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I just wanted to say I have a Motorola Droid Ultra phone and I purchased a OtterBox Defender Series for it. I work on a paving crew and my phone fell down in the paver.  I didn’t realize it and it ended up getting paved. I looked back at the fresh blacktop and noticed something in it, I went back to look to see what it was and it was my phone! I dug it out and the case was melted I thought for sure. My phone was ruined but it was not there was nothing wrong with my phone […]

from Tim Ellis   12.15.14

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3 Hours in the Slush!

I was spending the night with Operation Red Nose, where I was volunteering to drive people home after their Christmas celebrations. Once I arrived back at the operation’s center, I realized I had lost my phone. After locating it through Google services, I found it in two-inch deep slush in the street, where it had been for over three hours, intact and still ringing. After dryning it out, there is no damage whatsoever. Thank you, OtterBox!

from Audrey   12.15.14

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AMAZING Customer Service

I had the wonderful the experience of working with a customer service representative to solve a situation with my 10 year olds’ Defender Series OtterBox that we had ordered for his new iPad mini. He had saved up & ordered the iPad mini with his own money, & thanks to early Christmas money, we placed an order for the OtterBox for him to protect his investment. The only problem was I thought I’d ordered the complete case but inadvertently missed the silicone slip cover. I admitted to my customer service agent that I had been confused about each of the […]

from Angie   12.15.14

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Incredibly Intact

I was beginning to cross the Cape fear River bridge in Wilmington, North Carolina, when suddenly my music stopped. As I began to cross the bridge, I realized that I had been listening to the music from my iPhone by Bluetooth and therefore the phone was no longer in range. It was an awful feeling realizing that it was my phone that had made that noise and was lying in the road behind me. All of my stored information and photos, as well as my means of communication, was no longer in my possession. I couldn’t pull over. I circled […]

from Michael McCullough   12.15.14

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I want to say thank you to OtterBox for saving every Apple iPhone I’ve had. Two iPod’s, and even a Blackberry. I’ve had spills, falls, and life in general attack my phones and the Defender Series saved them all. There are many choices of good cases out there, but OtterBox is the only choice for me and always will be. I do wish y’all would make an Armor Series for the iPhone 6 Plus. I have it on my iPhone 4s right now and it’s near bulletproof, and has saved me several times from catastrophe. A loyal customer, Rob

from RobNoxious   12.15.14

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Awesome OtterBox

I ran over my phone with my van (2000kg). The phone was perfectly fine and didn’t even stop recording. Thank you, OtterBox! You saved my iPhone again!

from derrick mason   12.15.14

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Parking-Lot, Rain and Cars

A drenching downpour in the evening caused me to run from my car to the store in Vancouver. I didn’t notice until we had left and were ordering dinner miles away, that my phone was gone. We back tracked and the only thing I could think of was my brief run into the store. We found my iPhone 5 in the middle of the parking lot, in a puddle of water and it had been run over more than a few times. I dried my phone and OtterBox with towels and a hair dryer. The phone HAD NO DAMAGE and […]

from Steve   12.15.14

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A Survival Story of the OtterBox!

I purchased an iPhone 5c from a local Verizon store. The sales representative suggested (due to my line of work) that I purchase an OtterBox for my phone. I was very hesitant at first because it thought it was a bit pricey. I did purchase one which ended up being the best thing I have ever done! Here is the true story: I was assisting on loading various supplies with a large size skid steer. I didn’t realize that I had dropped my iPhone at the time. A few minutes later I discovered that I didn’t have it. We shut […]

from Aaron Black   12.15.14

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This Story Was Submitted to CS

I wanted to let you know that your product saved my iPhone. I’m in Maui right now on vacation. While on one of our sight seeing expeditions, my phone fell on a dirt road without me knowing it. I went and took some pictures while my friend moved the Jeep Grand Cherokee closer to the side of the road. In the process, he ran over my phone. I luckily saw my phone pushed into the dirt. I noticed the tire tracts and feared the worse. I picked up the phone and the only damage were a few scratches on the […]

from Todd Bedell   12.15.14

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OtterBox Rocks

While sitting in a restaurant I noticed that my phone wasn’t in it’s cradle. I ran out to the car to see if it was there, no luck. As I turned to go back into the restaurant I saw my phone, in the middle of the parking lot with tire tracks on the back. I thought that the phone was a lost cause. I picked up the phone, turned it over, and it still worked. The case was dented from the gravel in the parking lot, but other than that the phone was in perfect condition. Thank you, OtterBox!

from Marcel Tabor   12.15.14

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Run Over by Car

I purchased my iPhone 4s case in 2011 when I bought the phone. I have since dropped the phone on every surface imaginable at least 200 times from various distances. Most recently I dropped it in the middle of a highway on-ramp, unknowingly, and then left the area. When I realized, I went back and found that the phone had been run over an unknown number of times by passing cars. I picked up the phone and found the case to have road rash and tire prints on it, but I found the phone to be IN PERFECT WORKING ORDER!!!!!! […]

from Chris   12.15.14

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OtterBox Saved my iPhone!!!!

On Monday the Suburban I was traveling in caught on fire and despite 3 fire extinguisher attempts and a fire truck, the entire vehicle burned out. In a panic I left my phone face down on the backseat as I hurriedly jumped out of the truck. After a 20 minutes dousing from the fire truck, a state police officer retrieved my iPhone from the back seat. Remarkably it was still on and displaying a “too hot to operate message.” The cover was charred, melted and really too hot to hold!!!!! I pried the melted case off to cool it down, […]

from Jamie Olavarria   12.15.14

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Marine Corps Grade OtterBox

I just wanted to write a quick email to let you know how happy I am with your product. My son, USMC Corporal Christopher Pina, recently got back from his 3rd deployment. Just before he left in May, his phone was damaged during training (he did not have an OtterBox).  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to replace the phone before he left, so he went through the entire deployment with a cracked screen and malfunctioning phone. As soon as Chris returned, we bought a new phone with an OtterBox Defender Series case.  Well, thank goodness we did! Not even ten days after […]

from    12.08.14

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I Love My Otter!!

I have owned my Samsung S4 for about two years. The Verizon salesperson advised me to get the OtterBox. I can’t even begin to explain how many times my phone has flown out of my hand onto asphalt, bricks, floors, you name it. Not to mention I have three kids under the age of nine. Not a scratch, crack or a ding. My phone is so safe I have protected it all this time with the same OtterBox. Wonderful product! I can’t say enough great things!!!!

from liza   12.08.14

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Air Mailed iPad

I’m a wind technician and I work at a height of 324 feet above the ground. My company provides each technician with an iPad Air for service and maintenance references while up tower. Needless to say (since I’m posting this), my iPad has an OtterBox case on it. While doing some routine testing in the turbines nacelle, I went to move my iPad from one spot to the other when it clipped an edge on the tower and slipped out of my hand through an impossible crack in the nacelle’s hatches. My heart dropped as I was certain my job […]

from Brandon Johnson   12.08.14

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