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I took a small group of boys, ages 14 to 15, fishing on August 2nd, 2014. The young boys had never really been fishing before and don’t have positive parental guidance, especially a positive father-figure, so I thought this would be good for them. While fishing in a small boat with one of the young boys, the boat tipped over. Of course everything in the boat, including my recently purchased Galaxy S5, fell into the lake. I purchased the phone approximately five months ago and was very concerned about finding my new phone. After an hour and a half, I […]

from    08.11.14

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Butter Fingers!

My husband and I rode to the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota last week. And while leaving Devils Tower in Wyoming, I was trying to get a photo from the back of the bike, when my iPhone 5s flipped right out of my hands onto the highway. I was devastated to say the least, since I had just paid $450 for my phone in May! We turned around expecting the worst, but to our surprise there was only some minor scratches on one corner of the OtterBox!! I am so impressed with this case! Thank you so much for […]

from Cheryl T   08.07.14

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OtterBox Saves the Day

Just six months ago, my husband and I finally joined the ranks of “magic phone” owners. We would not leave the Sprint store without protective cases because of phone damage horror stories that we have heard. Thankfully, my husband chose the OtterBox Defender Series for his iPhone 5C, because he left his glasses, case and phone on the top of his truck bed liner before leaving out for some shopping and dinner at the Mall of Georgia on Auguest 5, 2014. Thinking he’d laid them down in the garage when setting out the trash earlier, he realized on the drive […]

from Pamela Ordonez   08.07.14

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OtterBox Took A Ride, Topside

I just had to let you know how the anti-skid properties of your Defender Series case kept me from losing my iPhone– I inadvertently left it on top of our crew van when leaving Philadelphia, PA and was not found until we had made it back home to Harrisburg. Thank you, OtterBox! You saved my phone!

from Dave   08.07.14

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We have a friend in New Mexico who owns a small Internet company. Last week he was installing a component on the top of a tower (80 feet in the air). He dropped his device, which was encased in an OtterBox. It landed at the bottom of the tower on a rocky cliff. When he retrieved it, his device was still working perfectly. Also, my husband drops his phone constantly (while doing construction) and after two years in an OtterBox, it is amazingly still in one piece and working without a glitch. This is truly an endorsement of your products […]

from    08.05.14

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I Love the Defender Series!

Last night, while riding my motorcycle home from work, my phone fell off my hip and I didn’t realize it until I got home (guess that explains why my music stopped playing). I was able to quickly locate it using the “Find My iPhone” app on my iPad and set it to lost mode. I then got into the car and sped back to DC, where it said it was and walked the freeway until I found it. When I did, I could see that it had clearly been run over several times and was found on the other side […]

from Rodney Fielding   08.05.14

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OtterBox is Indestructible!

I went to get some food after work the other night when it was late, around two in the morning. I was tired and in a hurry and left my purse in the back of my SUV. When I went to get out to get it out, my phone with the OtterBox fell out and I had no clue  until I got home two hours later after I had been out looking for my phone. I found it in the drive through. By then, cars had driven over it maybe 7 to 10 time already, th drive through lady said. […]

from michelle k   08.05.14

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Warranty Service

The retainer on the belt clip broke and I can’t stand to carry my phone in pocket. I love my OtterBox, so I just figured I would buy another one. However, the sales associate at a local retailer reminded me about their warranty. I was skeptical that I could be helped because I didn’t have a receipt and didn’t register the product. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and quick the process was to get my belt clip replaced. Thanks, OtterBox!!!

from David Quin   08.05.14

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Above and Beyond Customer Service!

I mistakenly ordered the wrong Defender Series box for my seemingly ancient Droid Razzr Max. I was told that the line of cases for my particular phone had been discontinued. Needless to say I was heartbroken. Instead of telling me that I was just SOL, my representative Tary put me on hold and found a way to get me the case I needed from the dark corners of their warehouse. She even managed to work it out so that it would arrive sooner that it normally would have given the circumstances! Thank you, Tary, for being an outstanding customer representative!

from Jonathan   08.05.14

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iPhone Run Over by a Car

Not thinking when I climbed into my Jeep, I flung my iPhone up on the dash. Later when I made a hard right out of the parking lot, I watched my iPhone fly out the window and bounce on the concrete behind me. I turned at the light and made the loop to hopefully retrieve my phone from the road. I got out and walked to the edge of the road, just in time to watch a car run over my phone. Figuring it was trashed, I retrieved it anyway only to discover there wasn’t a scratch on it. Everything […]

from Bryan E.   08.05.14

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My iPhone 5s fell out my pocket while I was riding my four-wheeler and than got ran over by a car and my iPhone still works just fine.

from Mike   08.05.14

GREAT Product!!!

I was going on a long bike ride yesterday when I hit a pot hole (not just once, but twice!) My phone shook loose from the clip that was holding it to the handle bars and went flying. This was one of the two times it hit the road and was even run over by a car afterwards. Thanks to my OtterBox, my phone is still in perfect condition. Thank you, OtterBox, I will be a lifetime customer!

from Mollie   08.05.14

Great Customer Service!

I emailed OtterBox regarding a case I had purchased for my iPhone 5c, which was pink and had unfortunately experienced some problematic dirt issues. I was able to correspond with a few customer service agents over email, and once I had finally chosen a color, my order placed and had my new case shipped to me! The order was actually placed for the wrong case (commuter, rather than defender), so I called the customer service number. I was on hold for a while, but I’m glad I waited because the customer service agent who talked on the phone with me […]

from Ellen   08.05.14

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OtterBox Phone Case

My Android phone flew off the roof of my car while I was going 60 MPH and bounced onto the freeway. A good samaritan retrieved it and returned it to me. There isn’t a scratch on the phone and it works perfectly. Amazing!

from Cheryl Kempenich   08.05.14

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Amazing OtterBox

My four year old daughter has Down Syndrome and can unintentionally be rough with her iPad Mini. We bought her an OtterBox case for it. The case has withstood some drops but today, it withstood sliding out a go-kart going 15 MPH and being ran over by the two go karts behind us. Like, real sized go carts! The worker at the track said he had never seen anything like it and was sure it was a goner when he saw everyone running it over. The case was a little cracked in a corner and had some black marks but […]

from Liz morganroth   08.05.14

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