The #1 App could be your mobile home.

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Would it surprise you to know that one app holds the title as the most downloaded app, in BOTH the iOS and Android app stores?

It’s true, and that app is Facebook. Even it’s spin-off app, Facebook Messenger, is in the top 25 most downloaded apps across both platforms. Mobile users want — almost seemingly need — Facebook on their devices.

So why not “cut out the middle man,” and bring Facebook to the forefront of your screen?

That’s exactly what Facebook is doing, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook Home, a new Android-based launcher. It’s a new direction for the home screen experience, which for so long has been a showcase for your apps. Zuckerberg acknowledged this change in philosophy, saying, “Our phones are designed around apps, not people. And we want to flip that around.”

Now, if this were any other popular app, would it warrant “home screen treatment?” Luckily, it’s probably safe to say we won’t see an Angry Birds Home launcher program any time soon.

Lost in the great excitement of Facebook Home, was the device that it would debut on, the HTC First. Its name is slightly ironic, since this is not the first attempt by HTC to incorporate Facebook into their devices – for example: the HTC Status, which had a dedicated Facebook button built in. Nevertheless, the HTC First aims to be the premiere Facebook Home device.

It’s going to be a busy time of year for the Taiwan-based HTC, who recently opened up pre-orders for their other new phone, the HTC One (which OtterBox is already offering protection for).

Exclusive to AT&T, the HTC First is presented as a social networking device, and sports an easy-to-hold 2.5”x5” body, making it slightly smaller than a lot of its fellow Android options out there today.

The HTC First’s display is truly impressive, at 4.3” and 321ppi. For comparison’s sake, the Apple iPhone 5’s Retina display is 4” and 326ppi.

Your social life becomes the center of attention with Facebook Home on the HTC First, and aims to keep you connected to what matters most. Is this “social first” approach, which is designed around people instead of apps, the kind of change you are excited about?

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