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OtterBox Ion Intelligence

While working, my husband dropped his iPhone 4s that was protected by the iON Intelligence Defender Series case. When he realized it was missing, he discovered it had been run over by an 18-wheeler truck. He just knew the phone was destroyed, but he was pleasantly surprised to find that there wasn’t a scratch on his phone. The case was a little dinged up, but the phone worked perfectly. He has since upgraded to the iPhone 5 and the new Resurgence case. He is loving it as well, but hopes to keep it out of the path of 18-wheelers!

from Jennifer Thomas   10.09.14

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Buried in Snow!

To whom it may concern, I am writing this to inform OtterBox of how satisfied I am with your product. I purchased an iPhone 4s in the fall of 2011. I also bought an OtterBox Defender Series for it. I work as a Police Officer in a small city in Connecticut where most co-workers also have iPhones and OtterBoxes. In February 2013 I worked the midnight shift during the height of the biggest blizzard of the century. We got over 3 feet of snow in 24 hours. During the shift my Lt. and I went to headquarters for equipment. Unbeknownst […]

from Thomas Wardowski   10.09.14

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I was leaving work on a Sunday afternoon. I had taken my phone out of my pocket and put it on the roof of my car while placing my jacket in the back seat. I forgot about the phone and left to head home with the phone on top of the car. I was driving down the street and heard a loud cluck at the back of my car. I then realized it was my phone…. I looked back and saw my phone with it’s OtterBox bouncing down the street. I quickly turned around to retrieve the phone hoping it […]

from William Russell   10.09.14

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I just want to say, that I was out a couple weeks ago and misplaced my phone. I couldn’t find it for four days. I finally tracked it down. I found my phone outside in some bushes and it still worked perfectly. It had rained twice in those four days. It’s all due to the OtterBox I bought for my iPhone 4S that it still worked. Best investment I’ve ever made. Right on.

from Bob Griff   10.09.14

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Best Case on the Market Today

First off id like to say thank you, OtterBox, for making the best case hands down on the market today. Recently I had an electrical fire in my work truck. Luckily for me I had spent the extra money and purchased a Defender Series case. “Wow!”, is all I can say. It seems that pictures speak a thousand words this should say it all… Keep in mind zero damage to the phone.

from Ed Johnson   10.09.14

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One Tough Case

On vacation this year riding motorcycles down in North Carolina. I had my Samsung S5 in an OtterBox Defender Series and it came out of the handlebar mount. I was listening to music when I felt something hit my leg and the music stopped. I looked in my rearview and saw the box rolling end to end down the highway. I stopped as quick as I could and ran back to where the phone laid, expecting to see a broken phone. The phone was working and there was no damage to the phone after that tumble. The OtterBox had three […]

from Kevin Reitz   10.09.14

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OtterBox Worked for Me

Without realizing it, I dropped my OtterBox-protected iPhone 5 on the floor of my garage while getting into my car. Only after I had pulled the car out did I spot the phone. It was lying face down on the concrete. The back of the case had the print of the tire’s tread across it. Thanks to the OtterBox, my phone had survived and was in perfect working order! The only trace of the incident was a dozen or so tiny puncture-like scratches in an adhesive protective film that I had applied to the glass screen. There was no damage […]

from Stephen Fry   10.09.14

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Motorcycle Ride

I just wanted to take a minute and compliment you guys on what a great product you make. I have an iPhone 5 with the Commuter Series case. I was going for a ride out on a country back road on my motorcycle. I went to pull the phone out of my pocket as I was riding, and it caught on part of my pocket where it then went flying down the road at about 40 MPH. I thought that for sure my phone was shattered and ruined. I stopped, turned around and went to pick up the phone. With […]

from Nick   10.09.14

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Bike Mishap

My husband and I were away this past weekend at the shore. We were out for a bike ride and I took my phone out to take a picture. Dummy me, did not put my phone back in my purse but instead just dropped it in my bike basket. I went up a curb that was higher than I thought and my phone bounced out of my basket and on to the ground. As if that wasn’t enough, I ran over the phone with my bike! I jumped off but was scared to death to pick up the phone. No […]

from Lisa Brems   10.09.14

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OtterBox Case

18 months ago I was loading propane into a set of B-train tractor trailers. As I was about to get in truck I heard my phone ring. I stepped out of truck to takw the call and when I was done I put it in my pocket of overalls, went in, got my paperwork and returned to the truck. I took off the overalls, got in and left. About 20 miles away, I realized that my phone was missing and went back to the terminal to retrieve it. I had driven over it with about 120,000 lbs and believe that […]

from Greg. bowler   10.09.14

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Survived the Wreck

A fellow rider used to tell me that he used OtterBox and had his phone fall off his bike on the interstate. When he went back to get it the phone was completely fine. About a month ago I was in a motorcycle wreck trying to stop behind traffic on the same highway and my phone went flying along with me. I know I rolled several times and skidded after that, I don’t know how how far the phone went but it was returned to me immediately after the wreck without a scratch. I was able to get people at […]

from Joe Lipp   10.09.14

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iPhone 4 Cover

It was the morning of January 14, 2014. I was walking down the hill to the hangar where I work at Cushing Regional Airport. As I reached the bottom of the slope, I instinctively moved my hand to my side where I kept my iPhone 4 in its trusty OtterBox case clipped to my belt. No phone. I frantically began searching, retracing my steps, even borrowing a metal detector in my quest to locate it. I walked up and down the hill, dialing its number with my work phone, when I suddenly realized that I had left it on silent. […]

from Jonathan Bogan   10.09.14

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OtterBox Rules!

My iPhone fell about forty feet into a waterway at a rapid speed and I thought my phone was ruined. I went into the waterway and picked it up and it worked! I will only buy OtterBox in future!

from Russell Warren Townsend   10.09.14

Defender Series Truly Defends

I am a true believer in the OtterBox Defender Series. I have an iPhone 4 and cannot survive without it so I have a Defender Series protecting it. The other day while getting into my car, I put my phone on the top of my car and drove off without taking it down. About five miles from home, I heard a clunk and didn’t realize what it was, thinking I might have just hit something in the road. After arriving at work, I couldn’t find my phone and thought I had left it at home. When arriving at home later […]

from Kim Pommier   10.09.14

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Great Company

I just wanted to say that these cases are amazing in their ability take one nasty beating over a period of four years. Even when the case legitimately wore out and became loose fitting around my Galaxy S3 and I contacted OtterBox and even though the warranty was far expired, to my surprise they sent me a brand new case via FedEx, totally free of charge. They also sent me the entire assembly, not just the piece I needed, and it was here in four days!! Truly an amazing product and amazing company all around!! If more companies were like […]

from Jeff   10.09.14

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