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OtterBox Saved Phone

Just this past weekend as my boyfriend and I were traveling, he set his phone on top of the car and drove off. We were traveling through a small town in central Texas, where the speed limit was only 30 MPH. However, upon reaching the outskirts, the speed changed to 50 MPH and at that moment we heard something hit the trunk. First we thought it was something that we ran over, then we thought it was my purse, but it suddenly hit us that it could be his phone. We quickly U-turned and went back to where we heard […]

from Theresa   07.07.14

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Lost iPad Mini in The Snow

My son lost his iPad Mini that had an OtterBox cover somewhere between the exterior school wall and about 12 feet of snow. It was outside for about a month and when we found it, it still had 4% of battery life. I recommend OtterBox cases for your devices.

from Edward Shecanapish   07.07.14

Warrenty Replacement

I use my phone on the job site constantly. It has taken several falls with never a bit of damage to my Note 3. Recently for some reason, the stand clips to my holster broke when I tried to use it. I contacted OtterBox with my concern and also mentioned that the plastic screen shield was somewhat scratched. They quickly replied and explained their return procedure. To my surprise, they sent me the entire case not just the holster. Thank you, OtterBox. Nothing else will be protecting my phones. The Defender Series is all the protection a phone ever needs […]

from Mike Chapman   07.07.14

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Great Service

I bought my phone 6 months ago. I recently took it to the river for pictures where it feel out of my pocket onto the rocky river bed. The fall completely split the back of the case in half. My phone of course was safe. When I got my free replacement today and went to change the screen protector I realized just how much damage it saved my screen from as well!

from Allegra Riscoe   07.07.14

Thank you! Well Worth the Research and Wait

After doing a lot of research into the best cases for tablets, I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (first tablet I have owned so probably being a bit precious). I read nearly every review on the internet (I am sure my family thought I was going mad by the amount of time I spent doing this…) I then decided that the OtterBox Defender Series was the one. Of course it had to be the Glacier color that was not yet available so I had waited.  Within less than a week of ordering I have my new case, […]

from Sarah   07.07.14

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Only Case I Ever Needed!

I received the Droid X2 for my birthday back in 2011. Along with it, I got the OtterBox Defender Series case and have never needed another! I previously had HORRIBLE luck with phones. I had the enV Touch and had to replace it 6 times!! With the OtterBox Defender Series, my phone has been thrown into a brick wall, a road, the ground, doors, and even at people, and the phone still worked perfectly! That case protected the phone for three years and it’s still going. Now, I have finally upgraded to an iPhone 5c and it is wearing an […]

from Allie Clark   07.07.14

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OtterBox Defender Series

I never write these stories, but felt compelled to share this one. I live in Texas, and ride a Harley on a weekly basis with the local HOG chapter. Our rides usually are 50 to 100 miles plus, only to reach a destination that’s maybe 20 or so miles from our starting point. June 28, 2014 was no exception. We rode about 80+ miles on a lunch trek. When we arrived, I noticed my iPhone was missing from its belt clip. NOTE – This was due to MY OWN fault, as one of the laces on the side of my […]

from Mike LaGarce   07.07.14

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Fantastic Product

When I purchased my iPhone, my children strongly suggested that I purchase an OtterBox, but I said that it seemed expensive. Well I was wrong, because it saved my phone. Here is what happened: On my way home from the store, I was turning a corner and I heard a thump several times under my vehicle, then an item popped up in my rearview mirror, maybe a couple of feet. I said, “what the heck?” So I pulled over, parked the car, and went back to see what it was. IT WAS MY IPHONE!!! UNBELIEVEABLE! Apparently I had placed my […]

from RAY LAPLANTE   07.07.14

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OtterBox for iPhone

The OtterBox is the best product out there! It is worth every penny to protect your investment. I had left my phone on the roof of my car. It flew off at around 45 MPH. I turned around to get it before someone ran over it and it was in perfect condition!!

from Lisa B.   07.07.14


OtterBox Saved my iPhone from Being Ran Over by A Car!

I ride a motorcycle, and I keep my iPhone in my pocket. On my way in to work riding at about 35 MPH in heavy traffic, I heard something clatter behind me and tried to catch a glimpse from my rear view mirror. I feared the worst, but couldn’t just hit the brakes and stop traffic. I rode up to the next stoplight just over a hundred yards away and parked my motorcycle along the curb to check my pockets.  Sure enough, my phone was gone. As I jogged back to the spot of the clatter in 110° heat with […]

from Daniel J. Lloyd   07.07.14

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Great Customer Service

I called OtterBox on Thursday to submit a claim for a replacement OtterBox. I was so pleased with the assistance I received from Amanda. She was very warm and friendly and knew exactly what I needed and how to do it. She submitted my claim and explained what would happen next. Good customer service will keep me a loyal customer for life. I hope Amanda is appreciated at your company and is soon up for a big raise! Keep up the good work.

from Susan Smith   07.07.14

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iPhone Survives Motocross Track

I decided, what I thought to be a great idea, to strap my OtterBox Defender Series encased iPhone to the front number plate of my KTM 505 sxf and run the super cross track. I kept my eye on the phone for a while and it seemed my crazy rigged strap would keep the phone in place, but about three laps later and 15 or so more jumps, I pulled up to my trailer and surprise, no phone! I started freaking out and my son and I started looking all over the track for it. It was a busy day […]

from Ron Alligood   07.07.14

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So Amazing You Won’t Believe It!!

I don’t ever write on blogs for any reason at all, but what happened to me today is so incredibly unreal that I needed to post it. I have an iPad mini with a pink OtterBox case on it. I put the iPad on the trunk of my car while I ran something into the house. When I got in the car I just drove off to my destination. When I arrived at my destination, three miles away, I got out of the car and my iPad was still in the same place I left it….on my trunk!!! I completely […]

from Kendra   07.07.14

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iPhone 5s

I bought the Defender Series for my iPhone 5s, actually the it was an older Defender Series without the ability to use the fingerprint scanner, which I never use anyhow. I LOVE it. It’s little bulky but that is actually what I want. Sturdy, extreme build quality, and most importantly it’s grip-friendly. Rubber along the outside so it does not slip. I have OtterBox Defender Series cases for four of my different devices and they just work. Like a ring. You don’t carry a diamond bare – you put it in a ring

from Magnus Laubenstein   07.07.14

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Warranty Replacement

I just can say, “WOW!” What a service. My holster accessory for my belt broke and I expected to have to buy a new one, but OtterBox being OtterBox just replaced it at no costs at all. Great service and great products helping me protect my iPhone. Thanks a lot!

from Olaf Wozniak   07.07.14

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