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How OtterBox Saved my Phone

I bought the Defender Series case on Amazon when I first bought my iPhone two years ago. I have always had a habit of dropping my phone, so I wanted to make sure it was well protected. I not only have dropped my phone multiple times on concrete, I also dropped it ten feet under water in Jackson Lake. However, my phone was saved by my OtterBox so I strongly recommended buying an OtterBox Defender Series case. It is well worth the money!

from Mandy Moss   08.05.14

The World’s Hardest Working OtterBox

I have Fibromyalgia. This means that I often times have a hard time keeping hold of things (i.e. I’m a klutz). Either my grip becomes weak, or my hand spasms and I drop what I’m holding. A lot of times things just jump out of my hands. Usually these things include my iPhone. I have dropped my phone on pavement, on sidewalks, on concrete floors, on tile floors and twice down a set of stairs. Once I knocked my phone to the floor (office vinyl flooring) from a shelf 6 feet off the ground. Each and every time I have […]

from Daisy Kaufman   08.05.14

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OtterBox is my Hero

OtterBox is my hero. I was tired and sore from a long workout, and decided to go to the supermarket afterwards. Since I wrote a grocery list on my iPhone, I brought it in with me. Getting back into my car, I loaded the groceries in the front seat. When I got home I realized I couldn’t find my phone anywhere inside my car. Then I looked up; My phone had taken a ride on top of my car for four miles! I’m kind of a speedy driver, so it seems like a miracle that it stayed there. Thank you, […]

from Shannon   08.05.14

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Love It

I got the OtterBox once I got my phone in December. I work for DirecTV and am up and down ladders all the time. Every now and then I drop my phone but this case protects my Droid Maxx from damage. One time, I was getting out my work truck and had the phone on my side attached to the clip and some how it snapped. I was heart broken because I knew then that I was going to have to spend another $60. So I went to the Verizon store to get another or to see if part of […]

from anthony harris   08.05.14

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I just had gotten my Samsung Galaxy S3 and put a Defender Series case on it. We decided to have a get together at our local entertainment center since they have an indoor go-kart track. While we were waiting to be let go, I was playing on my phone. When the time came to take off, I stuffed my phone in a jacket pocket. With all the fast turns and bumping my phone fell out and I didn’t know it. When pulling back into the pits, I noticed a worker had the same phone case I did. He then handed […]

from Jerry   08.05.14

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Buried By a Snow Plow on a Ski Hill

This is an insane story. I dropped my phone from my breast pocket on Mount Fernie in British Columbia, Canada on the last run of the day. I realized it was lost at the local watering hole after the ski day… it was approximately two hours before official darkness. My buddies and I hiked about 90 minutes uphill towards the “ping”… Upon arrival, I found it buried under the snow because the nightly plow had already groomed the slope. With some fancy group footwork and some super-sharp listening, we listened and could hear a muffled ringtone. The boys and I […]

from alex wozniak   08.05.14

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Car Crash

I totaled my car, but in the carnage I found my phone wedged in between the windshield and dash, so I had to pry it out. It was undamaged.

from Andrew Councill   08.05.14

At Work

I’m a construction worker and sometimes we work in storage buildings. One day I was painting on a big latter about 25 feet up when I looked at my phone to see if it was lunch time and it fell out of my hand. I thought I had put it safely in my pocket but I didn’t. It was still okay thanks to OtterBox!! Thank you, guys.

from Juan   08.05.14

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I Will Always Protect my Phone with OtterBox

I’m a truck driver. I get in and out of my truck, which sits me seven feet off the ground, upwards of twenty times a day. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve dropped it out of my lap onto concrete. When I drop my phone I don’t worry because I know OtterBox is made with quality I can trust. Whenever I see a fellow truck driver who doesn’t have one, I recommend OtterBox. My selling point is carelessly tossing my phone over my shoulder to prove not only how much trust I put into the OtterBox Defender Series […]

from Jon Nelson   08.05.14

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Roller Coaster Fiasco

I had had my brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 for two days when we took a trip to Carowinds. I put my brand new phone in my pocket, climbed onto the first roller coaster of the day, and off I went. When the ride ended, my phone was no longer in my pocket! We went and reported it missing at the office, and they said they would call my husband if they found it. The next morning, not only did they find my phone, it wasn’t scratched, dented or otherwise injured. Other than having a dead battery, the phone was […]

from Stephanie Rains   08.05.14

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My OtterBox!

I was at work (Nursing Home) and my patient began to code, so I had to run to my patient. I accidentally dropped my phone and my OtterBox protected it while it apparently got walked on and rolled over by the medical techs’ cart. All that was left was a little tear on the sleeve at the top and some scuff marks!

from Aaron Doerflinger   08.05.14

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A True Disney Hero

I went on a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida a while back for a school band trip, and–of course–my OtterBox came along. The summer heat was beating on us, so my friends and I decided to hop on a water ride. I was so thrilled to be able to cool off that I had forgotten to put my device in a waterproof bag even though it was encased in my OtterBox Defender Series. That realization came when we turned a corner during the ride, and just a few feet from us is a giant water splasher. The enjoyment […]

from Christopher Pham   08.05.14

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OtterBox Survival Story

I was riding my bike at about 20 MPH and my phone fell out of my pocket. As I turned around to get it, a 2015 Cadillac Escalade ran over it. I picked it up, very worried. When I got it home and took the case of there was not a scratch to the phone or OtterBox of course!

from Winston Davidson   08.05.14


Dropped my Phone off a Cliff

I took a trip to Minnesota about two weeks ago. We went to Palisade Head, which is off of the coast of Lake Superior- It’s a very large cliff formation. I was sitting down not that close to the edge taking some really cool pictures of the water. When I was getting up, I dropped my phone out of my hand. The drop was 120 feet. My family and I were unable to get my phone at the time. We had left for a little while and came back because my aunt saw some rock climbers there a few days […]

from Vanessa and Louise Torrie   08.05.14

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Positive Feedback

I was motivated to give good feedback on this high quality product. After receiving a new phone and an OtterBox protector within days of each other, my phone was covered from the start and it was luck that it was! On accident, acetone was spilled over the OtterBox housing. Sitting in a pool of acetone, I had fears the phone was damaged but was surprised to find it didn’t penetrate the case and was fine. It was well worth the price for the OtterBox!!

from tony antenucci   08.05.14

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