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Amazing Case

I’ve had my iPhone 4 for about 2 years now, and have always had an OtterBox on it. I’ve dropped it countless times, thrown it, ¬†and watched it slide off my truck by accident, but today it really stood the test of true rigidity. I work on garage doors. Earlier today I was lowering a 400 lb garage door and I accidentally clipped my phone, not knowing I had dropped it, I continued lowering the door. After lowering the door, I realized what I had done. Without being able to find it, I opened the door to look outside, and […]

from Trevor Langdon   03.28.14

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Awesome Customer Service

I bought an OtterBox case for my Samsung Galaxy s3 in April of 2013. I am extremely tough on phones and the OtterBox case has protected my phone from day one. So when the clip for my holster broke I went to Walmart to buy a new one, as this case had more than done its job. After asking the clerk if I could get just the holster, she said if it was less than a year old OtterBox would take care of it under warranty. I called OtterBox and explained the problem to the customer service representative and was […]

from Larran Eppard   03.28.14

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Great Aftersales Service

I cannot help to be very impressed with your after sale service. The plastic clip on the Defender Series holster broke, rendering the holding clip inoperable. On Thursday, March the 20th, I sent a claim via web. My goodness, I got the replacement today.. the 26 of March via FedEx… Bravo

from Robert LaRocque   03.27.14

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Bizarre Survival

Four days ago, I updated my phone to an iPhone 5s. I decided against insurance because I’ve never broken a phone. Today I was in a car accident. My car flipped and it is totaled. Somehow I made it out alive and in one peace. At some point in the flip, my phone flew out of the car and landed 30 feet down the highway. With the OtterBox case, my phone went UNHARMED. There were just a few scratches on the case. Thank you for making such a great product and saving me one less bill to worry about. Great […]

from PJ Anthony   03.27.14

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OtterBox Saved My iPhone

Thanks to the OtterBox, my iPhone was saved on my last army training exercise. It took a long fall and while the case broke (bottom half of the case broke clean off) my iPhone was completely perfect. No cracks! Very impressed with the OtterBox and the daily abuse I can give it. I had the Commuter Series OtterBox, and had it about seven months. While some may say that’s short, I tend to be pretty rough with my phone and was happy with the product overall. I like it so much that I replaced the broken case with a new […]

from Nick   03.27.14

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The BEST Protection Money Can Buy!

OtterBox is the best case money can buy. I absolutely love this case. I have been an owner of an OtterBox case for over ten years.. It is truly INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!

from   03.27.14

Saved My Phone

This OtterBox has saved my Note 2 more times than I can count. However this one particular time really saved my phone. I was buying new bikes for my kids and when I went to put them on my bike rack I had to put the phone down (I broke the belt clip) on the rear bumper of my expedition. I secured the bikes and hopped into my truck and drove about 8 miles to the supermarket. When I parked I realized my phone was not in the holder. Frantically I hopped out figuring I had to buy a new […]

from Ryan M   03.27.14

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Awesome Service

It amazes me how wonderful these people are. I wish all customer service was as pleasant to deal with as them. Very friendly, answered questions. They were very helpful and didn’t hesitate to help in any way they could. I think everybody in customer service needs to take lessons from these people. Very happy

from Randy and Jeanne Smith   03.25.14

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iPad Survival Story

Dear Mr. Otter, I would just like to say a big thank you for continuing to save my iPad from the thrills it appears to seek from the freedom of free flight. So far it has survived at least four hard landings! Valued cost of saving- about $2000. Investment cost $100. Thank you. And by the way, you have done them same for my phone! I will recommend everybody buy an OtterBox. And I’m not the only one with dropsy, my boyfriend says thank you too.

from Meredith Clark   03.24.14

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The Amazing Invulnerable OtterBox!

I purchased my first OtterBox three years ago for my iPhone 4S, after having witnessed the damage that others had inflicted on THEIR touch-screen devices. Predicting that I might be just as careless with my device, I purchased the ‘Defender Series’… and I have not regretted that decision once. As you can see from the photo… I have put this thing through the ringer. I have dropped it dozens of times (a few times deliberately to demonstrate the OtterBox Haha!), to the point where the belt clip became chipped and later came off entirely, the plastic screen cover is scratched, […]

from Michael   03.24.14

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Good Samaritans Rock- And So Does OtterBox

For those of you who think the world is “headin’ for hell in a hand basket,” think again! This week I lost my iPhone, which not only contains major parts of my life but is also essential to operating all Apple systems and sound equipment at my work. After I bit the bullet and bought a new one just yesterday, today my boss got a call from the person who saw it in the street being run over by a car. He said that when he picked it up, it was dead, wet, and looked to have been out there […]

from Elaine Drennon Little   03.24.14

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Embarrassed to admit I left my HTC Evo 4G on the roof of my car, but alas I did. And despite rolling off the roof of my car and being run over by multiple cars, my phone is intact. The OtterBox didn’t make it but the phone did. Thanks OtterBox!!

from Chris Hanson   03.24.14

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Motorcycle Wreck

My husband, Curtis, was in a motorcycle wreck yesterday. Luckily he walked away with only road rash and a large cut on his forehead. His 2 year-old OtterBox (Defender series) was completely destroyed. However, his iPhone was in perfect condition. We will never buy anything else!

from Curtis & Sara McKie   03.24.14


This email is about a year late in being sent. When the iPhone 5 first became popular, my wife and I each purchased one. I chose an OtterBox for protection as was recommended by the Apple saleswoman. In the last 12 months I have dropped the phone at least once a month (usually on concrete) and on one occasion left it outside in a rainstorm. (I found it the next day under my outside trash can.) On another occasion, I dropped the phone into standing water. (I am too embarrased to tell you where!) My point is that my phone […]

from Michael McGwin   03.24.14

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OtterBox Defender Series

I drive a big rig or 18 wheeler truck for a living. To make a long story short, I ran over my iPhone with my truck while in its Defender Series case and it still works!!!! The case is was destroyed but the phone made it through. I am so glad my wife insisted I get the OtterBox case!!

from Derrick   03.24.14