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Thank You OtterBox

I have personally used OtterBox cases on my iPhones for years now and have always preached to anyone that has an iPhone how wonderful and necessary your product is to the iPhone survival. Once again tonight your product has proven to not only me but my parents both, how crucial and beneficial they are. When my father, who is in his mid 50’s, switched 2 months ago from a basic phone to a Droid smart phone I pushed him to get an OtterBox case. He said, “I don’t need it,” and, “it’s how much?” However, after explaining how beneficial it […]

from Nicky Dixon   05.11.15

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Absolutely Amazing OtterBox

I was unable to find another way to tell this brief story, so please forgive me if I am sending this to the wrong place. A few years ago I bought my husband an iPad and purchased him an OtterBox to protect it. (He’s hard on his electronics!) Recently, we were driving back from the Grand Canyon and stopped on 17 South to take a picture. We returned to the car, got on the freeway on-ramp and got up to 70 mph when my husband saw the iPad fly off the hood of the car and cartwheel across 2 lanes […]

from Deena Purdy   05.11.15

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Risen from the Ashes Like a Phoenix

I had the OtterBox Defender case for my HTC Incredible 2 for about 2 years when I decided to light a campfire in the dark. Of course, I couldn’t see anything because it was dark. So I propped up the phone in the middle of the fire pit to use the flashlight. I got everything set up perfectly, lit the fire, then ran inside to grab a drink. When I came back outside the fire was roaring, and my phone was right in the middle of it. I used sticks to pull out the phone and disassembled the steaming hot […]

from Nate Melbourne   04.24.15

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Hit By Car, OtterBox Saves Phone

I had been hit by a car in March and had my Samsung Galaxy in my coat pocket on my left side. I was hit from the right, flew 10-15 feet and landed on my left side, right on my phone. The phone was not damaged! I even pulled it out and used it to call someone at the time! OtterBox is what I recommend to EVERYONE!

from Sarah McNeely   04.24.15

Lost iPhone

While my son was riding our golf cart in the woods behind our house in early October, his iPhone 5 flew off in the woods. Later that evening, we started looking for it and looked for almost a week. After we felt he had learned his lesson on keeping up with his phone, we got him another one. Almost 7 months later he was riding his dirt bike and comes into the house with lost phone!!! We could not believe it! We had bought an OtterBox when he gotten the phone. I plugged it in and to my surprise the […]

from Patricia Calliham PP   04.24.15

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OtterBox is AMAZING!!!

I forever will have an OtterBox on my Samsung Galaxy S5! I put my phone (in the OtterBox) on top of my car as I buckled in my 3 year old. As I strapped him in and drove down a busy intersection, I saw something fly from the top of my car. Just assuming it was debris from the highway flying up from the vehicle in front of me, I drove on to my destination 10 miles away. As I got out of my car in search for my phone, I knew that’s what I had seen flying from my […]

from Bonnie Slayton   04.24.15

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OtterBox Defender Series Saved My iPhone

My Otterbox Defender Case just saved my iphone this morning. I had placed my phone on top of my car while I ran back into the house to get the charging cord I had forgotten. I drove off to work, forgetting the phone, and about 3 miles down the road at 55mph, it fell off and hit the pavement. Seven miles later, I realized what I had done. At that point, I was just hoping to find the phone and praying that it wouldn’t be damaged too badly. Retracing my route, there it was in the opposite lane. It had […]

from Paul   04.17.15

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OtterBox in Van Fire – Device Still Works!

Our service van caught fire and our iPad was still functional even though the OtterBox was melted. I work for Bonded Filter and we are a commercial filter manufacturing company located in Nashville, TN. We provide installation services of our filters all over the United States. Just about two hours ago, one of our service vans caught fire in our parking lot. I have attached a couple of pictures of our service van which was completely destroyed by the fire. I have also attached pictures of the, still functioning, iPad that was found in the van. Our techs use a […]

from Amanda Morgan   04.17.15

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Thank You.

Your phone case literally saved my husband’s life. A year ago, he rolled his car 3 times down a steep hill where he ended up in a spot that was out of sight of the road and pinned in his car. One person saw him wreck and found his phone on the highway. My husband was able to call for help from his unharmed phone. The only thing that broke was the clip (that was attached to his visor) on impact of the first roll, and is still mostly intact after running his phone over with a dump truck yesterday. […]

from kile   04.17.15

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This is a testimonial to the durability of your product! I am posting this with the phone (LG G2) that was just run over by a vehicle while encased in your OtterBox — thank you, THANK YOU for ZERO DAMAGE!   — feeling thankful.

from David   04.16.15

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My iPhone 4 Survived a 10 Story Fall — Thanks to my OTTERBOX!

I was at Six Flags America, riding the biggest and baddest roller coaster in the park: The Superman Ride of Steel! Well, as we were zooming up to one of the highest peaks, velocity forced my iPhone 4 (dressed in my OtterBox) out of my shirt pocket, and into the air! I tried to catch it, but it all happened so fast that there was just no way to grab it! It flew over my head and continued soaring into the sky! The park staff was amazing! They actually assembled a search team to find my phone — and they […]

from Marvin Carroll   04.14.15

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Ran Over with my Jeep

I was leaving work one day and had to put some stuff in the back of my Jeep. I put my phone, which was in an OtterBox, on my back tire while I was putting stuff in the back. I got half way home and realized that I didn’t have my phone. Then I remembered that I put my phone on my tire. I turned around and went back to work to check. When I pulled up, there it was, face down on the pavement….with tire tracks on it. I knew it was busted! I picked it up and there […]

from Corey   04.14.15

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Tossed for Recycling

My granddaughter was kind enough to pass her iPhone 4 to me as she moved up the scale. I had never owned an iPhone, so I immediately bought an OtterBox cover (Defender Series).Unfortunately, my phone went missing and I feared it was lost forever. However, one day I received a call from the manager of our local recycling plant, here in Cincinnati, who told me he had my phone. The phone had somehow got into our recycling bin and had gone through the entire (approximately) one-half mile long conveyor system that grinds up refuse in the recycling plant. When the […]

from    04.14.15

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Toughness of OtterBox Defender Series

I own a Samsung Note 3 phone and I am also an avid motorcyclist. I have a phone mount on the handlebars of my Honda Goldwing F6B bike. I thought I had my phone firmly mounted in place and took off for a ride. At about 60-65 MPH, my phone, that I thought I had FIRMLY mounted, fell off my bike. My phone, inside it’s OtterBox Defender Series case, bounced about 5 feet high next to me for a while before skidding down the highway and ending up in the middle of said busy highway. I thought, “well that’s it […]

from Patrick Parker   04.13.15

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Amazing OtterBox!!!

On February 2, 2015, I lost my new iPhone. I’d just replace my phone as i’d gotten my previous phone stolen while in Mexico (also only a few months old..). I knew my phone had to be at my workplace. I’d either set it down somewhere not obvious, or it had to be in the parking lot. It was snowing a lot that day, and I asked the maintenance crew to keep eye out for it while they shoveled…. But they had been shoveling a few hours before I noticed my phone was missing…. I looked everywhere at work for […]

from Julie Cuerrier   04.10.15

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