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I love the movies. And, people find this surprising about me, but I also totally love Hollywood gossip, the happenings of actors and actresses and all the crazy stuff that goes along with that. Each week I devour my Entertainment Weekly the moment it arrives in my mailbox. And I’m beside myself, because the best night of the year for good ol’ Hollywood fun, the Academy Awards, is only a few days away!

To enjoy my favorite night of TV all year, I’m hosting a little watching party for a few select friends. We’re working with a finger-foods theme, I’m making a signature cocktail and I plan to plant myself on the couch the moment the red carpet coverage begins.

Watching the Oscars on social media

Even though I’m having friends over, I plan to also stay glued to Twitter for fun little comments about the Oscars throughout the evening. Ahead of the event, the trending hashtags are #Oscars @TheAcademy and @TheEllenShow. I think Ellen is going to do a great job as host and can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

As a lead up to this awesome night, I’ve indulged in a couple other awards shows: the Golden Globes and the Grammys. Everyone in my house finds plenty else to do when I’m watching awards shows so I found it really fun to learn I was watching these shows with all of my closest friends on Facebook. During the boring parts I perused my news stream to find witty comments and commentary that I, of course, had to respond to.

For the big night I’ve liked The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences/The Oscars page on Facebook and plan to also watch my news feed for more fun comments from friends.


Cool websites with Oscar coverage

I also monitor web sites for juicy details on all of the happenings around this big event. The official Oscars site is a great resource for getting distracted from work both before and after the awards. The E Channel, Entertainment Tonight and Vulture are all great sites before and after the awards and all year long if you’re a junkie like me.

Hosting an Oscars party? Here’s the drink to make

If you do a quick online search or two you’ll find a variety of menus, full party plans and cocktails all gathered up around the Oscars theme so all you have to do is shop and cook. I found this fabulous Lemon Rose Bellini champagne cocktail that I plan to serve. I’m still not certain on what I want to cook yet. I’m deciding between some type of empanada, a dip or an olive tapenade. And, I can’t wait to see what the other gals bring.

However you like to enjoy the Oscars, I raise my glass of bubbly to your solidarity with me and this guilty little pleasure of mine.

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