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Dropped my Note 3 off a two story roof, probably 25 feet onto a cement driveway. When the phone hit the cement the stylus blasted out so hard it flew straight up into the air about 20 feet and then landed beside the phone. The phone is fine. It didn’t even reboot.

from tom   03.25.15

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Highway is No Match for my OtterBox Case!

Today I unintentionally put my OtterBox and phone to the ultimate test. While in my garage, looking for a lawn chair to take to my daughter’s softball game, I left my phone on the hood of my Jeep. Then, while talking on my bluetooth with this same phone, I pulled out of the garage. I drove about two miles before it finally bounced off, at which point my unsuspecting husband was trying to call me back. It was ringing while laying in the center lane of Highway 13 in Carbondale, Illinois. Once I finally realized what had bounced off my […]

from Kimberly Talley   03.25.15

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Responding to A Reported Structure Fire

I am a Firefighter in the Springfield, Missouri area. This morning we were busy cleaning up from a previous structure fire; while we were loading the hose in the front bumper, we received another fire call. We responded to the reported fire and on the way back I could not find my phone. I remembered that we were loading the hose in the front bumper and when I looked it was not there. I located it with the icloud, which said it was on Highway 160, on the side of the road. The phone rode four miles or so before […]

from Jeremy   03.23.15

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Unbelievable Protection

On February 11th, 2015, I dropped my iPhone 4 outdoors and could not find it for the life of me. Unfortunately it was written off, and a new phone was ordered and on its way. Today, 3/19, I found the phone. Exposed to the winter storms and now melting that we’ve had here in northeastern Pennsylvania, I removed it from the Defender Series case and the phone looked like NEW! I placed the phone on the dash so it sat in the sun and then put it in rice this evening… To my amazement, the phone turned on and functioned […]

from Ivan   03.23.15

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Gone Fishing

Hello, I’m sending this to give testimony to your amazing product. I have an Samsung S4 Mini that fell out of my fishing vest, unbeknownst to me, while attaching a ratchet strap to a boat while on the boat launch. I returned home and cleaned and put the boat away. Over an hour had passed, when I realized my phone was missing, I returned to the concrete boat ramp with a garden rake and proceeded to try to retrieve or even find the phone. After about 20 minutes I did retrieve it. To my amazement during the immediate process of […]

from Richard   03.23.15

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As I was driving home from work today my car caught on fire. Luckily I escaped without injury. As I stood watching the flames engulf my car, I began to take a mental inventory of the items that were burning inside; backpack, jacket, sunglasses, GPS– and worst of all, my iPod. After 10 long minutes the fire department arrived. After hosing down my car for another 10 minutes, I knew everything inside was destroyed. After the fire was put out, I noticed a fireman reach into the car and pull something out. Much to my amazement he handed me my […]

from richard gilmartin   03.20.15

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My OtterBox Survival Story

Thought you might enjoy a story about my iPhone 5 near disaster yesterday. I was getting into my car after a Navy business meeting (I am a former Navy submarine officer), and set my phone on the top of my car (yeah…I guess you have heard this before). Then I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot onto US Route 301 in King George, VA, the phone still on top of the car. I accelerated quickly to about 60 mph, then heard the dreaded “THUMP…THUMP.” I looked in my rear view mirror, and saw my phone bounce […]

from Bob Fritz   03.18.15

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Intense Heat!

Well I finally put my OtterBox to the test today. I turned a burner on my grill on without realizing it and sat my phone on top. Ten minutes later, I saw the smoking and rushed to get the phone off. The OtterBox was melting but there was absolutely no damage to my phone! I believe the thickness and material that the OtterBox is constructed out of withstood the intensity of the heat wonderfully. The fact my phone was on the burner for 10 minutes without any kind of damage is amazing! The only downside is I am now out […]

from Sondra   03.17.15

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Concrete Very OtterBox

True story: Well, I have been a concrete truck driver for 20 years and I have always carried my phone in my shirt pocket. Always do. In all of my years of doing so, I have never lost one until today. I was checking my load and for some odd reason it fell out of my pocket and into a full load of concrete. It stayed inside the truck for 25 minutes, submerged, while I unloaded the truck. When it finally came out and down the chute, where I could retrieve it. I grabbed it and washed it off with […]

from Bobby Champe   03.17.15

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2011 Jeep Rubicon Parked on Top of Phone

I came into work this morning and couldn’t find my phone so I backtracked my steps. I then borrowed my co-workers phone to call my phone–heard ringing. Come to find it dead center underneath a Jeep Rubicon in the company parking lot. I located the owner to drive their car forward, but found no visible signs of damage. Most impressive. THANKS!

from James   03.17.15

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9th Story Drop Survival Story

I went on a business trip for a week; The first day I accidentally dropped my Samsung Galaxy 5 with its’ OtterBox Commuter Series case off my 9th story balcony. It hit a roof on the first floor, bounced off and hit the concrete below! I rushed down and found my phone — not a single scratch on it! The OtterBox and phone were fully intact! I’m still completely blown away. The only thing I had to replace was my SD card due to the impact. I’m a die hard OtterBox lifer! Can’t thank this company enough. I would’ve been […]

from Alexandra VanSandt   03.17.15

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Lost my iPhone 5s in an OtterBox Defender Series in a January blizzard that buried us in over 3 feet of crimson white. The outdoor temperature plummeted and remained locked in literal subzero digits that lasted for over 2 solid months. The snow has since melted and POOF!! I was reunited with my old friend!! Besides a little mud and being packed into a snowbank by a plow-truck, my iPhone is almost mint. The only blemish is a tiny patch of small pixels at the top right of the screen, which is hardly noticeable and totally understandable under the stress […]

from Thomas   03.17.15

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OtterBox is Snow Proof, Ice Proof, Freezing Temps Proof

My son got an iPhone 5 last year and I quickly bought him a OtterBox case as I HAD ONE AND IT HAD SAVED MY PHONE FROM BREAKAGE AND CRACKED SCREENS MORE THAN A FEW TIMES. This winter in New York brought much snow, freezing temperatures and lots of ice! My son took his iPhone, in its’ OtterBox case that was always on his phone at all times (as I instructed he MUST DO TO KEEP HIS PHONE PROTECTED), as he went out one month ago to shovel the snow from in front of our home and our neighbors as […]

from adina moskowitz   03.13.15

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OtterBox Saves 911 Phone Calls of Victim in Drunken Crash

To whom it may concern: I would like to thank you for your incredible product, the OtterBox. On August 2nd, 2014 at 6:00 AM, my Dad was hit by a drunk driver. He was a pedestrian on an interstate after his horse trailer became unattached from his truck. While he was standing near his truck, a drunk driver crashed into the back of the truck. Unfortunately, with the impact so great (at 80 mph), the rearend of drunk’s SUV swung around after impact, and hit my Dad as he was trying to get out of her way. My Dad was […]

from Travis Heintzelman   03.13.15

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OtterBox Survives 23 Hours & 75+ Trains

What can I say? The OtterBox saved my phone. On a Wednesday evening (3/10), I dropped my phone from a raised platform at Secaucus Station (NJ) onto the train tracks. To be safe I obviously didn’t go get it and my phone sat there. And sat there. In the rain. And sat there, as over 75 trains ran atop it in nearly 23 hours. I had given up all hope in recovering my phone, let alone it working again. Well, I finally recovered my phone (thanks to NJ Transit) and not only is it in one piece, it’s working just […]

from Terence Morley   03.13.15

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