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OtterBox — A Must Have

OtterBox saved the day AGAIN. I left my phone, which was protected by the OtterBox Defender Series on the roof of someone’s car who was dropping me off somewhere. It was 7:00 at night. Once I realized what had happened, I knew it would be nearly impossible to recover it, as the person who dropped me off was headed somewhere 25 miles away. I gave up my search and once home, I ordered a new phone. I didn’t think about using the “Find My Phone” App until a friend suggested it the next morning. Voila!! My phone was shown to […]

from Barbara Cohen   10.09.14

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iPhone’s Favorite Phone Case

I’ve had far to many moments where i’ve thought to myself, “Wow. I’m glad I have an OtterBox.” I recently unknowingly ran over my phone at work with a machine weighing well over 1,000 lbs. and my iPhone didn’t have a scratch. The OtterBox Commuter Series took the full weight. Although it didn’t survive it kept the precious cargo safe. I’ll be buying a OtterBox for my iPhone 6 and every phone after it.

from Nikk Adams   10.09.14

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Quality of Service

My belt clip broke and I sent in the warranty claim. The service was very fast. I received my new clip & case within about three days. That’s what I call service. A lot of other companies could learn from OtterBox.     Graham Jones

from Graham Jones   10.09.14

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Awesome Case — OtterBox Defender Series

On Monday morning as I was taking my kids to school, something flew up and hit the corner of my windshield and went flying off the car, bouncing down the highway at 50 MPH. Much to my dismay, I realized it was my phone — I had left it on the hood of my car. I hurriedly turned around and went to get it. It landed face down in the lane of oncoming traffic. We picked it up and were amazed! My OtterBox Defender Series case was barely scuffed and my iPhone was in perfect condition — no scratches, cracked […]

from Christine   10.09.14

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During a particularly busy afternoon, I was loading groceries in my truck. True to form I put my iPhone on the bumper, then promptly forgot about it. Later, after a panicky period of time to locate my phone a good samaritan met with me to return my phone. She told me she saw three different vehicles run over the phone in the middle of a very busy street, and that she considered not trying to retrieve it because she thought it was toast. Much to her surprise, and mine, the phone was intact. The only damage was some stretching and […]

from Lynn Archbold   10.09.14

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OtterBox Saved my Phone!

My husband and I were at a Bikefest this weekend. As we were riding (at about 78 MPH) down the highway, my phone fell out of my jacket, and bounced across the highway. I was horrified! We pulled over, and my nephew, who was riding behind us, pulled up beside us. He had stopped on the highway and picked my phone up. Because of my OtterBox, my phone was not damaged at all! One corner of the case has a flat spot, but the phone is perfectly fine! Yay, OtterBox!!!!

from Rebecca Day   10.09.14

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75 MPH? No Problem

So my wife left my iPhone on the trunk of our car. I was going down I-81 at 75 MPH when it fell off the trunk of my car. With the help of “Find my iPhone” we found it on the side of I-81. The case is a little scratched up, but the phone was in PERFECT condition! I like OtterBox!

from Jeff Chanter   10.09.14

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I still have a 3G iPhone and I have had the same OtterBox since I got the phone. We are big Harley Davidson riders and I had my phone charging via USB cord and lighter converter, plugged in. We hit a bump and I saw my husband try to grab the phone as we are going about 70 MPH down a highway… Next thing I know I see my phone bounce as high as me on the road– I was just devastated. We turned around and all I see is a piece of my OtterBox laying in the middle of […]

from Tina   10.09.14

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OtterBox Ion Intelligence

While working, my husband dropped his iPhone 4s that was protected by the iON Intelligence Defender Series case. When he realized it was missing, he discovered it had been run over by an 18-wheeler truck. He just knew the phone was destroyed, but he was pleasantly surprised to find that there wasn’t a scratch on his phone. The case was a little dinged up, but the phone worked perfectly. He has since upgraded to the iPhone 5 and the new Resurgence case. He is loving it as well, but hopes to keep it out of the path of 18-wheelers!

from Jennifer Thomas   10.09.14

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Buried in Snow!

To whom it may concern, I am writing this to inform OtterBox of how satisfied I am with your product. I purchased an iPhone 4s in the fall of 2011. I also bought an OtterBox Defender Series for it. I work as a Police Officer in a small city in Connecticut where most co-workers also have iPhones and OtterBoxes. In February 2013 I worked the midnight shift during the height of the biggest blizzard of the century. We got over 3 feet of snow in 24 hours. During the shift my Lt. and I went to headquarters for equipment. Unbeknownst […]

from Thomas Wardowski   10.09.14

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I was leaving work on a Sunday afternoon. I had taken my phone out of my pocket and put it on the roof of my car while placing my jacket in the back seat. I forgot about the phone and left to head home with the phone on top of the car. I was driving down the street and heard a loud cluck at the back of my car. I then realized it was my phone…. I looked back and saw my phone with it’s OtterBox bouncing down the street. I quickly turned around to retrieve the phone hoping it […]

from William Russell   10.09.14

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I just want to say, that I was out a couple weeks ago and misplaced my phone. I couldn’t find it for four days. I finally tracked it down. I found my phone outside in some bushes and it still worked perfectly. It had rained twice in those four days. It’s all due to the OtterBox I bought for my iPhone 4S that it still worked. Best investment I’ve ever made. Right on.

from Bob Griff   10.09.14

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Best Case on the Market Today

First off id like to say thank you, OtterBox, for making the best case hands down on the market today. Recently I had an electrical fire in my work truck. Luckily for me I had spent the extra money and purchased a Defender Series case. “Wow!”, is all I can say. It seems that pictures speak a thousand words this should say it all… Keep in mind zero damage to the phone.

from Ed Johnson   10.09.14

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One Tough Case

On vacation this year riding motorcycles down in North Carolina. I had my Samsung S5 in an OtterBox Defender Series and it came out of the handlebar mount. I was listening to music when I felt something hit my leg and the music stopped. I looked in my rearview and saw the box rolling end to end down the highway. I stopped as quick as I could and ran back to where the phone laid, expecting to see a broken phone. The phone was working and there was no damage to the phone after that tumble. The OtterBox had three […]

from Kevin Reitz   10.09.14

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OtterBox Worked for Me

Without realizing it, I dropped my OtterBox-protected iPhone 5 on the floor of my garage while getting into my car. Only after I had pulled the car out did I spot the phone. It was lying face down on the concrete. The back of the case had the print of the tire’s tread across it. Thanks to the OtterBox, my phone had survived and was in perfect working order! The only trace of the incident was a dozen or so tiny puncture-like scratches in an adhesive protective film that I had applied to the glass screen. There was no damage […]

from Stephen Fry   10.09.14

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