The Fujitsu ‘F’ Series – Is there such a thing as too much romance?

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As we enter into February, it is often the time that many of our hearts and minds turn to romance (or the lack of it) in our lives. So I was surprised to learn that others may have too much of it, so much that they turn to technology to help them manage their many special friends.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, the Fujitsu ‘F’ Series phone is an old-fashioned flip phone that many Japanese are reluctant to give up because of its unique feature set. The phone has a privacy mode which masks missed calls, emails and texts received from that special someone you designate as private. Apparently the phone goes so far as changing the battery indicator color so that you know when your paramour is reaching out. Ignore the call, and it does not appear in your phone’s record. (Which makes you wonder what the F in F Series was supposed to stand for, doesn’t it?)

Now, I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t understand this at all… I have enough trouble keeping up with the one guy I married. How on earth do people find the time and energy to maintain multiple relationships… and in some cases multiple phones? This would be one situation where I could see stepping in a land mine of trouble, technology or not! (‘I am taking you out in celebration of the day we met… oh, that wasn’t you?!’)

So you tell us… if available in the US would you get one? How do you use technology to foster your love life?

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