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How OtterBox Saved my Brother’s Life….

My brother and I tend to be rough with our phones, grant you, but what happened was unbelievable. It left us speechless, pale, and laughing scared. We have some family land up in South Carolina that we run up to on the weekends to do some work or upkeep. Two weekends ago, my brother decided to cut down some trees and make a path down to one of the beaver dams. While doing so, his hand slipped from the chainsaw (rather large one), and it went straight for his leg and cut into his pants. Everyone was standing there in […]

from Bobo   01.29.15

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Surviving A Fall

I studied Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering in college and for our senior design project we had to design and build a r/c aircraft. We were asked to record video and after a few successful flights, we decided to get some POV footage from the nose of our aircraft. After a few laps of the airfield, we decided to test just how well our aircraft was able to fly, so we went for a barrel roll. Unfortunately the packing tape that was holding the phone on the aircraft was not taped in such a way that it would hold the phone […]

from Alex   01.29.15

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I am a volunteer firefighter. While I was doing some work on my personal truck I placed my iPhone down in it’s OtterBox case on the running board of our fire truck. We received an alarm and away we went, with my phone still sitting on the running board. We navigated over some railroad tracks and hills, which should have easily caused the phone to side off. When we returned to the firehouse I found my phone still sitting on the running boards. I was shocked to find it still sitting there. I guess the rubber surrounding the hard case […]

from glenn   01.29.15

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Very Sturdy

Last Friday at work my Galaxy S5 fell off my forklift and I accidentally ran over it. I picked it up and there was not a scratch on it. The OtterBox took the weight of a 3 ton forklift and all it did was put a few scratches on the protective cover. My phone is still scratch free and functions just fine.

from Travis   01.29.15

iPhone 6 Alpha Glass

We have used OtterBox cases for several years now. My son, 11, has an iPhone 6. He has had the case on it since the day we got the phone. Last week, he dropped it. And it appeared that the screen was cracked. Apple charges $109 plus tax to replace a screen. So I scheduled an appointment, and my son was sad to part with some of his savings for the fix. We were afraid of removing the screen cover portion (think plastic that adheres to the screen) for fear of causing more damage to phone. The Apple tech looked […]

from B Cruz   01.29.15

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Fire Resistant

I decided to make rice krispy treats at 2 AM. I pulled up the recipe on my Galaxy S5. I set my phone on the stove and put the marshmallows on to melt. Well, I turned on the wrong burner. I measured the cereal, and by the time I turned back, black smoke was billowing from my phone. I knocked my phone off the stove, burning my finger. When I picked up my phone, it was very hot and the OtterBox had melted through to the phone. Aside from a small black smudge on the phone, there is absolutely nothing […]

from Virginia Franzen   01.23.15

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Speed Bump

I was driving home from work one day and had left my device on the left side of the dash. I had my window open because it was a cool evening. Well I was leaving a parking lot and someone cut me off, causing me to do a sharp turn to the right. As I arrived home, I noticed that my device wasn’t on the dash where I had left it. I looked everywhere for it and then I thought that there was no way that it could have flown out the window. So I drove to the location where […]

from Dalila Ortiz-Rodriguez   01.23.15

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I am a technician on wind turbines in Texas and use my phone every day to make sure I’m doing my job correctly and keeping track of the guys that work with me. I was working late one day, and my phone fell out of the truck and landed on the road in front of the wind turbine I was at. We started to leave and I noticed my phone was missing. As I looked back, the truck behind us managed to run it over with both tires on the passenger side. I am so glad I had my OtterBox […]

from Jarred Nicholas   01.23.15

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Best Case Ever

I’ve never talked to a company so responsive and respectable. I will buy OtterBox for life. Anything happens, it’s replaced, no questions asked. The customer service people are the nicest people I’ve talk to in the service industry. Go and buy an OtterBox, you will NOT be disappointed.

from tyler   01.23.15

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I put my my phone in its’ OtterBox case on my car, drove 45 miles and my phone bounced off roof onto busy road. I later went back and found it and the cover was scratched, but that’s it!!! Amazing!!!

from Kathy M.   01.23.15

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Car Vs OtterBox

I was in a hurry, on my way to get my son to his hockey tournament, and I put my phone down on the hood of my black car to get his goalie equipment in. In transit to the rink, I went for my phone and realized where I had left it. A quick glance at the hood confirmed it was gone. When I returned home, I started at my garage and retraced my route. Just shy of a mile from my home– where I made a turn on a busy highway– I found my phone detached from the hardshell […]

from Fotini   01.23.15

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Flying Off the Roof

I never put things on the roof of my car. Except, apparently, for today when I set my phone there as I leaned in to put my coffee in the cup holder and arrange my backpack. As I was driving away from Starbucks, I heard something bump along the top of the car. I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw my iPhone 5 tumbling through the air in slow motion, like an acrobatic plane at an air show. I watched as it landed in the road, and then as a car ran over it. Then another. The phone danced […]

from Devon Marsh   01.23.15

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OtterBox Saved my iPhone, Tundra Saved my LIFE!

Dear OtterBox, On January 13th, I got into a major car accident and my Toyota Tundra was completely totaled. Eyewitnesses at the scene originally thought the occupants in the vehicle didn’t make it through. I was awake and coherent, talking with a fireman inside my truck (they had to extract me from the vehicle). He asked if there was anyone I could call and I told him the numbers were in my phone. At first, he found the clip holster, which had cracked. But then he found my iPhone, protected by the Otterbox Defender Series. Not a single scratch. The […]

from Selena   01.23.15

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Nearly Wrangled (Defender Series)

Last summer here at work, I had to move my vehicle to the opposite end of the gravel parking lot to free up space for company vehicles. Apparently, somewhere along the way I dropped my iPhone. As I was returning to my office, I looked on the ground and saw an iPhone with a tire tread mark across the back. My first thought was, “Ha! Some poor schmuck dropped their…” and it then it hit me… it was my phone! Anxiously, I bent down, picked up the phone, and examined it. There were pits in the screen, scars on the […]

from Ty   01.23.15

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50 Mile an Hour Tumble

Two weeks ago my brother, daughter and I, were leaving the hospital where my mom was. After arriving at my daughters car, she found she was unable to squeeze in so I told her to let me try. I put my soda and phone on the top of her car and sucked it in. Well, off we went to Costco to get my brother a phone. A couple miles later while traveling 45 to 50 miles per hour we all heard something hit the car. l looked in to the rear-view mirror and saw something bouncing down the road. I […]

from Rudy García   01.23.15

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