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My iPhone 4 Survived a 10 Story Fall — Thanks to my OTTERBOX!

I was at Six Flags America, riding the biggest and baddest roller coaster in the park: The Superman Ride of Steel! Well, as we were zooming up to one of the highest peaks, velocity forced my iPhone 4 (dressed in my OtterBox) out of my shirt pocket, and into the air! I tried to catch it, but it all happened so fast that there was just no way to grab it! It flew over my head and continued soaring into the sky! The park staff was amazing! They actually assembled a search team to find my phone — and they […]

from Marvin Carroll   04.14.15

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Ran Over with my Jeep

I was leaving work one day and had to put some stuff in the back of my Jeep. I put my phone, which was in an OtterBox, on my back tire while I was putting stuff in the back. I got half way home and realized that I didn’t have my phone. Then I remembered that I put my phone on my tire. I turned around and went back to work to check. When I pulled up, there it was, face down on the pavement….with tire tracks on it. I knew it was busted! I picked it up and there […]

from Corey   04.14.15

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Tossed for Recycling

My granddaughter was kind enough to pass her iPhone 4 to me as she moved up the scale. I had never owned an iPhone, so I immediately bought an OtterBox cover (Defender Series).Unfortunately, my phone went missing and I feared it was lost forever. However, one day I received a call from the manager of our local recycling plant, here in Cincinnati, who told me he had my phone. The phone had somehow got into our recycling bin and had gone through the entire (approximately) one-half mile long conveyor system that grinds up refuse in the recycling plant. When the […]

from    04.14.15

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Toughness of OtterBox Defender Series

I own a Samsung Note 3 phone and I am also an avid motorcyclist. I have a phone mount on the handlebars of my Honda Goldwing F6B bike. I thought I had my phone firmly mounted in place and took off for a ride. At about 60-65 MPH, my phone, that I thought I had FIRMLY mounted, fell off my bike. My phone, inside it’s OtterBox Defender Series case, bounced about 5 feet high next to me for a while before skidding down the highway and ending up in the middle of said busy highway. I thought, “well that’s it […]

from Patrick Parker   04.13.15

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Amazing OtterBox!!!

On February 2, 2015, I lost my new iPhone. I’d just replace my phone as i’d gotten my previous phone stolen while in Mexico (also only a few months old..). I knew my phone had to be at my workplace. I’d either set it down somewhere not obvious, or it had to be in the parking lot. It was snowing a lot that day, and I asked the maintenance crew to keep eye out for it while they shoveled…. But they had been shoveling a few hours before I noticed my phone was missing…. I looked everywhere at work for […]

from Julie Cuerrier   04.10.15

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Burnt Box

My wife was cooking dinner and had her phone on the stove top listening to music. She turned the wrong burner on and cooked her OtterBox. The kitchen was filled with smoke and the OtterBox was destroyed. The phone survived.

from JD   04.07.15


OtterBox: The Difference Between Life and Death of a Device.

I was out with my lady to have a fun afternoon of go-kart racing this past weekend. On our last race, I decided to record the action and after I was done, I placed my phone under the steering wheel to finish out the course. After a minute of making sure I had left my girlfriend in the dust, I notice my phone was vibrating below me. It had fallen into a groove and was scrapping the pavement below as I was moving along. I see that the friction had eaten through my case and into the end of my […]

from Frederick Berry   04.06.15

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Drove Over my Phone

I didn’t realize I dropped my iPhone as I left my church. When I got home I realize it wasn’t there. I used the find my phone app. And seen it was at church still. Knowing I texted someone as I left I knew its was in the lot. When I got there it was face down on the pavement. All there was scratched on my protective screen. I am so lucky it’s okay. I love this case!

from Melanie Johnson   04.06.15

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Today my Galaxy S4 was ran over by a car. I didn’t notice I dropped it in my driveway but later found it still in perfect condition with some tire tracks on the outside. This is truly the best case for you money.

from Allison Young   04.06.15

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Tilled up by a Tractor

My husband almost didn’t get an OtterBox for his new S5 but I talked him into it. Last night he was out on the tractor tilling and he had his phone with him so that he could listen to music on his Bluetooth headset. His music stopped and he realized that his phone wasn’t there. He had ran it over 2x and tilled it under. The phone doesn’t have a scratch. The OtterBox took a little damage but not much. The only reason the music stopped is because he got out of range for the headset.

from Elizabeth Letterman   04.06.15

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Hi, I just wanted to drop by and share my AMAZING experience with the customer service team at OtterBox. My old silicon case ripped, so I went on to go to their website and started the search to get a new case (I will never get any other case). The team responded to my emails within 5 minutes and walked me step by step through the process. 20 minutes later, I have a new case coming in the mail. Thanks so much for the wonderful experience! xoxo Rachel

from Rachel   03.31.15

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I have never received better service from any company. My holster clip broke and was replaced right away. Proud of your company. Will tell my friends about your product. Thank you. RT Dale

from Randy Dale   03.31.15

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Dropped Phone

I often have butterfingers. Well today was one of them. Sitting on my 3rd story balcony, I went to flip my phone and it slipped right out of my hand fell, hit the balcony floor and bounced a few good (5) times before tumbling right of the edge of the balcony, three stories up. I saw it happen in slow motion. I scrambled to get the phone but was too late. I watched it fall all the way down to concrete below, landing face down. “CRACK!” Was the sound it made. I thought for sure it broke. When I got […]

from steve   03.31.15

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Dropped 3 Floors – No Damage

I was getting ready to enter my condo and set my iPhone 5 on the catwalk handrail… Then I pushed the phone off the handrail and it fell three stories to the parking lot. I ┬ánever expected the phone to survive this fall. NO damage whatsoever! I am so thankful to OtterBox for their quality case. Thanks so much.

from Tom   03.31.15

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Dropped my Note 3 off a two story roof, probably 25 feet onto a cement driveway. When the phone hit the cement the stylus blasted out so hard it flew straight up into the air about 20 feet and then landed beside the phone. The phone is fine. It didn’t even reboot.

from tom   03.25.15

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