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OtterBox Saves Phone

Hi, my name is Connie Akersloot and I would like to tell you my OtterBox story. Just a few brief details, I accidentally left my phone (in a OtterBox case) on top of my car last summer(2013). When I arrived home, I discovered it missing and spent the next three days looking for it. As I was returning home on the 3rd day, a ray of sun glittered on something on the edge of the road. It caught my attention and as I drove on I thought,  “that broken toy on the side of the road was about the size […]

from    06.30.14

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Saved My Phone

Dear OtterBox, Recently I was at work and my phone fell 30 feet onto the concrete basement floor. Cringing at the thought that I was about to have to go get a new iPhone, I went to retrieve what I was sure was broken glass and plastic. But NO! The phone worked perfectly! The bottom of my OtterBox was smashed and broken but it did its job to the letter! Thanks guys!

from Jason Prill   06.24.14

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OtterBox Saved My Phone

I live in the mountains of Tennessee and ride motorcycles on the country roads every chance I get. While I always have my phone with me, I always worried what would happen if I dropped my phone during a trip. Well while riding today I found out. I was coming down one of the country roads we usually ride when my clip came off of my belt and the phone went flying in the rear view mirror. I watched as pieces flew in different directions and the phone went literally bouncing down the road. After getting stopped and going back, […]

from Gerald Williamson   06.24.14

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60 MPH Road Test

Typical road test story: I put the phone on the windshield to put something in the car, got in and started down the road. I got up to speed only to see the OtterBox wrapped phone take flight over the top of the vehicle. When I got back to the scene of the horrible landing site I found my OtterBox in two pieces and the phone safe and sound. I snapped it all back together and everything worked. Thanks for living up to the test.

from Aj mullins   06.24.14

iPhone 4S Survives

Hello OtterBox I just have to let you know about this survival story. I was up on a ladder painting my upper trim, approximately 10 feet or so up in the air. I was on concrete and there was a strip of grass off to one side. I had my supplies on top of the ladder and took my phone up with me too. Dumb, I know. I never do this. There is no call worth taking while doing this work. In any event, I had leaned too far to one side, causing my iPhone 4S to fall off of […]

from Bill Vervalin   06.24.14

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Phone Survives Dog Attack

My dog ate my OtterBox case but my phone survived unscathed.

from Dawn   06.24.14

Customer Service

OtterBox is the absolute best – right up there with Zappos . In this day and age it can be rare to find a company that stands behind its’ product and makes you feel like they really want to help. Even the phone people have a smile in their voice. I will always stick with this brand.

from merrillyn shroads   06.24.14

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Spidey Grip

One day my wife, while waiting for our three girls to catch the school bus, sat her iPhone with an OtterBox onto the back bumper of her van. After the girls were off to school, she began her commute to work. We live in a small town, granted, and her trip was only about 10 minutes. However, it is through neighborhoods, stops and starts, bumpy city streets, twists and turns. When she arrived at work, she began the search for her phone…she quickly remembered she had left it on the bumper. She headed out to the parking lot to backtrack […]

from Mark Brown   06.24.14

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OtterBox Defender Series Cover

My husband ran over his iPhone 4s (which had an OtterBox Defender Series cover on it) with his tractor, which weighs over seven tons and his phone didn’t have a scratch on it. The case is broken now so we have just purchased another one. This case is the best value for money and we wouldn’t go without one now…

from Penny Vernon   06.24.14

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OtterBox Defender Series

I left my iPhone 5 in an OtterBox case on my car. It fell off of the car and was run over by a following car. The case was cracked, but the phone was not damaged. The phone was returned to me thanks to Apple’s “Find iPhone” app and the excellent protection of the Defender Series case.

from John Ahlquist   06.24.14

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Best Case Ever!!

Who can master dropping their phone down that tiny slit that exists when the elevator doors open? This girl! My iPhone 5s SURVIVED an eight story plummet down the elevator shaft at work thanks to my Commuter Series case!!! I thought for sure the screen would be cracked and the phone would be in a million pieces, but the screen wasn’t cracked or even scratched for that matter and it fully functions! The case took a little beating and there is a dent on the phone, but that’s nothing compared to the alternative! Thanks for making such a great product!!!! […]

from Cristin Bidetti-Pass   06.24.14

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Crash survival

On December 14, 2013, I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in which I broke my right femur in three places. I was thrown into oncoming traffic after flying through the air and rolling to a stop. Thanks to a following motorist who immediately redirected traffic, I was not hit again. I had an Apple iPhone 4 on my right hip. The iPhone was protected by an OtterBox Defender Series case and came through without a scratch. The belt clip was destroyed and the phone case received minor damage, but the phone survived without a scratch. Pretty awesome case, […]

from Michael Douglas   06.24.14

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Warranty Claim Gone Good!

I never do this, but in reality, I’ve not been treated like this either. And that is, OtterBox ROCKS…. My Defender Series case holster broke for my iPhone. I submitted a warranty claim and in no time I received an email saying my claim was being processed, and just a few days later a replacement was in my mailbox…….And not just a new holster, but a completely new case as well! Never will I purchase a different brand of protection. Thank you very much! Rick

from Rick   06.24.14

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Thank You

I was dropping my wife off at the store, as she got out of the car she dropped her iPhone 5 without knowing it and it landed on the ground. As I was pulling forward I noticed that she had a discerned look on her face, so I stopped the car but she waved at me to go. After she got done getting what she needed in the store she texted me to pick her up. Later in the car she explained to me that the tire of the car was sitting on the phone- Not one thing was wrong […]

from Shawn   06.24.14

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Awesome Case

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a OtterBox Commuter Series case. About six months ago I lost my phone one day while snowboarding. I thought it was pretty much gone and wrote the phone off, as I reluctantly purchased a new one. Then, I got a text message from a guy that works up at the ski-resort last weekend who had found my phone. It turns out, it works perfectly and looks pretty much brand new. This phone sat under the snow and rain on the mountain for six months in Big Cottonwood Canyon in a Commuter Series case […]

from Blake Jensen   06.24.14

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