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I was talking to my sister while getting gas, this past September 28th, 2014. I too left my phone on top of my car. I was going down the road when I heard something hit my trunk, and my call dropped. I knew what had happened. I turned around, and saw my phone in the middle of the road. Two amazing things happened: First nobody ran over the phone. Second, the phone was unharmed. After falling off the car at 45 MPH, the phone was unharmed. The OtterBox wasn’t even scuffed. I’m a believer!

from Phillip   10.09.14

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iPhone Protected by OtterBox

I commute by bicycle to work daily all year round . The same thoughts go through my head every morning as I approach a blind curve on a steep downhill– along the lines of hoping there is no obstruction around the curve. This morning was no different, other than I was an hour earlier to make a meeting, so it was a little darker. The deer came into full view out of the corner of my eye and then I had the realization that we were going to collide and then the collision at full speed occurred seamlessly. Stunned, lying […]

from Glynn Jones   10.09.14

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45 Foot Fall

I work in an arena and was doing some work on our catwalk when I needed to get a hold of someone. I grabbed my iPhone 5s and tried to make a call when the phone slipped out of my hand and flew over the side of the catwalk. On the way down I was saying, “Come on OtterBox.” When I retrieved my phone expecting the worse, the phone was bent with other small damage to the phone case, but still fully functional. I shudder to think what would have happened if I didn’t have an OtterBox on the phone.

from Ray Williams   10.09.14

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Hit by A VAN!

Twelve days ago my son was hit by a van that was traveling about 35-40 MPH. He is 13 and was at a high school football game. When the game was over he was crossing in a crosswalk when a van hit him. At the time he had his iPhone 4s in an OtterBox case and he was holding it in his hand as he crossed the street. The impact of the van hitting him sent the phone flying and it was missing for a few days, left out in the weather after taking the hit. We sent people out […]

from Christa Mooney   10.09.14

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Run Over By A CAT Loader and it Still Works!

I work for an excavating company. One of our skid steers was stuck on a job site and I was asked to road our CAT loader to the site to pull the guy out. I jumped in the loader and as I did, I put my cell phone and wallet down beside me. Once I hooked up the skid steer, I jumped back in the loader and proceeded to pull the guy out. Success! I then left the site and headed back to the shop. As I’m driving I looked down and don’t see my cellphone or wallet. I radioed […]

from Danika Dobinson   10.09.14

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iPhone Survives Roller Coaster!

I recently went to Kings Dominion in Doswell, VA where I lost my iPhone. I was riding the Shockwave roller-coaster and since my phone is always in my pocket, I didn’t think anything of it. When the coaster pulled back in to unload, I found an empty pocket and began to panic. Using the “Find my iPhone” app through my Dad’s phone, I was able to locate my phone that was lying under the final drop of the coaster (within a restricted, fenced in area). Due to safety measures, the park would not allow me inside to look for it. […]

from Hollie F   10.09.14

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iPhone Survives

While taking pictures with my iPhone and iPad while on vacation, I accidentally left my iPhone (which was encased by an OtterBox) on the hood of our Toyota 4Runner. I didn’t notice that I didn’t have it until after my husband had pulled back onto the roadway. I saw it on the hood just as it started sliding off. We stopped and I had to walk back a short distance to pick it up off the blacktop. To my surprise, my phone wasn’t damaged. The only damage was very little to only to the OtterBox. I am so glad that […]

from Brenda Gregory   10.07.14

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Fell Off the Car, Got Ran Over and Thrown Into the Gutter on a Rainy Night

I will start by telling you that I am a cheapskate. I only decided to buy a phone case because my wife insisted. So begrudging the money that I spent, I ended up with a base model OtterBox and didn’t really expect much from it. After about a year and one half of relatively light abuse, I was changing the oil on my wife’s van one day and had set my phone on the hood right in front of me. I finished changing the oil right as the sun went down and the rain started to fall. I took the […]

from adam   10.07.14

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Dropped From A Helicopter

I want to thank everyone at OtterBox for your excellent product. I own the Commuter Series case for iPhone 5 and I work for an aerial survey company. I accidentally dropped my phone from a helicopter from about 250 feet above ground, traveling at 90 knots. I was taking some pictures with the sliding window pulled back, and when I held the phone slightly too far outside of the helicopter, the wind snatched it right out of my hands. Needless to say, I assumed my phone was destroyed and that I would never see it again. After returning from my […]

from Tyler Pangborn   10.07.14

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Replacement Arrived

The OtterBox Defender Series for my Blackberry-10 unfortunately broke a tab and I contacted the customer service Otters regarding a replacement. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help! My new Defender Series arrived today exactly eight days after I first made contact. I wish all companies were as proactive with their customers regarding warranties as OtterBox is. Thanks again to everyone in your organization. It was truly outstanding service!

from Mike   10.07.14

Very Happy, Indeed.

The other day I was carrying groceries up the 20 steps to my apartment when I dropped my iPhone. I turned around just quick enough to see it hit and bounce on just about every step….did I mention the steps are concrete? When I got to my phone I was afraid to look but I picked it up anyways……lo and behold it was a miracle! My Defender Series case kept it snug as a bug in a rug!!!!!! Need I say more? Love your company and love your product!!!!

from Gail   10.07.14

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Battery Recharging Issue

Bought the OtterBox iON Intelligence Defender Series Case with external battery backup for iPhone 4/4S from Groupon, for my younger son. It charged the first few days and that was it! The return time-frame for Groupon expired. Thinking I’d have to return the case for a replacement from OtterBox, I contacted customer service. Thanks to the wonderful attitudes and responsiveness of Taylor and Alicia from Customer Service and Stephanie from Technical Support, it turned out to be the USB cable and not the case. I have a temporary, but a new one is on its way. My son is happy […]

from Steven Dubner   10.07.14

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Protection of Device

I left for work this morning forgetting that I had sat my iPhone on the hood of my truck. Once I reached 55 MPH the iPhone decided it couldn’t hang on any longer. It flew past my driver side window and I could see, from my side view mirror, it tumbling and crashing hard onto the pavement. To top it off, the car following me ran over it! I almost didn’t turn around, figuring it was trashed and there wasn’t a need, but once I retrieved the iPhone I was absolutely astonished to see that the phone was 100% intact […]

from Guy   10.07.14

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Thank You So Much.

I accidentally slammed my iPhone 5s pretty hard in a car door. If it wasn’t for my OtterBox, I guarantee my screen would have shattered, and my phone would have been rendered useless. All I got was minor cosmetic damage. I am thoroughly impressed with this product and will continue to purchase them. Thanks again.

from Clinton Rowley   10.07.14

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Never A Problem

This is my second cell phone that I have used an Otterbox Defender Series to protect. I have never had a problem with it protecting my phones. The only thing I have ever had to replace has been the belt clip/holster. I expected to buy a new one when I broke the clip, but was surprised when OtterBox replaced it under warranty. I work as an engineer in the auto industry and we tend to climb into production spaces and equipment areas, and tend to be a little tough on our phones. I am completely pleased with my OtterBox, and […]

from Ron Miller   10.07.14

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