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It’s been a concept in many futuristic movies, such as Minority Report, 12 Monkeys and Gattaca; the use of eye-scanning technology to provide identification. It’s no wonder we are actually taking heed of the possibility to make this a reality. But what’s even more impressive is that we are taking it one step further. Imagine being able to actually control your electronic device with your eyes. You may be saying to yourself, “wow, that sounds impossible,” but I assure you that it is just around the corner.

Research on eye-scanning capabilities has been around for a while. The world of psychology has been using it for years to gain a better understanding around cognitive processes and research around autism. But what’s different here is that we are talking about USING the eyes to control the electronic environment through digital technology. We are going to start seeing this as a huge selling point for future devices.

We have seen a glimpse of this with the Samsung Galaxy SIII, whereby the device can detect whether or not it should go dim or stay lit. If your eyes move away from the screen, it will assume you are done and go dim. However, if you continue to look toward the front-facing camera, it continually stays lit. Pretty cool, especially for all you users that get easily irritated when you are reading through a long post and have to continually tap the touch screen to keep things nice and bright.

Korea has already been working on this idea with their LG Optimus G Pro, set to launch sometime in May. Supposedly, they’re taking this eye recognition technology a bit deeper by having the user’s eyes control video playback. This Smart View feature will pause a video if the user looks away from the screen, and then restart once the user looks back. Great for those times when you get distracted and don’t want to miss the best part of that video that your friend sent you!

So, where does it go from here? Well, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumored to be coming out with even more advanced levels of eye scanning features. There’s potential for your eyes to actually control your screen! There’s talk that you could scroll your screen, zoom in and out, play virtual games and even use blinks to click.

If all the rumors are true and we begin seeing this concept of eye-controlled possibilities in our mobile devices, there’s no doubt there would be some kinks to work through. But overall, this seems to be the direction all the big hitters are moving toward in order to gain that competitive advantage. Outside of the mobile device world, things are already happening. Advertising companies are rumored to be using eye-driven technology to learn from consumers; finding out what they look at, where they stop and what they focus on the most. It’s only a matter of time before we no longer need to verbalize our interests. Companies will already know what we’re thinking. Pretty incredible stuff!

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