otterbox Defender Series case that I bought for my device completely saved it from demise. I was at work and had my phone clipped inside my overall bib front pocket with the holster. I was pulling on chain falls and the pressure accidentally projected my phone out of my pocket and into the open shaft below. I was three floors up in the air….my phone fell three floors into an open shaft onto a concrete floor in two feet of water!!!! I didn’t even go down to get it as I was certain […]

from DK Cronin   01.09.15

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Great Review!

This evening I received my Otterbox Graphic Defender for my IPhone 6. I ordered on-line, the case with what appeared to be black with white dots on the monitor screen. When it arrived I was sad that it was actually a purplely navy color. I called and spoke with Brienna who was very helpful and kind and who thought a supervisor might be able to find a better solution. She turned me over to Greg, who was outstanding. He found a solution that qualifies as one of the classiest customer service responses I have ever received. I am truly grateful […]

from Dr. Marian LaMonte   01.09.15

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Compliment for Ayla

Good day, good health, and peace in the Universe! I thank you, OtterBox, for allowing me this moment. I have had your products for years, and they have on many occasions defended the safety of my iPhone, along with the devices of my family members. There is sincere appreciation! Today, I had the opportunity to communicate with your representative, Ayla. From the moment of Ayla’s greeting, I could feel she was a good listener. I shared how my belt clip piece had broken. I shared that I had contacted OtterBox in the past, and how¬†the belt clip was important, as […]

from Louis Cohen   01.09.15

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Saved Me!

As a long time customer I always knew one day my OtterBox would save me. I left my phone on top of my car today, then I drove off down the street. I just happened to look in my mirror and see it fly off the car and land RIGHT ON ITS’ CORNER, roll a few times and then slide about ten feet on its’ back! Death sentence for a phone…without an OtterBox! Jumped out of my car, picked it up and didn’t even find ANY damage!! A new Galaxy S5 would have been $600 bucks. THANK YOU OTTERBOX!

from Sean Burke   01.09.15

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Outstanding product and superb customer service…Thank you for the prompt attention! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from The Great Smoky Mountains National Park.. Best wishes, William Harper

from William H. Harper   01.09.15

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I have an OtterBox case for my Moto X. One day, it accidentally came off my belt and fell under the front tire of a bus. I didn’t realize it and before I did, I had run over it. I backed the bus up and checked the phone. There was no visible damage to the phone( ie:no cracked screen or scratches). The phone wouldn’t make or receive calls but would do everything else like text and get internet access. The case was virtually unharmed, except now the phone doesn’t secure very well into the holster. I was impressed at the […]

from joe damron   01.09.15

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Success Story; Christmas Miracle

This past Saturday I was cooking on the grill. I turned and laid my cellphone on the bumper of my Fiancee’s vehicle that was nearby. She goes to work early because she wants to stop at the grovery store first. About 20 minutes after she left for work, I realize my phone was left on the bumper of her truck. I began looking along the street thinking the phone had fallen off while she was driving. I checked all through the neighborhood and on the highway nearby but I didn’t see it. I called her at work and ask her […]

from Christopher Morning   12.22.14

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