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My husband and I have been saying, along with many others, that Science Fiction is now science fact.

Star Trek and Star Wars were decades ahead of their time. The Enterprise crew regularly used Communicators (what we call the cell phone), and Tricorders (much like a tablet). Star Wars characters were regularly accompanied by smart droids (are these the droids you’re looking for?)  Don’t forget, it was Princess Leah who introduced us to the hologram. “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope … ”

We’ve heard of modern technology replicating the hologram, but now HP is bringing it to the masses. This 3D display could be used on your tablet and phone screen, bringing true Trekkie’s and Star Wars fans together at last  ̶  or at least their technology.

The prototype 3D display has been developed at the HP labs and uses what they call directional pixels with the light passing through a standard LCD screen and converting the image into a moving one.

You can view images and movies hovering over the screen with a full 180 degree view. This is only a prototype so the reports are saying that units have a resolution of 88 pixels per inch and 127 pixels per inch. Not the best, but imagine what we could do when this technology comes to market 

All in all, there’s a strong possibility that we could see some other science fiction technologies come to the real world in the near future. Luke Skywalker’s Vaporators? Han Solo’s Carbon Freezer? Or the Enterprise’s Transporters?

What other sci-fi technology do you wish existed today?

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